I've been off all alcohol for a few days, and nosed a few tonight. It is interesting how intense they are when off it even for a few days, you come to it "fresh" in a sense.

First, I found the noses of almost all of them wonderful - and quite different one from the other.

McKenna Single Barrel is big and roiling, full of mint, creosote, wood and attitude.

Knob Creek is refined, showing inviting scents of orange rind and tea.

Woodford Reserve is heavier, with a strong smack of red cherries and damp dark plank wood - and soot.

Black Maple Hill 18 Rye has a huge nose of fermented peaches and that indefinable smell of old rye - it reminds me of strip stamped ryes sampled at Gazebos from the 40's and 50's.

Wild Turkey Rye: Here the nose is very faint, reflecting the youth and balance of this whiskey, just a little wood and grain.

ORVW 13 year old Rye: Not as heavy as the BMH 18 but fruity and woody at the same time with tones of old furniture.

Angostura 1919 Rum: Huge smell of custard pudding, custard and vanilla.

This is almost as much fun as drinking them. Did I say almost?