Name is Paul, they call me Dunk. I am 61 years old and retired from the local PD after 34 years. I am a creature of habit and have drank Jack and coke all my adult ( and some juvenile) life. Ran out of Jack and a friend turned me on to some Makers Mark. Later I saw a TV show on How the Best is Made. It was all and only about bourbon. I watched it several times, wrote the names down as fast as I could and started doing some experimenting. While experimenting I spotted what the show said was the baest bourbon ever made. PVW 23. I spotted a bottle at a local liquor store and after asking what it was worth on this site and suggesting that I didn't know if I would drink it or sell it I caught Hoyl Hell from some members. You guys take this crap real serious Huh!! Oh well, live and learn. I now own about a dozen high to medium priced bottles and am still getting my tongue wet ( so to speak). I will be around reading and learning so if I screw up again, give me a little slack. I'm not as sharp as I once was but I'm still on this side of the turf!! Thanks for the welcome Mo and others.