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    Re: For The Love Of Pappy 15

    PVW 15 is one of my absolute favorites. Which is odd, because it's just about the only wheater that really does anything for me. It comes and goes around here as far as availability goes, so I grab it when I see it. I have 7 bunkered but haven't seen it for about a year, so those 7 may be it.

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    Re: For The Love Of Pappy 15

    My all-around favorite. I just wish I could find some here. Maybe in the fall?????


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    Re: For The Love Of Pappy 15

    Originally I liked this one the best out of the Van Winkle lineup but now my tastes gravitate towards the 20 year. That aside, it's still one of the best out there!

    Quote Originally Posted by gothbat
    The first 3 drinks I had this evening were "Manhattans"...
    So that's where that went, I was wondering what happened to that post. Sorry to disrupt the thread, that one should have gone in the What are you Drinking Now thread, obviously... Late night/early morning multi-monitor multi-tasking ftw...

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