General Bourbon Discussion Latest Topics

General Bourbon Discussion Latest Topics
  • So I've been buying bourbon for like 3 years. Moving into a new house soon. Trying to limit myself to 20 bucks every 2 weeks for bourbon!  Opinions on best values? I'm expanding a lot of expert advice!  Trying to decide if I should just save it up every few weeks but a 40 dollar bottle. Or go budget every week with EW BIB, ECSB, OWA and such 

  • So I've been here regularly for a few weeks now, and I've come to see many members are not big or LE Bottles... maybe they are, but they just don't see the point in hunting them down!   I know this is a loaded question, but what are your favorite bottles that you are buying for your bunker?  That also means what is your favorite thing to drink regularly?  They are one on the same question to a point... they can also be different in the sense you might think something is going to run short down the line.   I have a lot of stuff but seeing that LE bottle season is over, I would like to start stocking some nice everyday bottles to enjoy.  I personally haye taking risks on bottles as well... prime example was HW Bourye... imo it's just bad for $80-$90 bucks.   Anyways looking forward to hearing the bottles you guys think are top draw and not impossible to locate.  Gimme 1, gimme 10... always looking to try new stuff and continue to build my collection !

  • Hi all,   I recently purchased a bottle of Angles Envy Rye and noticed there was condensation inside the bottle. The fill level is good and it still has the green tax strip so I figured no big deal.   I ran into another bottle today and this one had a plastic seal over the cap. Did the older bottles not have plastic seals? I got my bottle from a sketchy store I just stumbled into. It has me scratching my head.   JD

  • For those who have tasted both, what would you say are the differences in taste if any? Do you prefer one or the other?

  • Anyone know how many different batches of Knob Creek 2001 there is?

  • A gentlemen I just met at my whiskey night at a bar nearby has a GALLON of Weller Sr from 1975 (unopened) that he acted like he would part with.... What should I offer him.

  • My appreciation for BIB's is second only to my fondness for wheaters. I pretty much like 'em all, although I have to admit that I do have my favorites.  Along with proof and taste, BIB's are usually easier to come by, and they're also a bit easier on the wallet too. Just a couple more things that make them somewhat appealing. At least to me anyway.    I have a number of BIB's open right now, and I plan on doing a little taste comparison sometime in the (hopefully) near future. I'll be sure and post my tasting notes here when I do. For now though, what are y'alls thoughts on BIB's?    Cheers! Joe