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    New guy from central Ohio

    High everyone, can't tell you how happy i am that there's a forum to talk about bourbon. I'm a fairly new bourbon drinker, probably been a real lover for about 2 years now. I enjoy knob creek, evan williams, maker's mark, and i just had a wild turkey russell's reserve and LOVED it. I am looking for a real dark bourbon though, something ideally low cost but good. I have looked at wild turkey rare breed and old grand dad 114. Theyr barrel-proof i believe, and relatively low cost so i'm going to try them, but i'm open to any suggestions you all might have. Also, i have tried booker's before, a friend of a friend would only let me have a shot's worth, but i LOVED it. However, due to the cost i'm going to have to wait till my birthday or something and get it as a gift.

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    Re: New guy from central Ohio

    Welcome to the board! There are lots of others form Ohio here. Some of my favorites for low cost bourbon come from Barton Distilling. Their website can be found here. Good luck in your search.

    Jeff Mo.

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    Re: New guy from central Ohio

    Welcome to the board, DJ. I'm one of the other Ohioans here on SB and I'm in Willowick in the northeast corner of the state.

    Ohio has a decent assortment of affordable bourbons of varying qualities available, so you should have fun sampling them as you can.

    Here's the monthly Ohio price list (updated for July already). If there's anything that you see in the Bourbon section that's not available at your favorite state store, ask the owner and they can request it from the state. Don't worry about having to buy multiple bottles if they order in a case of regularly stocked item as the state owns all of the liquor in each store and carrying extra inventory doesn't cost the retailer any extra.

    Happy hunting!
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    Re: New guy from central Ohio

    Welcoem DJ.... look forward to your posts and bourbon adventures

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    Re: New guy from central Ohio

    Welcome! I don't know if this meets your criteria but I had a very nice trip to the Michigan UP with four friends and a bottle of Old Forester. Always affordable and pretty good for the money.
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    Re: New guy from central Ohio

    Thanks for the suggestions, i have heard of old forester. Never tried it though. I DID however get a bottle of wild turkey rare breed the other day. FANTASTIC! It's exactly what i wanted, barrel proof, fairly cheap (30 something, coulda been worse) and the taste is phenominal. I was reading previous posts and i saw it was the bourbon ofthe month not too long ago, rightfully so too.

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    Re: New guy from central Ohio

    Welcome DJ, You might want to give Weller Special Reserve a try. It's not dark. It's a "wheater", but a good bourbon at a good price. For a darker bourbon, as Josh said, try the old Forester. I prefer the OF Signature. Best of luck. Hope you have fun here. Joe
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    Re: New guy from central Ohio

    Welcome indeed.

    I think we're both delighted to have found this place.

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    Re: New guy from central Ohio

    Hi DJ,

    One of my favorite inexpensive bourbons is Very Old Bartons. I haven't bought any in over a year, but the last time I did, it was under $15 up here in Michigan. Welcome to SB - a great group of people here!




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