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    Re: Made in Kentucky

    Jim Murray claims to have sampled several of the made-only-for-blending whiskeys from the Indiana plant, including at least a couple of outstanding ryes. Of course, Jim is particularly susceptible to rye, wherever it shows its lovely face, but he used terms such as "truly magnificent" and "voluptuous". Sadly, says Jim, none ever saw the light of day as a straight rye whiskey; they were, like most of the whiskeys (including some full bourbons) made there, destined to be used for flavorings for Seven Crown and other blends.

    There is a bourbon available that's made at the Indiana distillery, but you can only get it in Australasia. It's called Sam Cougar and it's one of Jim's favorites (so you know there's about 20% rye in it). This is an international forum; do we have anyone out there from down under who've tried this one? How about Glenn?

    -John Lipman-

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    Re: Made in Kentucky

    That all makes sense. The capacity of the Four Roses plant is relatively small, so maybe they only make Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey there and make everything else in Indiana. Does anyone know if they have rackhouses in Indiana, or do they ship everything to Bardstown for aging?

    --Chuck Cowdery



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