American Rye Whiskey Latest Topics

American Rye Whiskey Latest Topics
  • Cool weather has finally arrived and I'm kicking the fire pit season off with a nice pour of WTRR.    What say ye?

  • What's your thought on this rye?   worth the price of admission?

  • It appears that the Old Overholt Rye label hasn't been served well lately by its owners.

  • Hello all, New to this group and have been drinking Rye for a few years. I have come to really appreciate 100% Rye and seek and search out these bottles. I am familiar with some but looking to find more. Here is a list of what I have on hand, not in any order. Please chime in with some suggestions. Thanks Tom Whistle Pig High West Double Rye Collinswood 21 yr 100% Rye 1776 WoodyCreek (out of Colorado) Kooper Family Rye Hudson

  • Hi everyone,   I'm still a novice with rye whiskey, but just absolutely loving this type of dram. (Master of Malt occasionally) is my place to order when buying from webshops.   Any suggestions, which rye whiskeys are the best ones from Whiskysite's selection:   Feel free to tip rye from MoM or some other nice webshop. Bottle of Old Potrero surely would be nice to find somewhere...

  • Just new to the site here, and wanted to clear up some information on the George Washington Rye Whiskey produced at Mount Vernon.  This was to answer some points made on an earlier post about visits to Washington's Distillery and some information that was miscommunicated by the staff there, and also clear up the production schedule there.  The Gristmill (waterpowered) does grind all the grains for the rye whiskey made in the distillery (rye, corn and malted barley).  All the fermentation is done by 18th-century methods, fermenting in wood mash tubs using wood mash rakes and bucketing hot boiling water from the boiler, the five copper pot stills are heated by direct wood fires.  The tours of the distillery run from April 1 - Oct 31 every year, 10am to 5pm.  The rye whiskey runs are made in March and November when regular tours are not ongoing -- this is due to the methods used and safety issues, running in an 18th century manner, means a lot of bucketing of hot water, mash, and wet floors, along with exposed hot copper -- not a good environment for large tour groups, production must be focused on.  Mount Vernon does offer two small group VIP tour experiences during March and November, which can be learned about on the MV website.  The unaged rye goes for $98 for a 375ml, and the 2 year old rye goes for $188 - since Virginia is a control state, just over half of that total goes to the taxman.  The 2-yr old aging is very young, but at the time the projects started in 2009, Mount Vernon wanted to see what the aged market was for the GW whiskey and went with the youngest age they could do to get it on the market.  Now some barrels are being held longer and the first 4 year old GW rye will come in late 2017.  Barrels are 25 gallon, and that is due to fact that they have to be moved around the site and into the rack on the Mount Vernon Estate by manual labor, 53 gallon barrels are used sometimes for brandy aging (peach and apple), these are smaller runs.  The whiskey is more than a souvenir and whiskey writers and experts have tasted both types and liked them.  Hope this clears up some questions about the operation.  

  • We are told that Wild Turkey has been short on their Rye 101, but today I noticed both chain stores have it on the shelf.  It is only available in the 1L bottle for $38 to $44.   I would think if supply was so low they would be offering it in the 750ml package instead of the liter size.  My cynical side would consider this a money grab.  How do you all see this?