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Straight Bourbon Of The Month Latest Topics

Straight Bourbon Of The Month Latest Topics
  • Howdy everyone. We're back after a month hiatus.  FWIW, picking out a BOTM is getting harder and harder, so don't be alarmed if I/we miss a month here and there. After looking back through past BOTM's, I finally decided to choose Baker's as this month's BOTM. Two reasons. One, it hasn't been done in a long time. And two, Jeff is back and posting again. He's the staff member that originally started the BOTM, and Baker's was a BOTM he did from way back in March of 2006. Glad to see you back Jeff.  Here's what Jeff originally posted back in 2006: This month's selection doesn't seem to garner the same amount of discussion on the boards as does its more popular siblings, but don't take that as a sign of inferiority. Named for one of history's great distillers, Baker's is a proud and unique member of Beam's Small Batch Collection and proof that great bourbon can made by a mega distillery. What is your opinion? Not much from me again this time around. I like Baker's, but truth be told, I haven't had it in a while. It used to be my favorite of the Beam Small Batch,  but I've kinda taken to Knob Creek a bit more the last couple of years or so. So that's it. Let's hear what y'all have to say about Baker's.  Cheers! Joe  

  • Yes, I know I'm late again.  FWIW, I was kinda waiting to see how things shook out with our conversion to the new site before posting a BOTM.  Anyway, thanks to a suggestion from a fellow SB member, the BOTM this month is WTRB.  I have to admit that I'm not much of a fancier of WT products. However, WTRB is one that I have enjoyed. Operative word here, have. It's been quite a while since I've had a bottle on my shelf, or in my cabinet. I liked the older 108.2 proof WT-03RB well enough, and purchased a bottle here and there. A few years ago, I found a store that received some 700 ml Japanese export bottles by mistake, and I purchased some of those on a few different visits to that store. Same 03RB, different bottle.  I was also lucky enough to have tried at least a couple of the earlier versions. Once upon time, I even managed to snag a couple of older 375's of W-T 01-99. They were great. I have yet to try the new 112.8 bottling. I reckon that since it's the BOTM, I just might have to grab a bottle if I can find one.  Cheers and happy posting! Let's here what y'all have to say about WTRB.  Joe  

  • I figured that after five years, maybe it was time to revisit this one. It's been mentioned in a few posts lately, and as I've explained when doing a BOTM that's been done before, we've had many new members join since it was last the BOTM.Below are most of the remarks I posted from when ER was the BOTM back in November of 2010. ERSB is somewhat of a gateway bourbon for me. When I first got interested in bourbon, I had MM, WR, and KC. ERSB was the first bourbon I bought after joining SB. I like this bourbon. It's a shame I don't have a pour of it more often.The nose to me has that musty, earthy smell that BT is known for. In the background is a hint of acetone. The taste again, has that earthy quality. Grass/tobacco, leather, and a slight sweetness or fruitiness, that I wish there was a little more of. I know some people might disagree with me, but ERSB for some reason reminds me a little of a wheated bourbon. Oh well. :skep: I went crazy about ERSB when I first joined here. As I found new and different bourbons, my tastes and interests changed. I moved on to what I thought were bigger and better things. In the last few months, I've kinda rediscovered ERSB. It's almost a shame I ever got away from it, but as is sometimes said here, "Too many choices, too little time." :crazy: I'm not sure whether ERSB, or my taste buds have changed, (probably a little of both) but the flavor seems to have evolved. IMHO, there's less of the mustiness on the nose, and the leather/tobacco flavor is more muted. The acetone taste seems to be gone, and a bit more of the sweet/fruit flavor comes through. Did my wish from five years ago come true, or ??? :skep: Regardless, I'm glad I started purchasing ERSB again. FWIW, I just sent an empty bottle to the recycle bin. I do have a couple more in the bunker just in case.:grin:One more thing. Yes, the bottle itself has gone through some changes recently. Feel free to comment and compare the taste of newer vs older bottles, but please refrain from bitching and moaning about yet another bourbon (possibly?) losing its age statement. That subject has been well covered in several threads. Thanks.Cheers and Happy Posting! Let's hear what y'all have to say about ERSB.Joe

  • Sorry about missing the BOTM last month. Reckon I'll try and make up for it by being just a tad early for a change. :crazy: This month's BOTM comes from a suggestion by a fellow member. Personally, I've got just a little to share concerning my experiences with Noah's Mill. I'd tasted this a few times over the years. It never really struck me one way or the other as being good or bad. To me, it was just something that was okay. I really never thought about buying a bottle. Besides, I hardly ever saw it at any stores near where I live. Then lo and behold, it, along with a few other KBD bottlings starting popping up on the shelves everywhere. I was at a store (now closed) that had a tasting bar. They had a bottle of Noah's Mill opened. I decided to give it a try. Man was it tasty. :bigeyes: So, I decided to buy a bottle. Turns out the bottle I bought didn't taste anything at all like the one I had a sample from. As a side note here, I never bothered to check and see if the bottle I bought was from the same batch as the one I tasted. For some reason, I never could get into it. What was left of my bottle, which was a lot, eventually found a new home. I've passed on Noah's Mill ever since. Mind y'all, this is just my personal experience, and I full well know that tastes differ. I also know that at least a couple of you folks like it. I'm gonna do something just a bit different for a change. I visited the Willett/KBD website and saw they had tasting notes. Here's what they have to say about Noah's Mill.ColorPolished MahoganyNoseIntensity – 4; Sooty, oak, cologne, leather, smokyPalateSalty, mint, musty, significant rye presence, yet with a creamy textureFinishLength – Long; Molasses, toffee, rich caramel, chocolate, fudge, peppermintSo there ya' go. Let's here what y'all have to say about Noah's Mill.Cheers! Joe

