Hi Everyone,

Well, I have now documented the 5th label produced (or at least distilled) from T.W. Samuels. Four Decades Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, BIB, Distilled by T.W. Samuels, bottled and Distributed by Country Distillers Products (can't read the city). This was a mini bottle that just sold on ebay - unfortunately, not to me! According to the description, it was distilled in 1935 and bottled in 1943 which would make it 8yr. old Bourbon? I've heard the name Country Distillers Products, but don't remember if or how it ties in to the distillery. Anyway, it was exciting to see and I downloaded both pictures. If anyone knows how to put a picture in a post, let me know and I will include them.

One more month till Deatsville . . .