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Ok... Cardhu 12: It has a floral, honey, vanilla nose. The taste is sweet, as I remember it. Kind of a vanilla, caramel, butter sweet all rolled into one. There is also the slightest bit of smoke. The finish is medium to short, with a caramel cream candy kind of note.... maybe a little dry. The mouth is full and on the medium, thick side. The legs are wide and slow to drop. I find no need for water, it is a very "soothing" and easy to drink scotch.

I kept thinking this has almost the same nose as Johnny Walker Black. I did some research and found out that it is the predominate malt in JWB.

For $42.00 I will definitely get a bottle or two more.
Sounds like good stuff for the price you are paying. Apparently Spaniards go nuts for this stuff, thus most of it is shipped to Spain.