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General Bourbon Discussion Latest Topics
  • Last month I was in Vegas for CES.  One night a group of us went out for a nice dinner.  I got there early so I went to the bar for a drink. I saw some really nice bottles on the top of the bar. Up there I saw a bottle of William Larue Weller.  I said "how much is the Weller way up at the top.?" The bartender grabbed a stool and pulled down the bottle.  He typed in Weller into his computer register and said, "$13". I said are you sure, you might be confusing that with the W.L. Weller.  He said no, that is the only Weller in the system.  I said, pour me a double then. I asked him what proof it was, and he told me over 124.  Perfect I said.  After that pour I saw a Thomas H. Handy up there, he said that one was $14.  Crap, they messed up on that price also. Least to say, I had a real fine night at dinner.    The next night at a casino bar, I bought a shot of Maker's, $12. 

  • This question is largely targeted to members from Virginia but I'm also curious to see how this product has hit shelves nationwide.  I'm in VA and was wondering if anyone here had managed to get a EH Taylor Barrel Proof (this year's 127.4 release) at the state ABC stores? According to BT the EHTBP was sent in June but unless the area by me just didn't get any (and I was pretty diligent about checking) I'm not sure it was released.   I'm curious if anyone has any success in VA in getting this product. I was able to find last year's release in last January so maybe it's just a late release?  Apologies if this might belong in the dedicated thread in the Premium subforum but I thought the conversation might go beyond my question.  

  • Question to the group: When did ETL start having date codes put on the bottle? I came across some bottles of ETL at a store that did not have a date code on them which is the first time I have seen this since I started drinking ETL 3 years ago. Thanks for any info/feedback, Gizmostudent

  • Maybe I'm just late to the show but I am curious about Woodford Reserve advertising on the Daily Beast. They've been inserting "articles" which are pleasant and informative to a degree in the Read This lists on the DB site. I admit to reading DB articles at least three or four days a week so this is something relatively new to me. Has anybody else seen these ads and are they something new or just recycled pieces from years past?

  • I figured it would be good to have a thread for rumors, so posts wouldn't be taken as fact right away. Should these rumors turn out to be true, they can be made into a separate post. The reason I wanted to start this thread was because of a tweet from BourbonPursuit stating that Parker's Heritage 10 will be a 24-year old bourbon, bottled in bond, in 3 separate releases. They said it was from a source at Heaven Hill. Has anyone heard anything similar?

  • HH released 8-yr aged-stated 90-proof Old Fitz 1849 until at-least 1999 that (i) bears the "1970 SWD" copyright, (ii) bears the HH sku, and (iii) doesn't bear the "charcoal filtered" statement from the later 1990s. Obviously I'm looking at an example of one such bottle. SW shuttered in 1992, which makes it a viable distillate source for these bottlings, but IIRC Bernheim was acquired by HH in the Spring of 1999. I suspect the sourcing chaos after the fire makes this even more blurry, and that the answer to this question is "can't be sure" or "it's complicated," but here we go . . . Can anybody shine some some light on when HH stop using SW distillate in Old Fitz 1849?

  • I am a fan of MM46 and looking forward to a general release at some point. Would be interested in some tasting notes/thoughts.