Don't know if you come through here often, but anytime you are by the area you're welcome to stop by for a pour.

If you're looking for a barrel....I have a toasted barrel (I believe it's 2 gallon) that I am not using.

I bought two barrels a while back and used 1 for WT Rye and never used the other. The WT Rye result was really good. It's all gone now though.

I'm gonna have to go get at least a bottle of this Rye and see what it's all about.


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Thanks Greg. I'd love to come by, but I'll be away for a birthday celebration. You'll hear from me if it's in the cards.

As for this barrel kit, I'm suddenly less interested.

I emailed the makers of the rye to ask about proofs and mash bills. Here's what he said:

"Our rye spirit is made from a moonshiner’s recipe that includes replicated Kentucky water. Our rye spirit is made of 100% rye and cane sugar. Our exit proof is 105 to 109 and is bottled at 80 proof."

I'd probably be o.k. with the rye and cane sugar, it's the 80 proof that makes me very hesitant.