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Straight Bourbon Of The Month Latest Topics

Straight Bourbon Of The Month Latest Topics
  • Well, it's BOTM time again, and for once I ain't late.     As has been the case with many of the more recent BOTM's, we're gonna go back and revisit another one. The last time Booker's was the BOTM was way back in September of 2010. Below is what I wrote back then.    I can't add much as far as my own tasting notes go. I have only tasted this bourbon a few times, and the one bottle I own hasn't been opened yet. I did like it okay and was a bit surprised that the higher proof didn't overpower the flavor too much. From what I can remember, there was smoke, wood, tobacco, leather, and maybe a hint of nuttiness. Walnut?    All that pretty much still stands, but…., since 2010 there's been a couple of special releases, new named batches, and the price has dropped. FWIW, the price was what partly kept me from buying Booker's. It used to be anywhere from low to mid $50's to over $60 a bottle in some places around where I live. Now that it's at a more reasonable price, at least at one store near me, (mid/upper $40's IIRC) I just might have to buy myself a bottle.    Let's hear what y'all have to say about Booker's. Cheers and happy posting!   Joe

  • Once again I've gone back into the past and decided to revisit something that hasn't been the BOTM in a while. I'm pretty sure at least a couple of members will be happy with my pick this month.   Sad to say that I've never bought a bottle of OGD BIB. I have sampled it a few times, but it's been a while. I feel anything I might have to say would be somewhat irrelevant, so I'll just let y'all take over from here. Let's here what y'all have to say about OGD BIB.  Cheers and happy posting.   Joe  

  • Once again, I've decided to revisit a bourbon that hasn't been the BOTM in a while. It's hard to believe it's been over 7 years. Besides, since last months BOTM was Weller 12, I figured I might as well do OWA this month since it's the other half of our world renowned SB Blend.  For the longest time, I preferred Weller 12 over OWA. Well, OWA has grown on me quite a bit in the last year or so. So much so in fact, that my "preference" gap between the two has narrowed significantly. It's pretty much a neck and neck race now. FWIW, I actually have the same number of bottles of each.  Well, at least until I put the finishing touches on my OWA blend for the Sampler.  My notes: The combination of age and proof really hits a good spot. The nose on the bottle I'm sampling from now is absolutely wonderful. Caramel nuttiness with a touch of spicy fruit. I know the spicy fruit description may sound a bit odd, but I swear I smell something akin to brown sugar/cinnamon and raisin. The legs are medium and evenly spaced, and take their time returning down the sides of the glass. The taste mirrors the nose, although the caramel nuttiness is way more prevalent in the taste. Nice and warm on entry, warming a bit more on the mid-palate, and the finish stays warm and lingers for a good bit. Overall a very, very nice bourbon. Like I said, OWA has kinda grown on me.  Now, let's hear what y'all have to say about OWA.  Cheers and Happy Posting! Joe

  • I've been thinking for a quite a while now just what I could come up with for a BOTM this time around. I've seen a few things mentioned in some posts lately that may have been decent candidates, but I still wasn't quite sure. So, I went back through the BOTM list to see if I could get any other ideas. Lo and behold, I spotted Weller 12 from January of 2010. Hmmmmm.  In looking closer, I saw that it was the first BOTM I did when I took over the responsibility for posting the BOTM. Well then, since Weller 12 was the first BOTM I did, and since I am a self avowed wheater whore, and since Weller 12 is one of my all time favorites, and since I have a bottle open, and since I'm the 2016 BOTY, and…..uhhhh, sorry folks, I kinda got carried away there for a minute.   But seriously…... Weller 12 hasn't been the BOTM for over six years now. We've had a whole bunch of new members join our ranks since then. It's also been a topic of some discussion here from time to time lately. So I figured why not.   I didn't have a whole lot to say about Weller 12 six years ago, but I do now.    First off, I love Weller 12. I was serious when I said that it's one of my all time favorite bourbons. Weller 12 has that nutty, pecan pie/caramel smell that I just love in a bourbon. Add a bit of alcohol, and hint of oak & smoke for good measure, and you have a nose that's to die for. The taste is just about as good. The caramel nuttiness is there, along with just a bit of spiciness. It's not too sweet, and it's not too spicy. In the three bears analogy, it's just right. There's a light, brown sugar and toffee sweetness on entry. It warms up and shows some spice on the mid-palate. Ginger perhaps, or something else I can't quite put my finger on. The finish is good, but not great. The warmth is still apparent, but it's not much warmer than it was in the mid-palate. For me, the finish isn't all that long either. A long finish may be about the only thing possibly lacking with Weller 12. Weller 12 is an easy drinker for sure. Sometimes maybe too easy.  There's something else I think I should mention. At least a couple of other members here have stated that they noticed a sooty taste in some recent bottles they've opened. I've personally  never noticed that. However, one bottle I opened a while back seemed a tad off when I first opened it. I actually started to wonder if it was the sootiness showing up. As it turns out, it may have been me, or it may have been my palate at that particular time, or it may have been something else altogether. Who knows? I revisited it a couple of days later, and all was well. You know what they say about wheaters? They get better after they've been open a while. One more thing. Most of us know that Weller 12 is in short supply, and it's on allocation. The price has gone up, and yes, when some stores get a few bottles, they're price gouging. Most of us know that too. Let's keep thing's on topic here. Please don't turn this into a bitch session. Thanks. So, let's here what y'all have to say about Weller 12. Cheers and happy posting!                                                                                                                                                           Joe  

