Premium Bourbons/Specialty Bottlings Latest Topics

Premium Bourbons/Specialty Bottlings Latest Topics
  • Haven't heard anything about this, assume it will be just as limited as CO and SW though...  Having a hard time getting this link to work for some reason.  Only seems to work if copy / paste directly instead of clicking it.

  • Earlier this week, I learned that a new limited edition of 1792 was released. It is called Full Proof and the proof is 125. It is little less than 9 years old and was not chill filtered. The name suggests that it may not be barrel proof; however, it is reported to be the same proof as the barrel entry proof. I look forward to tasting it but since I live in a bourbon wasteland, I can only hope to find it in Kentucky during my next visit.

  • Just released at the distillery today.  It is a 9 year old wheated bourbon.  94 proof.  According to MD Brian Prewitt, it is not the Weller mashbill.  I like what I've tasted so far.  Good mouthfeel, some good vanilla and some good heat to it.  Medium length finish.  Will try SBS with some OWA and Weller 12 later tonight to compare.  There were 10 barrels in this one and it is being distributed nationwide ( at least to where they are distributed)

  • Can anyone tell me when I should be looking for this bottle? thought it was this time of year last yr and missed out. 

  • I have been looking for a list of Abraham Bowman releases in order but haven't been able to find them anywhere online, including here. I have some info but it's incomplete. Does anybody have any info to add? Abraham Bowman #2 Cask Strength 18y 138.6 pr Abraham Bowman #3 Cask Strength 17y 147.5 pr Abraham Bowman #4 Port Finish 8yr 100 pr Abraham Bowman #5 Last Millennium 16yr 100 pr Abraham Bowman Coffee Finish 11y 134.6 pr Abraham Bowman Double Barrel 7yr 100 pr Abraham Bowman Vanilla Bean 7yr 6m 90 pr Abraham Bowman #12 High Rye 100 pr Abraham Bowman #13 Touriga & Merlot Wine Finished 100 pr              

  • I couldn't find a thread on this Colorado bourbon on, so I thought I'd start one up and see what the national perception (if any) is on this newish juice.  It's getting noticed more and more around Denver/Boulder, and stores are doing specialty bottlings and cask.  I've enjoyed some of the 4 grain bourbon, which is their flagship, and they're bottling a rye as well.  I don't know much about the rye, but the bourbon is being distilled, barreled and aged on site.  It's young, but I see a lot of upside with this distillery and their process.  I was in Argonauts earlier this week and they have a barrel proof offering from these guys for around $65 if memory serves. But really what got me thinking about Laws again this week was because I saw this bottle last night at a tavern I visited: Bottled in Bond release: Only available at their distillery for a few more weeks.  $90 is steep, but another interesting delivery for these guys.  Anyone else tried the BiB?

  • I'm gonna start out by saying I'm not the biggest diageo fan and I won't be pursuing this release. Twenty four years in a barrel is too long for my palate. I'm posting about it though because I'm curious as to what sort of ridiculous price tag will be placed on it. If the 2015 Michter's 20 year carried a MSRP of $600 for sourced bourbon from who knows where, I'm willing to bet that this bottle will be the most expensive bottle of bourbon released to date. $1,000? Anyone else want to take a guess? When the hysteria starts over it's release I'll be sitting back with a smooth ambler store pick. 

American Rye Whiskey Latest Topics

American Rye Whiskey Latest Topics
  • I figured a new thread was in order for the warm months    Picked up a few Pikesville at Costco for $44. Also got a 1L WT101 Rye for $35 after not being able to find it anywhere, only the 81 proof.

  • A 6 y/o Templeton Rye popped up on the Michigan new items list a few days ago. Has anybody seen a label for this or heard anything?

  • Since my son and his family live 400+ miles away from us and he's not a whiskey drinker, I always keep a bottle at his house for when we visit. Right now it's a Ritt DSP-1, my first one that's not a DSP-354 and I have to say it's been a hit or miss pour for me. I've been working on it for probably 8 months (we try to get out there once a month). This last Friday it was harsh and nasty, Saturday it was OK but certainly nothing to get excited about. All is well though.......came home tonight and brought out the Ritt 23yr. Damn this is delicious!  

  • This just showed up in Virginia so I picked one up even though I'm not a huge Rye guy.  70% Rye mashbill, 4 years old 94 proof.  This surprised me a little because I wasn't a big fan of the rested rye from a couple years ago.  That had tons of banana in it and this has none.  It's nice and spicy with a hint of cherries.  Some nice oak and a tiny bit of vanilla.  Good long finish with a little kick to it.  No Dill pickle or mint to be found (which is one reason I don't like many ryes).  Very enjoyable

  • Probably going to rankle a few feathers, but this one has me interested (depending on the price). What do you think the going price will be these days? An age stated 7 year rye - something around $80?? Thoughts?  

  • I saw a bottle of this on a shelf . Is it a good rye and is it worth 79.00?  

  • I love the spicinesss of ryes but I really like them when they have a sweet fruity taste up front.  Can you please give some brands that would be like this?