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    IW Harper trade?

    Anyone looking for an I.W. Harper 4-yo 1.75 liter Gold Medal? Found this dusty recently and couldn't pass up buying it. I've been tempted to open it, but I'm concerned I won't care for it and it'll have gone to waste. If anyone craves this brand and is looking for one of these and wants to trade, PM me.

    I'm not expecting much in return, I didn't pay much for it. Two of the same Harpers in 750 ML bottles would be an ideal trade (so I can taste one and not waste so much if I don't like it), or anything else of similar value. Again, I'm not asking much so PM if interested.

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    Re: IW Harper trade?

    Just registered. Do you still have the bottle of IW Harper? I love that stuff. Would be interested in a trade.



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