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  • Looks promising. Especially if it's Four Roses distillate.  

  • I realize this is years late (not only because Stitzel-Weller is gone, but also because the Berghoff restaurant is completely different nowadays), but is there any place (most likely online) that still has leads on old bottles of this stuff? While I don't care too much myself (I try to be content with the bourbon being made today, because that's the only way to stay sane!), it's my father's all-time favorite whiskey, and as a frequenter of the bar back in the day, he speaks of it in the tone of a kid after their first trip to Disneyland.  My guess is no one has any info anymore, and realistically, something along the lines of a PVW15 would be his best bet (ignoring how difficult that is to find), but I thought a bottle of the Berghoff stuff would be an amazing present/trip down memory lane for him, so I figured I'd ask.  Also, since I assume the answer is "no, you're crazy," for those who've had it (I know this narrows it to mostly Chicagoland people), am I on track with the youngest Pappy being closest in taste? When I was going to the Berghoff I was sadly only old enough to have their delicious root beer (and pretzels!), so I have no context for that stuff. 

  • The new Abraham Bowman was just released today at the distillery.  It is a blend of wine barrel finished bourbons.  The wine finishes were Touriga and Merlot.  This is a non-chill filtered 100 proof bourbon that was aged for a total of 11 years (9years three months in the original barrel and 1 year 9 months in the wine barrels that originally held Bowman bourbon).  This is being released exclusively in 375 ml bottles.  There are approximately 2100 bottles available.  They should be in VA ABC stores in a week or two and will be shipped to other states as well.   My first impression is that I’m pretty impressed with this edition.  It’s a nice dark amber color.  The nose has some rye spice, some vanilla and a hint of sweetness to it.  The taste starts with some nice dark fruit flavors giving way to some vanilla and a nice rye kick at the end.  The finish lingers some with the dark fruits coming back.  Nice mouthfeel, and definitely not too sweet like some of the port finished bourbons can be.  Will have to spend some more time with this one but so far I like it a lot

  • What are peoples' thoughts on a good replacement for the above? Obviously nothing will quite match up, but I figured I'd look for a  Four Roses single barrel that could reduce my urge to drink what little I have of 2015's LE Small Batch. Binny's makes this relatively easy since they purchase barrels of each expression.   Given that there's 16yr OBSK, 15yr OESK, 14yr OESK and 11yr OBSV, I thought OESK might be a good choice, but figured I'd ask around here, in case people have tried some of the single barrel stuff in conjunction with this year's LE. Thoughts?  

  • Hello, I started off as a scotch drinker and was always drawn to their availability of CS offerings, most notably Laphroaig CS, A'Bunadh and the Ardbegs of the world.  As I ventured more and more into fine bourbon I was shocked by the lack of regular production CS offerings.  I found myself often stating I wish there was more availability of CS outside of the LE releases from the various producers.  Needless to say, I am a huge fan of the new cask strength offerings being put out by many of the larger distilleries.   As the title states i was curious as to other Sb'ers thoughts on available Cask Strength Offerings most notably Knob Creek CS, Russell's Reserve CS and Makers Mark CS.   I have had the KCSB as well as Russell's Reserve SB I have not purchased MMCS as of yet but, it will be at the top of my list once I get through some of the open bottles I currently have.   So what are your thoughts / favorites of the bunch? For me, I think that they are both very good.  I was immediately drawn to KCSB with its spicey nutmeg and  clove undertones and alcohol kick.  RRSB was also very impressive it was exactly what I hoped it would be it takes WT and kicks it up a couple notches it had more of a Caramel, vanilla hit with that signature WT twang and an excellent mouth feel.  I would give a slight nod to KCSB for me but they are very close.  Needless to say I have been extremely impressed with these offerings and feel it, along with 4RSB, is some of the better regular release bourbon being produced today. How has MMSB stacked up?  Are the rest of the SB'ers as impressed with the bourbons and if so what are your thoughts / favorites? *As a side note I was also very impressed with the Crown Royal CS as well.  Even with the bourbon craze in full swing and the unavailability of some of my old LE favorites there is still plenty of great bourbon to be had.    

  • I'll try this again, since people started posting in my "About All Things Van Winkle" topic, instead of posting in the actual "All Things Van Winkle" thread itself. My guess is that my topic became unlocked in our conversion to the new site. The Van Winkle bourbons had become quite the interesting topic for discussion. It seemed that every other week or so, someone would start a new thread about Pappy. Members weren't doing a quick search to find what they were looking for, so they'd just start another thread. It got to the point that things became a little "heated" in some Pappy threads, for varying reasons. After receiving a number of complaints I/we decided to have just one thread concerning all things Van Winkle. The warning I gave was something like this. "There is now only one thread about the Van Winkle bourbons. Any and all posts about the Van Winkle/Pappy bourbons should be posted there. If any new Van Winkle threads are started, they will be deleted." So that's it in a nutshell. All our Pappy eggs are now kept in one basket. Thanks. Joe

  • Curious to know what people think of this release.    Apologies if there is already a dedicated thread for this. I could not locate one in the search.