Had to pad an order to get up to the free shipping threshold...yeah, that's the ticket...To accompany my new 4R SmB LE on the trip through the mountains I picked up cask strength bottles of Macallan, Laphroaig 10, and Redbreast 12. Barrel proof über alles!

Trey, I'm going to open the Bere Barley as soon as I get home, and will be happy to share an opinion after I do. The Port Charlotte series is highly recommended, depending on your stance on paying a premium for young, powerful peat. PC7 is probably the top with 6 or 8 close behind. The Laddie 16 isn't more remarkable than the 10, maybe even less so, but then the 10 is really special in its class. The Still series (Blacker/Redder/Golder) is hard as hell to find, but they're all supposed to be somewhere between "interestingly worthwhile" and "remarkably good".

Have you had the Octomores? I'm on the fence about picking up a 5.1 before it disappears.