We've got a pretty good sale on this month, so it being payday I waited for the ABC store to open and went shopping. Here's what I bought => 1.74l's of Ancient Ancient Age 10 year old were on sale for $20.95. I picked up a case of six for a total of $125.70! Blanton's (yes Blanton's!) was on sale for $36.90 (vs. $42.90) so I picked up two 750ml's. KNOB CREEK 1.75l's were on sale for $42.90 (vs. 49.90).I bought it, but it was the only one they had, but the month is young and I'm sure to pick up four or five more before the sale ends. 750ml's of Jim Beam black are on sale for $13.95 vs. $16.45 so I picked up two bottles. I'd rather have the Knob Creek, but you've got to save a buck where you can. Some of you will raise an eyebrow here , but Rebel Yell was on sale at $10.45 (vs. $12.45) so I picked up a 750ml just for 'the yell of it'. Call me crazy. It won't be the first time. then I went slummin' on the bottom shelf, and picked upa 750ml of 'Ten High' for $6.75. Expect to see a tasting soon. Total bourbon bill including tax = $300,44 Total savings = $44.05 It's fun to be a smart shopper!