American Rye Whiskey Latest Topics

American Rye Whiskey Latest Topics
  • I have been experimenting with barely legal ryes. I managed to get three here in Utah, Pikesville 110, Rittenhouse 100 and Baby Saz. These are all classed as Limited and Allocated by the Utah DABC. They are never on the shelves, you have to ask one of the stock clerks and you can only buy one bottle at a time. Anyway, I have sampled all three. As I have said before, I have a poor taster. My impression is that the Pikesville comes in on top. Good flavor, some spice and good mouth feel. Rittenhouse comes in a close second. Baby saz comes in third. The Saz has a nice flavor but it feels thin in the mouth. I wouldn't turn down a pour of any of the three, but the Pikesville is at the top of my list.   Regards, Jim        

  • Anyone heard of Henry Duyore Rye? It is from Ransom distillery in Oregon. 77.8% rye and 22.2% barley, 92.2 proof. They say they can't go higher than 50% rye in their pot stills, so they use "Kentucky white dog" to get the higher rye content. The two are blended 35% Ransom and 65% Kentucky and then age it for 18 months. Available here in Utah for $32. It has a different flavor than any of my other ryes. I can't quite put a name on the taste. I will sample a few more times before I give a review.   Regards, Jim       

  • I managed to get a bottle today. Here in Utah, spirits are sometimes put in a category of very limited availability and limited to one bottle per customer. There is a web site that gives which stores have inventory. Today I got the last of three bottles that the store had.   The reviews I have seen of this rye say it is six years old. But straight rye only has to be two years old. So, why does everyone say it is six years old? And if it is six years old why no mention of age on the bottle?   Regards, Jim   

  • I have seen a few bottles of the Rittenhouse stranded on a few shelves today that have this slightly older label.  I saw that it was Diistilled at DSP KY 1, and Bottled at DSP KY 31... So I understand this is not the rye made post-fire at DSP KY 354.  But I wonder if anyone who is a regular drinker of Rittenhouse would hazard an opinion on whether the juice in these slightly older bottles is different from the ones we see regularly on the shelves today.  Thanks for any info or opinions!

  • Sorry to start a new thread and clutter the rye board but I'm very inexperienced with ryes. The only one I own is Crown Royal Northern Harvest and from what I've gathered reading here it's not well liked. I have all the ingredients to make a Vieux Carre(actually my wife bought them and I'm hoping to make a good one to wow her) what rye would be a good starter for me and the recipe. Thanks!  

  • First, I have a very uneducated palate and nose. To me, most whiskey tastes like whiskey. I have never tasted tobacco, black raspberry, cardamom, toffee, cherry, nuts, etc. Yesterday my local store had Colonel  E.H. Taylor straight rye, so I bought a bottle for $69.99. Last night I had two pours over about two hours, sniffing, tasting and trying to determine what flavors were there and my overall impressions. I concluded that the CEHT was very similar to regular Bulleit Rye. So tonight I did a side by side comparison of the two ryes. The CEHT has a slightly darker color. The nose on both are very much the same. I thought I detected very slight chocolate and very slight vanilla when I sniffed very lightly. Both smelled like typical whiskey with a deep sniff. Both had mostly a pepper taste and finish. The CEHT maybe was slightly stronger and longer on the finish.    My final impression is that the two ryes are very similar, I could barely tell the difference. I am sure that I couldn't determine which was which in a blind taste test.   A more educated taster would most likely say that I am full of s....   Anyway that is my opinion. I won't be buying any more $69.99 CEHT rye.   Best regards, Jim          

  • So I have a decanter that stays full of Baby Saz. I've been lucky enough to find plenty in stores around me. So far this it one of Mt favorite whiskeys. Aside of blantons, which it a world away in flavor really. My question is the comparison of these two Rye's. A friend of mine suggests I'm missing out. I haven't found the rye in local stores yet. I'll keep looking. What do you all think?