General Bourbon Discussion Latest Topics

General Bourbon Discussion Latest Topics
  • i recently purchased a bottle of "Buffalo Trace Single Barrel Select" picked for Total Wine.  I have to say I really enjoy in neat in a lowball glass rather than the standard glencairn. It's not very complex but a great dipper non the less . Huge aroma of butterscotch flows from the glass.    What at are your thoughts on this bottle?

  • Tonight I did a SBS comparison of an off the shelf Old Weller Antique 107 and a Private Barrel selection OWA from Bayway in Elizabeth, NJ.  I tilt toward wheaters and OWA is always open on my bar.  As this was my first experience with a PS OWA, I wasn't sure what to expect.  That got me thinking about what I "expect" from a private barrel selection.  Obviously you hope to like it as much or better than the off the shelf expression, but what was I hoping for?   Deeper flavors?  Better balance? More concentration?  The PS Four Roses recipes stand out in the uniqueness.  What do you look for in a PS expression of a brand you already like?  Would love to hear from those have been involved in selecting these barrels?

  • When HH announced they were moving production of Rittenhouse to their facility, I went around and bought all the 354 stuff I could find. I ended up with several cases and since then have opened one every month or two. They had all been great. Last week I opened another bottle and it had a distinct moldy, dirt-like taste. I tried it several nights thinking maybe my taste buds were acting up but just couldn't get past the nasty taste. I decided to open yet another bottle to compare and as always, it was great. I had my wife conduct several blind sbs tastings and I could easily pick out the bad stuff each time. Now I have had bad dusty bottles from the 60s - 80s and I expect some of then to be bad. But these are relatively new bottles, so I have to wonder what happened. JMHTs  

  • whst bottle would you say you have the most luck with a honey barrel bottle?

  • I'm looking to buy a nice bottle of bourbon as a special gift for someone who drinks Blantons and EH Taylor as his daily choice.  What would be a good recommendation?  Trying to stay under $300, and have a month or so to locate if difficult to find.  Didn't want to go solely by price, but want something good that he'll be happy to own/drink.  Please help!

  • Has anyone tried the Woodford Reserve Classic Malt? My wife bought it for me for my birthday. It is the one matured in used cooperage. I think it is very Scotch like.  

  • Helped a buddy tonight hang some rafters about 11 feet high for a deck.  Once done he pulled out a bottle of Yipee Kay Yea.  I was majorly impressed.  A very good rye whisky. I liked it.  Anyone else who likes a rye had it?