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    Re: Virginia Gentleman 90 proof

    Quote Originally Posted by cowdery View Post
    But it's still good for winning bar bets with people who think bourbon has to be made in Kentucky.
    That "made" word is obviously loosely interpreted. Technically the alcohol is "made" in Kentucky, but then that alcohol is "made" into bourbon in Virginia.
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    Re: Virginia Gentleman 90 proof

    Just be careful how you phrase the bet.

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    Re: Virginia Gentleman 90 proof

    This one's been on my short list to try for some time, as the flavour profile that I've read about seems to fit my current bourbon preference - light, slightly sweet, low alcohol burn on the finish (like ETL or MM.) So, when I read this thread, I got motivated to jump online and order a bottle from the (only) Aussie store that imports it.... and, they're out of stock
    C'est la vie.

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    Re: Virginia Gentleman 90 proof

    The Fox was a part of my "hard to get" tasting a week ago. I'll try and post the notes today.
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