Hey folks,

I have a deal with my wife where I can buy 1 bottle of burbon a month for under $30. I am about to spend some time with friends for July 4th so I want to make sure my purchase for this month is top notch. Since I am a relatively new bourbon drinker I like to try something new each month. I would love your suggestions.

Here is what I have tried so far:

Buffalo Trace
Eagle Rare
Elijah Craig 12
Four Roses Small Batch
Jim Beam White
Knob Creek
Maker's Mark
Very Old Barton 86
Wild Turkey 101
Wild Turkey 80
Wild Turkey Rare Breed
WL Weller Special Reserve
Basil Hayden

I usually drink my bourbon with ice and have found drinks around 90 proof are a good balance for me (although I certainly don't stick only in that range). Of those I have tried ER10 has been my favorite. I also really like 4R Small Batch. Basil Hayden and EC12 are also on my good list. I like Maker's for its smoothness, but find it lacks any complexity. Knob Creek has been my least favorite (i pick up a strong earthy taste in it) and although 1792 was my gateway bourbon it no longer is a favorite pour.

To give you an idea of prices around here, with the exception of Rare Breed and Blantons, I can get all of these for under $30 (many for right around $20)

Thoughts for something to try?