Premium Bourbons/Specialty Bottlings Latest Topics

Premium Bourbons/Specialty Bottlings Latest Topics
  • Hi, I have a budget of $500-$600 to spend on a nice bottle of bourbon for my husband's birthday.  Spoke with somebody yesterday at who recommended:  Michter's 10 Year Single Barrel, Old Forester Birthday Bourbon (although he advised against the most recent 2016 release), and the Blade and Bow 22 Year.  The last bourbon gift I got for him was the Rhetoric Orphan Barrel 22 year and he does love the taste of that one.  I know Pappy isn't an option, but I see there is an Old Rip Van Winkle 10 year available.  Any advice on these I have listed or others?  He doesn't like rye.  Thank you!

  • I had a few drams of this last night wth my brother over to watch the Blackhawks / Oilers game.   I started the evening with OWA 107, and then poured a glass of the J. Henry and promptly spilled the whole glass on the table.     When I finally poured it down my throat I was taken aback for a minute and didn't really know what to think. It tasted so different -- so much sweeter, lush, and "open" than the OWA (which I think of as a fairly narrow tasting bourbon -- though it has that great cinnamon note on the finish that pulls everything together and gives it that staying power at the end).  Open and narrow is just one way of describing the difference...  I guess I would also say that OWA tastes classic to me -- simple and focused -- very much a bourbon-y bourbon -- but the J Henry was a great deal more complex.    I think that may have been why my first glass of the J Henry produced a big cloud of cartoon-question-marks over my head.  I put the difference in taste down to the heirloom (red) corn they used to produce the bourbon, and poured a second glass.  This was when my brother arrived (I always cheat a bit and get a head start when I'm hosting) -- so I poured him some of the J Henry and at his first sip he exclaimed "Wow, that's really good."   And it started to really taste that way to me too.  By the time I had a third pour I knew this was really something special.  I really savored the last glass. And I'm not sure that I tasted all of this:   “Nose: Butterscotch, caramel, toffee, buttery, cream, honey, vanilla, cola, plum, apricot, peach, citrus, floral, sherry notes, cinnamon, green leaves, toast, woody. Palate: Butterscotch, toffee, caramel, creamy, vanilla, banana, sweet corn, cherry, sultana, sour peach, citrus, bright mint, spearmint, eucalyptus, peppery, cinnamon, spicy, mineral, smooth. Finish: Fruity, spicy, clove, pine.”    ...But maybe that's only because I don't know what a sultana is.     ^That's the manufacturer's description by the way.  So, perhaps it leans to uh... "completeness," but I can only say that figuring out all the flavors is one of the tastiest bourbon riddles I've ever tried to solve.     This one is another bourbon Nancy Fraley helped bring into the world -- and I would say the owners also really seem to have their heads in the game.   May be heading up to their tasting room (north of Madison, WI) here shortly, to see what other goodies they have in store.  Meanwhile, at the 69.99 price point I found this for -- at Milwaukee's incomparable Discount Liquors -- I would rate it a strong buy.          

  • Looks like Campari is releasing a couple bourbons distilled at Wild Turkey.   I really liked the price until I realized they were 375ml bottles.

  • SAOS released their Wheated yesterday at the distillery and continues today - strong response from what I've seen and in talking to Rebecca at the distillery.  I'm heading up tomorrow to pick up some for myself and a few friends/family.     I've been looking for a reason to go see their facility and it looks like I've found it...  

  • Not too many stores around here carry any high end bourbon.  I went it to this one store and they had Forged Oak or $85, Barterhouse 20 for $95, Rhetoric for $125 and one I never heard of, Gifted Horse for $65. Any of these worth trying at those prices.

  • Has anyone had Wild Turkey Master Keep Decades? It is a blend of 10-20 year old whiskey that was bottled at 54% ABV and is NCF.  I've found a couple of reviews, but I wondered if any member of this forum had an opinion.    It seems likely that younger barrels were blended with some of the old stock that was previously used for WTMK17 in order to get the proof above 100.    I know WTMK Decades been released in Japan and Australia, but I'm not sure if it has been in the US.   

  • This bottle just started popping up around here ($109.99).  I know there were very mixed reviews on the 20 +21 versions.  However, I was wondering if any of our SBer's had taken the plunge and would like to share their thoughts?   Thanks....