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    Re: Collectors: How many "unopened" bottles do you have?

    I thought good bourbon was made to be tasted?

    Okay, I have some signed bottles (some by deceased distillers) that I can't bear to open.
    Greg Kitzmiller

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    Re: Collectors: How many "unopened" bottles do you have?

    Quote Originally Posted by kitzg View Post
    I thought good bourbon was made to be tasted?
    It is.


    "Remember that your sense of humor is inversely proportional to your level of intolerance."
    - Serge Storms

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    Re: Collectors: How many "unopened" bottles do you have?

    Canadian Whiskey: 2 opened-1 unopened

    Rye: 1 opened

    Bourbon:28 opened-25 unopened

    I'm making a concerted effort to "drain" a few bottles so I can make some room for bunkering. Just sent a bottle of MM to the bin. Only a couple of swallows left, so I combined it with another bottle I forgot I had opened. Except for picking up a new bourbon occasionally, I've pretty much decided to concentrate on bunkering my favorites. Joe
    " I never met a Weller I didn't like"

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    Re: Collectors: How many "unopened" bottles do you have?

    Full size (200 ml or greater): 33 opened; 35 unopened

    Miniature (mostly vintage off eBay to compare with newer bottlings): 20 opened; 46 unopened

    My wife thinks I'm crazy to have so many bourbon bottles... she doesn't know about you guys!

    "Clears up her head with bourbon/Cause beer is so suburban/And declasse for what it's worth"

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    Re: Collectors: How many "unopened" bottles do you have?

    I'm a recovering record collector who got caught up with bourbons a few years ago. I only drink bourbon, but not usually at home. I'm building a new house, and can't wait to have all these bourbons for my grand opening. So, for now, I haven't opened my bottles. I want to have a killer collection when I open my bar.

    BTEC - Twice Barreled (2 bottles)
    BTEC - Zinfandel
    BTEC - Chardonnay
    BTAC- George Stagg (2006, 2007)
    BTAC - William Larue Weller (2006, 2007)
    BTAC - Thomas Handy (2006, 2007)
    BTAC - SAZERAC (2006, 2007)
    Pappy Van Winkle 15 - Signed by Julien and Preston
    Pappy Van Winkle 15
    Four Roses 120th Anniversary
    Four Roses 40th Anniversary of Rutledge
    Four Roses Single Barrel - Bourbon Society Bottling
    Willett Single Barrel Estate Reserve
    Makers Mark Rupps Runts
    Woodford Reserve Derby Bottle (130, 131)
    Knob Creek - Signed by Fred Noe

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    Re: Collectors: How many "unopened" bottles do you have?

    Updated list.... 28 in all plus a bunch of Scotch

    1 x Pappy 23
    3 x Pappy 20
    3 x Pappy 15
    3 x BTAC WLW '08
    2 x Hirsch 16 (Gold Foil)
    2 x Lot B
    7 x Julio's Weller Centenial
    6 x ORVW 10/107
    1 x VSOF 12
    Whisk(e)y - a bargain at any price !!!

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    Re: Collectors: How many "unopened" bottles do you have?

    My new bunker has: 3 bottles of Saz Jr. 2 bottles of RIT BIB.

    Pray for me.

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    Re: Collectors: How many "unopened" bottles do you have?

    1 Four Roses
    1 Jim Beam DS
    1 Ten High KSBW
    1 Virginia Lightning 100 proof Corn Whiskey
    = 4 bottles
    bibamus, moriendum est
    Sipology Blog

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    Re: Collectors: How many "unopened" bottles do you have?

    started an inventory list this week:

    A. Open
    1. RR 10yo/90
    2. KC
    3. WLWSR
    4. VWSR Lot B
    5. EC 12yo
    6. WTRB
    7. 4RSB
    8. Saz Rye
    9. Bowmore 12yo
    10. Highland Park 12yo

    B. Unopened
    1. VWSR Lot B
    2. PVW 15yo
    3. WLaRueW
    4. BT
    5. ORVW 10yo/90
    6. W Antique 107
    7. ERSB 10yo
    8. Blanton’s
    9. Woodford Res.
    10. WTRB
    11. WT 101
    12. OGD 114
    13. OCPR
    14. TH Handy Saz Rye
    15. Saz Rye
    16. Talisker 10yo
    17. Ardbeg 10yo
    18. Balvenie DW 12yo

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    Re: Collectors: How many "unopened" bottles do you have?

    Sitting at work in my head I figured I reached the 100 unopened mark by the end of 2008. I actually kept a log until my last 2 dusty shopping trips at the first of this year.

    I usually try to keep around 20 open from verying degrees. About 10 are special, couple times a year sippers and actually sit in the upper part of the glass china cabinet. I keep 10 open everyday bottles like 1.75s in the bottom of the cabinet out of view.

    My wife is pregnant and also a bourbon drinker and I have many of those unopened bottles she has been making me wait to open, when she can drink again. My unopened numbers should drop this summer.



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