My name is John and I live in Queen Creek Arizona which is a little town just outside of Phoenix. This is the time of year that Arizonans usually spend bunkered under air conditioners. This year I hope to spend my A/C bunker hours trying and enjoying new bourbons.

Here's the brief history of how I came to be here:

I can't say that I'm new Bourbon, but I can say I'm new appreciating Bourbon. I used to a "beer" man. I'd love the good ones and drink the bad ones, and always be on the lookout for something new. Just because I was into beer didn't mean I wasn't known for throwing back a Jack & Coke or having a few shots of Maker's with friends.

All that changed a few months ago when I was at a restaurant in Phoenix called The Stockyards. I was enjoying a very good cut of prime rib when I stopped the waiter and asked him what he though would go well with the prime rib. I was about to tell him that I meant beer, not wine, but he answered before I could say anything. He told me I wanted Knob Creek straight up. Normally I would have dismissed this idea and gone over the beer list with him, but his lack of hesitation and confidence in answering changed my mind. I decided to take him up on it.

I was pleasantly surprised by the Knob Creek, so I went to pick up a bottle and also visited the Small Batch website. I was even more exited when I found out there was a whole of family of Small Batch Bourbons, so I tried the whole family. Being somewhat of a history buff, the more I learned about the history and heritage of Bourbon, the more liked it. Even if 90% of that "history" is market-speak and tall tales, Bourbon holds the same place in American history as the quarter horse, six-gun and paddle steamer.

On the advice of this forum's BOTM I'm currently working through a bottle of OGD 114, and I like it a lot. The flavor is very enjoyable even if it finishes a little too bitter for my taste. I find drinking it on the rocks eases the bitterness, but also dilutes the flavor. I guess I can't have it all.

I've also branched out and tried a straight Rye, Mitcher's single barrel I believe. I like this whiskey a lot. It tastes of green tea and finishes of cloves which I find is rather interesting. Unfortunately the taste is very faint and you roll it around on your tongue to find it, and the finish only lasts until your next breath.

Anyway, I'm glad to be here and I look forward to trying more BOTMs.