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Some odd bottles (a half empty bottle of Camus XO cognac from the 80's, Ararat 20 year old Armenian brandy purchased in 1992 that stills says it is from the Soviet Union and never opened, Suntory Japanese whiskey, a pint bottle of Soviet era "Bodka" which is probably pure rot gut!).

That brandy, Ararat, might be hit or miss, depending how bad standards were then. The brand has been produced by the same company since before the Soviet Union and the modern stuff is pretty decent. it is really popular in the Caucasus and I have been known to down a lot of it when I find myself in the former Eastern Bloc - it's a nice break from the vodka. About that bottle of Pshenichnaya Vodka from the SSSR (СССР), the label says it was produced by the former Soviet State Agroindustrial Committee which would mean it was made 1985-1989...disgusting I'm sure.