General Bourbon Discussion Latest Topics

General Bourbon Discussion Latest Topics
  • All three are still listed at the Beam Suntory website - Old Grand-Dad, Old Overholt and Old Crow.  But only two "Old's" at  the Beam Global website:         Old Grand-Dad and Old Overholt.  Is this new?  Could have sworn all three were on the "Old's" website at one time?  Not that big a deal, but given the other statements and retractions, I'm interested in changes in marketing strategies and branding, and wondered if they are trying to distance themselves from Old Crow or something, before its retired or sold? 

  • Saw this on FB tonight. Almost enough to make run out and start buying Blanton's! Very cool.

  • Greetings my friends,   I am heading to Orlando next week for my bachelor party. I heard down south it can be a little easier finding things like OWA and ETL. If you know of any decent liquor stores that may have something unique to take to the party I would appreciate the tip!   JD

  • We spend so much time waxing poetically on our favorite pours and our top value picks.   But what are your top 3 "Most overrated" bourbons (or Ryes)??  [I'm talking currently available juice only -  not old versions]   Mine are 1.  Weller Special Reserve 2.  Old Weller Antique 107 3.  Blanton's (I actually really love Blanton's but still think it's overhyped and doesn't merit being allocated)   Honorable Mention:  OGD (I actually have acquired a dedicated taste for this stuff now, but still think it's a bit over hyped on these pages anyway ;-)      

  • Went to a liquor store if hit every once in a while and they a featuring a store select KC SB 120 saying it came from a 15 YO barrel. Is this legit? Another reason I'm asking is because this guy decides what whiskeys are allocated and keeps them behind a glass door and charges a premium over state minimum -- like $70 for a $50 bottle of YR 10. And if this is legit, just wondering how oaky this might be...I can only handle so much.

  • So I'm in MN and know that it doesn't rate too high on the bourbon allocation list.  I am headed to New Orleans in late March and have some family heading to Florida next week.   Is it worth asking them to maybe peek into a store or two in hopes of finding like Weller 12?  The BTAC is out of the running by now.   I was curious if some of the harder to find ones are any easier in other states, or if I shouldn't really make an attempt.

  • Back before chromatic tuners and robot tuning pegs, bands would tune to a 440hz tuning fork -- 440 is an "A" note all over the world.  (Well, almost everywhere.)   What's your tuning fork bourbon?   When you are starting to taste or need to get your bearings -- what's the bourbon that tastes like BOURBON to you?   Mine is OF SIG -- and I think the reason why is that Squire so eloquently testified about it in the BOTM thread for it.  I scored some, read his testimony and thought: this is true!  This stuff tastes like...BOURBON.          Also curious if you have only one -- or if you're one of those folks that has an A = 444 bourbon too.