Premium Bourbons/Specialty Bottlings Latest Topics

Premium Bourbons/Specialty Bottlings Latest Topics
  •   Hat tip to sku for the link on twitter. This is pre fire bourbon. There are two back labels - one that says barreled in fall of 1990 and the other in spring of 1991. (So it spent a little time in a tank).   I also saw on the Twitter that suggested MSRP $250.    I am out at that price (and have reached bourbon zen).

  • Does anyone have tasting notes on this.?   is it a buy or pass?    

  • I know the general consensus is that this was distilled by Bernheim as Cream of Kentucky, but is that true? In the George T Stagg post, Chuck quotes Mark Brown as stating that the Sazerac 18 came from rye that they (Age/BT) distilled under the CoK DSP in the early 80's.   And the back label does state "distilled, aged and bottled by..." is it possible that Saz 18 was distilled by Age/BT?  Or is there evidence that it was distilled elsewhere?

  • Went up for auction and sold for $17k.  Whaaaaaaaaatttttt?!!   It it that much rarer than ORVW23 Decanter?  Seems like the price is too insane.  What has the world of bourbon become?   Old Rip Van Winkle 18 Years Old    

  • This has been out for a few days now. Any reviews? 

  • Hey guys, It's been a while since I've been on here. Since then, I've tried a good amount of bourbons, so thank you all for the recommendations. Anyways, to the topic...Anyone receive an email from total wine regarding the van winkle line and stores having limited availability? I received the email yesterday along with a couple friends who don't drink bourbon, so i used their vouchers. I paid $79.99/each. I do realize it's probably not the best bourbon out there and is more of a trophy for Bourbon drinkers.   Anyone here able to take advantage of this?

  • Earlier this week, I learned that a new limited edition of 1792 was released. It is called Full Proof and the proof is 125. It is little less than 9 years old and was not chill filtered. The name suggests that it may not be barrel proof; however, it is reported to be the same proof as the barrel entry proof. I look forward to tasting it but since I live in a bourbon wasteland, I can only hope to find it in Kentucky during my next visit.