Hi Everyone,

I need help on filling in the blanks on T.W. Samuels distillery and brands after Prohibition. According to family history (or legend), my great uncle, Samuel Westerman, owned the distillery for a number of years after the Samuels family had it. He supposedly had it until the mid 1970's when he either sold the plant and labels or maybe just sold his share of it. Here's what I've been able to find out so far:

1. According to Sam Cecils Book, THE EVOLUTION OF THE BOURBON WHISKEY INDUSTRY IN KENTUCKY , page 120, Sam Westerman is listed as the "Manager" of the distillery in 1949.

2. When I was in Bardstown about 10 years ago, I stopped at the Museum and one of the volunteers there graciously coppied a couple of pages from a book or magazine talking about the distillery and my uncle. I don't know which book or magazine it was but the reporter met with Charles Ritman who was the comptroller in charge of sales. It talks about the T.W. Samuels label being out of production from 1943 to 1951, so this interview happened in 1952 or later. He talks about the "moats" around the warehouses (which I don't remember seeing when I was there) and also says they were producing Elijah Craig and Jim Porter bourbons at this time.

3. I found a web page listing the T.W. Samuels Distillery as being Incorporated by Stanhope Foster and Samuel Westerman. It also mentions that they incorporated the name in Florida on August 29th, 1969. Samuel Westerman was listed as the President, Treasurer and director of the company. The address is listed as being on Lenore Rd. in Deatsville. This information was from 1969 or later.

Most of the history on the distillery that I've read says the distillery ceased operations in 1952. So, I'm trying to piece together where my great uncle fits into the picture. Were they still distilling and bottling in Deatsville after 1952? Or, did he just have his office there and either purchased whiskey from other distillers or actually had them produce and bottle his labels for him? My mother also mentioned years ago that he had in interest in either National Distillers or American Distillers based out of Detroit. I believe this company was his distribution arm. I never took the time to meet my great uncle when he was still alive as he and my great aunt had divorced a number of year before. I still received a christmas gift and birthday card every year from him. If my memory serves me right, some of those items were postmarked from Louisville, Ky. Anyway, if anyone has any info that will help me, it would be greatly appreciated.