Greetings everyone -

Today, I was fortunate enough to purchase my first bottle of Pappy 15 from the best-stocked store I've seen in Florida to date. Wish I had a place like this in my hometown...

Anyway, when I opened it up, I could tell the cork was a little 'iffy' and I took my time to gently open it without breaking any of the cork. Once I got it out, I noticed that it is cracked all the way down to the bottom and won't stand too many more openings.

If any of you out there have a top (including cork) for a bottle of Pappy 15 that you are done with or could spare, please PM me and let me know. I'd be happy to pay for the shipping costs or whatever I need to do to make sure I can enjoy this bottle without fear of snapping the cork off into the bottle!

Thanks in advance for your help,