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General Bourbon Discussion Latest Topics
  • I've been wondering why he was absent from any role as a Four Roses ambassador. I did not see this coming.   You Tube video of him on the site tells the story.   A wheated mashbill. A rye whiskey! (Something he's wanted to do all along) Plus rye based bourbons per usual.   Wow.

  • While passing through a local liquor store on my way to the beer coolers, lawns do have to be mowed at this time of year, I noticed WT101 and Beam white in plastic travel bottles. I'm not a hardcore traditionalist as things bourbon go but I found these bottles to be rather appalling.  Is this a new trend, perhaps to reduce shipping costs, or have they been there a while but below my radar screen?

  • Recently received a freebie stainless flask after signing up on a NDP's website and opted to put it to use this weekend.  Soaped it up and gave it a real good cleaning before filling Sat a.m. with the last of my Larceny on hand.  Partook of a reasonable amount 4-8 hours later, but left some in the flask overnight.  Went to finish the remaining off Sun eve and this is what came out:     That's after @ 30 hours in the flask.  Needless to say, my desire for an evening nightcap plummeted.  Didn't notice any off-color or off-taste when partaking of a portion of the contents during the day Sat, but I wasn't looking too hard at the water bottle I was using as a makeshift sippin' glass either.  Didn't bother tasting the remaining, uh, contents, but couldn't detect any obvious metallic or off-odor.  Here's a quick 'n dirty side-by with some Henry McKenna BiB:     That's just nasty....   I picked up a very similar stainless flask at the KBF a few years ago and didn't notice a reaction like this after @ the same timeframe (and pre-cleaning) before enjoying the contents in a glass.   Guess I'll try cleaning it again and test it with some bottom shelf for a longer period to see if this is could be a recurring issue.  If so, it's either off to the the display shelf or the recycling bin...    

  • I passed on Michter's 10yr for $130 (and the 10yr rye for $150). Jefferson's for $69. Ezra Brooks 12yr for $60. And, EHT Small Batch for $50. It's just amazing how much money is being asked for average bourbons these days. (Some of the above are better than average of course, but not at those prices.)

  •   I'm not sure Off Topic is the right place to post this, but I didn't see anyplace else that looks just right, either.   Also, this is not my personal opinion; I just post it as an interesting news item.   Tim

  • For those that keep one, did you buy one online? or make one?  Im just getting into this, and think it would be interesting to keep notes on various bourbon's, and then update it over the years as tastes etc change.  Just looking to see what the options are, and what folks are using.  Thanks for any suggestions, I appreciate the help.

  • We're a month late starting this one so I figured it was time. Purchased an OGD114 just because and a handle of WT101 for $26. That's right, 1.75L for a better price than the 1L. I asked if the price was a misprint and was told it was not. It's priced that way to beat Costco's price. I'll take it.