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General Bourbon Discussion Latest Topics
  • I have an opportunity to sit down with Erik Wolfe, partner of Dick Stoll in the forthcoming Stoll & Wolfe Distillery, early next month to discuss their progress and plans for making whiskey in Pennsylvania. As many of you know, Stoll was the master distiller at the Bombergers (Michters) Distillery in Schaefferstown, PA. If any of you have questions you would like asked of Erik, let me know here or send me a PM. He said there's not much to see at the new distillery site just yet, but I'll try to take some pictures to give you guys an idea of how they're progressing and forward any info I get on their plans.

  • I feel the need to have two bottles of everything in my collection and six bottles of my favorites.   Is it just me?  

  • My good friend is trying to track down the last two voyages of Jefferson's Ocean that he does not have.  I'm trying to help him out with this but need a little help here.  He needs voyage 2 and 3.  I've come across the 3 in the past so I'm confident that I can find that again eventually but the voyage 2 is proving problematic.  In fact, I'm having a hard time even knowing what to look for.  I'm pretty sure it was from voyage 3 on it says what voyage it was on the neck but was there any such ID on the voyage 2?  How can I tell what voyage a voyage 1 or two was?  I know the silhouette on the voyage 1 is different than the current silhouette but what about the voyage 2?  Is there any help anyone can give me to ID a voyage 2 compared to a voyage 1?

  • This could go on forever. Add yours.  

  • I have been meaning to start this topic for a while now, but haven't had the chance to do since I have had too many bottles open.   We brag and congratulate each other on the latest find or LE score in the "What did you purchase" thread. We mourn and support each other when we finish a old stand by or those hard to come by bottles in the "Empty Bottle Support Group" thread. We even laugh at ridiculous prices or shake our heads at the one that got away in the "What did you pass up today" thread. But I have come to realize that we never celebrate when a bottle gets to burst its top and share its wonderful aromas with someone who is looking to consume it rather than flip it! So moving forward, lets celebrate and rejoice the opening of a bottle. It makes no difference if it is a replacement for your go to pour or getting your friends together to open that prized bottle of Pappy you never thought you would win at the store lottery.   With that said, I will kick things off. Tonight I opened my first bottle of regular Buffalo Trace in years. I just finished my first bottle a friend gave me back in 2008 that got lost in the back of the cabinet and then forgotten about until we moved. Definitely a difference in taste between the two, but I am sure it will come around more once it gets some air.   So lets here what else is being opened these days.

  • Just saw this.  Very interesting.  No mention of retirement or going anywhere else

  • I have been out of circulation for some time now.  What happened to this fine 100 proof bourbon?   Cant find it anywhere anymore.  Thanks