American Rye Whiskey Latest Topics

American Rye Whiskey Latest Topics
  • I saw a bottle of this on a shelf . Is it a good rye and is it worth 79.00?  

  • I love the spicinesss of ryes but I really like them when they have a sweet fruity taste up front.  Can you please give some brands that would be like this?

  • I knew it was coming, but certainly didn't realize it was ready.  Today, I saw (and procured) one of what appears to be the first release of this brand in more than 70 years!  Distilled and aged in house by the Old Pogue Distillery of Maysville, it's only 2 years old, but thankfully, bottled at 110 proof.  The label indicates that they are using the same recipe as the 'old' H. E. Pogue Distillery.  @ $59 and change at a local LB, I haven't seen any discussion here as of yet, which (in anticipation of future discussion) leads me to start this here thread.  Like many, I am very pleased with the present state of rye whisky in the America's, and am certainly willing to pay a fair premium to support an up and coming distiller who wishes to bring new fruit to the market!  Does anyone have any additional information and/or tasting notes?  If not, I'll be cracking this puppy soon... so you can count on me to make something up! Bueller? 

  • I was able to obtain a couple of these back around the 2013-2014 time frame before they became impossible to find.  I finally cracked one open earlier this year and have sipped my way through the entire bottle.  At the risk of getting cyber-beaten (), I just don't get it.  I really love ryes, but I just didn't get into the Saz 18.  Don't get me wrong, it was good, but it didn't blow my socks off or anything.  It may be the age.  In my short stint of being an "aficionado" of finer whiskies and such, my palette seems to prefer younger stuff in the 4 - 12 year range.  Most ryes I have really liked were in the 6 year range with Thomas Handy being my favorite by a margin.  So anyway, don't have much of a point here other than Saz 18 didn't do much for me.  Anyone else have this happen?

  • Anyone have any experience with this one? The liquor store near my office recommended it as a good Rye.  I'd never heard of it before and didn't buy it, but I am curious if anyone else could give it a recommendation? I'm located in MN, and J. Carver is apparently based in MN too, so that's a nice plus of consuming something made locally, but I'm curious if it's really as good as the sales clerk was saying(or if she was just trying to push another bottle).

  • The subject pretty much says it all. I wondering if there's any SAOS rye to be found in the wild any more. I'm aware of the discontinuance by SA. Just wondering if I have any chance of finding even a 99 proof bottle out there anymore.I'll be on the NW side of Chicago for the holiday, so if I can find something close by, that would be even better, since SA never distributed out here.

  • Cleaning out my great-grandparents house and came across a sealed 1/10th bottle of Sunny Brook Rye Whiskey, Bottled in Bond. The original cork is in it as well as the tax stamp across the top. Looks like part of it may have evaporated. Still neat though.....Any idea if it's any good still or does it have any worth? Thanks!Randy