  • Howdy everyone. We're back after a month hiatus.  FWIW, picking out a BOTM is getting harder and harder, so don't be alarmed if I/we miss a month here and there. After looking back through past BOTM's, I finally decided to choose Baker's as this month's BOTM. Two reasons. One, it hasn't been done in a long time. And two, Jeff is back and posting again. He's the staff member that originally started the BOTM, and Baker's was a BOTM he did from way back in March of 2006. Glad to see you back Jeff.  Here's what Jeff originally posted back in 2006: This month's selection doesn't seem to garner the same amount of discussion on the boards as does its more popular siblings, but don't take that as a sign of inferiority. Named for one of history's great distillers, Baker's is a proud and unique member of Beam's Small Batch Collection and proof that great bourbon can made by a mega distillery. What is your opinion? Not much from me again this time around. I like Baker's, but truth be told, I haven't had it in a while. It used to be my favorite of the Beam Small Batch,  but I've kinda taken to Knob Creek a bit more the last couple of years or so. So that's it. Let's hear what y'all have to say about Baker's.  Cheers! Joe  

  • Yes, I know I'm late again.  FWIW, I was kinda waiting to see how things shook out with our conversion to the new site before posting a BOTM.  Anyway, thanks to a suggestion from a fellow SB member, the BOTM this month is WTRB.  I have to admit that I'm not much of a fancier of WT products. However, WTRB is one that I have enjoyed. Operative word here, have. It's been quite a while since I've had a bottle on my shelf, or in my cabinet. I liked the older 108.2 proof WT-03RB well enough, and purchased a bottle here and there. A few years ago, I found a store that received some 700 ml Japanese export bottles by mistake, and I purchased some of those on a few different visits to that store. Same 03RB, different bottle.  I was also lucky enough to have tried at least a couple of the earlier versions. Once upon time, I even managed to snag a couple of older 375's of W-T 01-99. They were great. I have yet to try the new 112.8 bottling. I reckon that since it's the BOTM, I just might have to grab a bottle if I can find one.  Cheers and happy posting! Let's here what y'all have to say about WTRB.  Joe  

  • I figured that after five years, maybe it was time to revisit this one. It's been mentioned in a few posts lately, and as I've explained when doing a BOTM that's been done before, we've had many new members join since it was last the BOTM.Below are most of the remarks I posted from when ER was the BOTM back in November of 2010. ERSB is somewhat of a gateway bourbon for me. When I first got interested in bourbon, I had MM, WR, and KC. ERSB was the first bourbon I bought after joining SB. I like this bourbon. It's a shame I don't have a pour of it more often.The nose to me has that musty, earthy smell that BT is known for. In the background is a hint of acetone. The taste again, has that earthy quality. Grass/tobacco, leather, and a slight sweetness or fruitiness, that I wish there was a little more of. I know some people might disagree with me, but ERSB for some reason reminds me a little of a wheated bourbon. Oh well. :skep: I went crazy about ERSB when I first joined here. As I found new and different bourbons, my tastes and interests changed. I moved on to what I thought were bigger and better things. In the last few months, I've kinda rediscovered ERSB. It's almost a shame I ever got away from it, but as is sometimes said here, "Too many choices, too little time." :crazy: I'm not sure whether ERSB, or my taste buds have changed, (probably a little of both) but the flavor seems to have evolved. IMHO, there's less of the mustiness on the nose, and the leather/tobacco flavor is more muted. The acetone taste seems to be gone, and a bit more of the sweet/fruit flavor comes through. Did my wish from five years ago come true, or ??? :skep: Regardless, I'm glad I started purchasing ERSB again. FWIW, I just sent an empty bottle to the recycle bin. I do have a couple more in the bunker just in case.:grin:One more thing. Yes, the bottle itself has gone through some changes recently. Feel free to comment and compare the taste of newer vs older bottles, but please refrain from bitching and moaning about yet another bourbon (possibly?) losing its age statement. That subject has been well covered in several threads. Thanks.Cheers and Happy Posting! Let's hear what y'all have to say about ERSB.Joe