  • Hey, guess what? I'm early this month. WTF? :skep: :woohoo::bowdown::toast: :cool:I do have to admit that I can't take the credit though. Golzee sent me a pm suggesting EC 12 for the BOTM, so all the thanks are due to his suggestion. It's been almost 10 years since EC 12 has been BOTM. Like Golzee stated in his pm to me, it's been the topic of some discussion here on the boards lately, so maybe it's time we visited it again.Not much at all from me this time around. Sad to say, but I've never bought a bottle before, although I've had tastes from a few. Just not in my wheelhouse for whatever reason. So, I'll skip any more formalities, and just get on with the business at hand. Let's here what y'all have to say about EC 12. :grin:Cheers, and happy posting!Joe

  • Sorry I'm late again. Even though I was on vacation for the past week, it was a "working" vacation. :crazy: FWIW, I've debated long and hard about what to do for the BOTM this month. I finally said to heck with it, and decided to make AA BIB the BOTM because it's one of my personal favorites. :cool: What can I say? It isn't being made any more, but I know of at least a few members here that have had the pleasure. So, here we go…..As for me, I truly love AA BIB. :yum: It isn't very often that I lament the losing of age statements on some bourbons, or the discontinuing of certain bottlings over the last few years, but AA BIB is one that I truly regret isn't being made any more. The nose is wonderful. Reminiscent of some of the old ND dusties. Caramel and butterscotch, with no questions asked. The flavor is just as good, if not better. There's a hint of oak and smoke, a little spice, and a nice bit of sweetness with caramel and butterscotch overtures. Nice and smooth, yet with a somewhat understated richness and viscosity that almost defies explanation. All of this is combined in an extremely well balanced, great tasting bourbon IMHO. To me, it's at the very least the equal, if not the better of EW BIB and HH 6 yr BIB. It ranks up there in my top ten, if not my top five favorite bourbons. Let's hear it for AA BIB!Cheers and happy posting. Joe

  • Well, I've finally come up with a BOTM. After a lot of time spent going over the BOTM archives, and a bit of deliberation, I came up with a BOTM that I think is somewhat befitting. As most of you know, Jim has been working on some major changes to SB. It's a very big step, and historically worth noting. In going over the BOTM archives, I saw that Knob Creek was the very first BOTM, done ten years ago this very month. :bigeyes: So, I thought KC would kinda fit as a look back at the history of SB. At the same time, it can also serve as marking a step going forward in the evolution of SB. :cool:Below is what Jeff posted ten years ago.Bourbon of the Month, June 2005: Knob Creek You've asked for it, and here it is, the first Straightbourbon.com bourbon of the month! Post your comments, tasting notes and anecdotes here. This thread will stay pinned throughout the month of June, at which time another bourbon will be chosen for the follwing month...etc. Sound off!



General Bourbon Discussion Latest Topics

General Bourbon Discussion Latest Topics
  • Maybe I'm just late to the show but I am curious about Woodford Reserve advertising on the Daily Beast. They've been inserting "articles" which are pleasant and informative to a degree in the Read This lists on the DB site. I admit to reading DB articles at least three or four days a week so this is something relatively new to me. Has anybody else seen these ads and are they something new or just recycled pieces from years past?   http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/02/04/in-pictures-how-to-make-woodford-reserve-bourbon.html?via=newsletter&source=CSPMedition

  • I figured it would be good to have a thread for rumors, so posts wouldn't be taken as fact right away. Should these rumors turn out to be true, they can be made into a separate post. The reason I wanted to start this thread was because of a tweet from BourbonPursuit stating that Parker's Heritage 10 will be a 24-year old bourbon, bottled in bond, in 3 separate releases. They said it was from a source at Heaven Hill. Has anyone heard anything similar?

  • HH released 8-yr aged-stated 90-proof Old Fitz 1849 until at-least 1999 that (i) bears the "1970 SWD" copyright, (ii) bears the HH sku, and (iii) doesn't bear the "charcoal filtered" statement from the later 1990s. Obviously I'm looking at an example of one such bottle. SW shuttered in 1992, which makes it a viable distillate source for these bottlings, but IIRC Bernheim was acquired by HH in the Spring of 1999. I suspect the sourcing chaos after the fire makes this even more blurry, and that the answer to this question is "can't be sure" or "it's complicated," but here we go . . . Can anybody shine some some light on when HH stop using SW distillate in Old Fitz 1849?

  • I am a fan of MM46 and looking forward to a general release at some point. Would be interested in some tasting notes/thoughts.

  • Comparing last bit of EC12 to first NAS.  Color identical.  NAS sweeter, more fragrant nose.  EC12 woodier nose.  EC12 had more of the florals one finds in EC18 or McKenna BIB.  EC12 definitely woodier.  The NAS is like a younger sibling, similar but not the same.  It's lost that distinctive edge that ya get with EC12.  Now it's like hum, will I have NAS or one of the many others on shelf, rather than something with strong distinctive character all it's own.  On the flip side, those that complain about heavy wood might find this better, and NAS might become their new favorite.  Time will tell if it's good marketing decision, but what it means to us is we have to pay more if we want wood.

  • This is #2 of 2 that I was fortunate to knab .....the first one is long gone, had some great times with it, especially with my 20/20 vat (EC20/Pvw20),but barrel # 1 ...come on.....I really want to....but I can't at this time...... Would you?

  • http://www.bourbonblog.com/blog/2016/01/26/elijah-craig-12-year-old-no-age-statement-dropped-8-to-12-year-old-bourbon/ We new it was coming.