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Not purchased, but deciding if I should...ran across some Ardbeg Airigh Aam Beist today. Never seen it myself as I was paying none attention to scotch when this was last released. Reading mostly good to great things about it. On sale here for around $80. Wondering what personal opinions any of you SBers may have about this release.
Funny, I just picked up a bottle of this for 79.99 a couple of weeks back, and I was pumped because it was a great price for a bottle I generally don't see around anymore. I have had the pleasure of tasting it multiple times, and I find it to be one of the smoothest, most balanced Ardbegs I've ever had. It's much better than the Corry, and is much more approachable than the overpowering Alligator or the thin, kinda weird Galileo. And rumor has it (as in I read it somewhere, but i can't substantiate it), that at least the first batch had pre-Glenmorangie barrels in the mix. As easy drinking an Ardbeg as I've ever had.

How can you find out which batch of the Beist you have?