Premium Bourbons/Specialty Bottlings Latest Topics

Premium Bourbons/Specialty Bottlings Latest Topics
  • Not too many stores around here carry any high end bourbon.  I went it to this one store and they had Forged Oak or $85, Barterhouse 20 for $95, Rhetoric for $125 and one I never heard of, Gifted Horse for $65. Any of these worth trying at those prices.

  • Has anyone had Wild Turkey Master Keep Decades? It is a blend of 10-20 year old whiskey that was bottled at 54% ABV and is NCF.  I've found a couple of reviews, but I wondered if any member of this forum had an opinion.    It seems likely that younger barrels were blended with some of the old stock that was previously used for WTMK17 in order to get the proof above 100.    I know WTMK Decades been released in Japan and Australia, but I'm not sure if it has been in the US.   

  • This bottle just started popping up around here ($109.99).  I know there were very mixed reviews on the 20 +21 versions.  However, I was wondering if any of our SBer's had taken the plunge and would like to share their thoughts?   Thanks....  

  • Willett has greatly increased their prices of their WFE products at the gift shop.  It started with a 25yr rye that they released a few weeks back that use to be about $350 but they increased that price to $750.  Then my buddy picked up a 13yr there two weekends ago and paid $175 which is about $50 more than what they were just a month prior and then they released a 14yr this past weekend priced at $285!  I don't know if they are just trying to maximize the profit on their remaining aged inventory that they purchased in the past or trying to price flippers out of the game.  At $285, I won't be buying very many unless I know for sure that particular release is REALLY good.  I'm not angry at the price increases as its their product and their business and they can do as they wish but it sucks as I've enjoyed the majority of the bottles I've been lucky to get from them and at this price I won't be buying nearly the same amount. 

  • Looks like I  might have a 'chance', and chance being the operative word, to pick up one of the following, which would you choose, and to add, I have never had any of these before,   Michters 20yr Pappy 20yr Pappy 23yr William L Weller   And its for drinking, albeit a special occasion, not to bunker.

  • Anyone had this and have any thoughts on it? I was gifted a bottle and only just had a small pour last night. Pretty tasty, with an excellent mouthfeel (very thick ala my bottle of FR LeSmB). 

  • You may have read something about the upcoming release of these OFC vintages that will be gifted to 200 charities.   We were notified today that my girlfriends very worthwhile charity,  was awarded one.  We are working out details to pick up now.  It is very important to her charity to raise as much as possible, like all charities I suppose. BT requires that the auction be completed by March and we have to report back the amount of the donation at that time.  So we have some time to plan and execute.    I was looking for some ideas on how to best approach this. I believe an online auction will cast the widest net.  Hoping a few of you had some creative ideas?   Any thoughts? Cheers!