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General Bourbon Discussion Latest Topics
  • Just an interesting topic for discussion, as I possess little other than anecdotal evidence regarding the subject. I once made a batch of beer, divided it in three parts and pitched a different yeast strain into each. The result was three quite different brews that happened to be the same color.  Living in the heart of wine country, I've spoken with many people employed in that industry, and they universally downplay the role of yeast in the flavor of the final product. I suppose that it's more romantic to believe that the flavor originates from the fruit and some French wood rather than unglamorous little critters that eat, shit, then die in droves. Note that I haven't actually spoken to a winemaker, so what we likely have there is a lack of understanding on the part of some of the downstream workers. So the big question is how much of a role does the yeast play in the final flavor profile of bourbon? I'm particularly interested in empirical data, if anyone has it on hand or knows where to find it. Your thoughts?

  • Hey -  My dad just found these decanters -full - I've seen others around, but does anyone know the story on them (Lionstone)? I did some searching and found that Lionstone was a decanter company that filled them up with other whisky? Any idea what whisky was put in them? Tempted to try these , the one on the left is from 1969, and says bottled in Lawrenceburg 8 yrs old, the other 1973 and it says Distilled in Bardstown, my other concern would be the lead issue.


  • I am considering carrying the Four Roses small batch in our store. We already have the single barrel and the lower end four roses bourbon. So I am wondering if anyone has tried the small batch, and if so how does it compare to the single barrel? Would this be a good addition to our shelf?

  • Interested in seeing what your favorite is between the two and why?   i love Bookers and have yet to try the Rare Breed.

  • Hi everyone!  I am not nearly as knowledgeable & passionate about whiskey / bourbon as most folks on here.  To be honest, I signed up for this website because I am looking at investing in MGP's stock.  Given the continued large growth in demand for whiskey, I thought it might make sense to buy some MGP stock for my family's retirement and college fund accounts.  However, I did have once question / concern regarding their business. Given all the knowledgeable people on this board, I figured I would ask for opinions on here.   Over the past year, the sales of MGP's unaged distillate appears to have almost tripled (as shown by the huge increase in their warehouse / storage revenue). My question is why has unaged distillate revenue all of a sudden exploded? The whiskey industry has been growing at a fast rate for a few years now. This is not just a recent phenomenon. So what is MGP doing differently over the past year to triple their unaged distillate sales? Are they charging a low price for the unaged barrel or charging very low storage fees? I am worried that the company's customers are basically taking advantage of low prices to stock up on whiskey barrels today...However, once they finish stocking up on barrels, I am worried that MGP's sales may fall off a cliff.  In other words, are MGP's customers simply stocking up and buying much more whiskey than they actually currently need?   Do you think that my concerns are legitimate? Or is the huge increase in MGP's unaged distillate sales a natural extension of the whiskey / bourbon boom? It appears it may not be given that whiskey sales are growing at ~5% while bourbon sales are growing at ~35% per year.  This rate is much less than MGP's approximately tripling of unaged distillate sales over the past year.     Any help / insights in regards to this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!   Angela

  • There are some of my favorites, like Booker's, Pikesville 110,KCSB, WT101, HMcK10 and others where I don't bother keeping backups because they are always available and very consistent. We'd all keep backups of Van Winkle if we could. And I know some have bunkers with backups of everything, but what are 7 of your bourbons that you keep for value, fear they will disappear or other interesting reasons? (I figure if we go beyond 7, it's a lot of typing/reading.) I currently have backups of these:   1 open (5) backups of ECBP. It took me a long time (>1 year) to find my first bottle, and then I found some in bunches over the last year and built up a stock. One of my favorites.   0 (4) Baby Saz. This is a favorite and a local county ABC got a bunch in at $30 per bottle. Figured to stock up at a fair retail price.   0 (4) Eagle Rare. This is always available at $35-40, but the county ABC has it for $25 and every few months on sale at $22. I usually try to grab two bottles during those sales to keep them on hand for myself or as gifts.   1 (4) ETL. Hard to find. I've paid $35 and up to $43, but had to grab it when it was on the shelf.    0 (2)  CEHT SmB. It's pricey around me at $50-55, but I grabbed two in New Orleans for $35 apiece when I visited in March.   1 (2) Stagg Jr. batch 4. I've tried batches 3-5 and I love this batch. I'll continue to pick one up every time I see it until I taste a batch that's better. Haven't seen one on a shelf since March, also in NoLa, where I brought one home.   1 (5) OWA. Hard to find. Had three regular ones and then an SB member tipped me to a store with a barrel pick, so I grabbed three more. Paid between $19-30, with the store pick on the high end. I see them around every so often at $38-50, but I've managed to not pay that, and won't now that I'm stocked up for a while.   Those are mine. What are yours?