General Bourbon Discussion Latest Topics

General Bourbon Discussion Latest Topics
  • A tech website is an odd place to find an article on whisk(e)y. Don't let the comments section turn y'all inside out

  • Just an interesting topic for discussion, as I possess little other than anecdotal evidence regarding the subject. I once made a batch of beer, divided it in three parts and pitched a different yeast strain into each. The result was three quite different brews that happened to be the same color.  Living in the heart of wine country, I've spoken with many people employed in that industry, and they universally downplay the role of yeast in the flavor of the final product. I suppose that it's more romantic to believe that the flavor originates from the fruit and some French wood rather than unglamorous little critters that eat, shit, then die in droves. Note that I haven't actually spoken to a winemaker, so what we likely have there is a lack of understanding on the part of some of the downstream workers. So the big question is how much of a role does the yeast play in the final flavor profile of bourbon? I'm particularly interested in empirical data, if anyone has it on hand or knows where to find it. Your thoughts?

  • Hey -  My dad just found these decanters -full - I've seen others around, but does anyone know the story on them (Lionstone)? I did some searching and found that Lionstone was a decanter company that filled them up with other whisky? Any idea what whisky was put in them? Tempted to try these , the one on the left is from 1969, and says bottled in Lawrenceburg 8 yrs old, the other 1973 and it says Distilled in Bardstown, my other concern would be the lead issue.

  • http://www.tennessean.com/story/life/2016/07/18/george-dickel-loses-another-distiller-popcorn-sutton/87254166/

  • I am considering carrying the Four Roses small batch in our store. We already have the single barrel and the lower end four roses bourbon. So I am wondering if anyone has tried the small batch, and if so how does it compare to the single barrel? Would this be a good addition to our shelf?

  • Interested in seeing what your favorite is between the two and why?   i love Bookers and have yet to try the Rare Breed.

  • Hi everyone!  I am not nearly as knowledgeable & passionate about whiskey / bourbon as most folks on here.  To be honest, I signed up for this website because I am looking at investing in MGP's stock.  Given the continued large growth in demand for whiskey, I thought it might make sense to buy some MGP stock for my family's retirement and college fund accounts.  However, I did have once question / concern regarding their business. Given all the knowledgeable people on this board, I figured I would ask for opinions on here.   Over the past year, the sales of MGP's unaged distillate appears to have almost tripled (as shown by the huge increase in their warehouse / storage revenue). My question is why has unaged distillate revenue all of a sudden exploded? The whiskey industry has been growing at a fast rate for a few years now. This is not just a recent phenomenon. So what is MGP doing differently over the past year to triple their unaged distillate sales? Are they charging a low price for the unaged barrel or charging very low storage fees? I am worried that the company's customers are basically taking advantage of low prices to stock up on whiskey barrels today...However, once they finish stocking up on barrels, I am worried that MGP's sales may fall off a cliff.  In other words, are MGP's customers simply stocking up and buying much more whiskey than they actually currently need?   Do you think that my concerns are legitimate? Or is the huge increase in MGP's unaged distillate sales a natural extension of the whiskey / bourbon boom? It appears it may not be given that whiskey sales are growing at ~5% while bourbon sales are growing at ~35% per year.  This rate is much less than MGP's approximately tripling of unaged distillate sales over the past year.     Any help / insights in regards to this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!   Angela