Editorial mode on - look away now if you don't want to hear me rant...

There has been discussion in a couple of threads recently about inaccuracy on BIB labels as far as the DSP number. No one seems too upset about this

Many of the examples have been of HH products. Now first off, God bless HH, I love their BIB products and kudos for making several corn whiskies. However, I find it totally unacceptable that the BIB labels are often knowingly inaccurate. I understand that there is no deliberate intent to misrepresent, but doesn't the BIB designation exist to guarantee to the consumer exactly what is in the bottle? Just label the bottle as 100 proof straight bourbon whiskey and you can do as you wish. But if you stick a BIB label on it, I darn well expect the info to be accurate.

I've got a recent BIB botttle at home with NO DSP number on it. I've got current Dant and Mellow Corn BIB's at home with DSP-31 on them and they are almost definitely DSP-1 products. This is not OK.

The argument that you've got a couple cases of extra labels and want to use them up is very scary. That's quite a slippery slope. What happens if there are extra 90 proof labels that need to get used? Can you put them on your 80 proof product? Oops, our frozen dinner now has three times the fat it used to, but the box doesn't tell you that cause we had to use up all our old boxes first, sorry. No!

Again, this is not intended as HH bashing, I love many of their products, and they are goodly enough to keep making a lot of BIB offerings, which I love the most. But if you are going to label as BIB, it has to mean something, and it should be correct.

Now perhaps I'll go have a nice Rare Old HH 10yo BIB and relax....