Guidelines for Main Capsa Arrange Method for Beginners

In the Capsa Stacking Game each player will be distributed 13 cards, and players work to make the 13 cards become the greatest card formation. Cards will be distributed into 3 row formations. The very bottom card formation must have a greater combined value than the cards in the middle order, as well as the cards on the middle side must have a higher combined value than the top side cards.

Below is the combined formation of Capsa Susun cards starting from the greatest to the lowest: Royal Flush: Is the highest combined card formation with sequential numbers starting with number 10 and having a similar flower. Examples: 10 ♠ – J ♠ – Q ♠ – K ♠ – A ♠

Fundamentals Guidelines for Playing Capsa Stacking

Straight Flush: Is a combined formation of consecutive cards with a similar flower, but not certain cards start from any number. Examples: 5 ♥ – 6 ♥ – 7 ♥ – 8 ♥ – 9 ♥

Four of a kind: Is a combination of cards that have the same number and are added with 1 free card. Examples: 8 ♦ – 8 ♠ – 8 ♥ – 8 ♣ – 6 ♦

Full House: Is a combination of a pair of cards and three of a kind. The combined position of the full house card is ascertained from the value of three of a kind. If the full house consists of 4 ♠ – 4 ♣ – K ♣ – K ♥ – K ♠ this is a full house king. The compound calculated is this king compound.

Flush: Is a combination of 5 cards with the same flower but do not need to be arranged. This combination will compare which flower height is higher. Combined flowers from highest to lowest, namely: Shovel ♠ – Heart ♥ – Curly ♣ – Diamonds ♦, and the highest to lowest card values ​​are: A -K-Q – J – 10–9–8–7–6 –5–4–3–2. If the flush meets the flush, then it can be compared beforehand the type of flower they have, if they have the same flower, therefore the champion will be ascertained from the value of the card they have.

Guide For Beginners Beramian Capsa Susun

Straight: Is a combination of cards with sequential numbers. This combination doesn’t need the same type of flower. Termination of the champion if a straight meet with a straight that is by comparing the value of the largest cards owned by each player.

Three of a Kind: Is a combination of 3 cards that have the same number. The two used cards must be random cards.

Double Pair: the same as having meaning is 2 pair

Pair: Is a combination of cards that have a pair of twin cards. Pair is the lowest pair, and As is the highest pair. If both players have a pair with the same value, therefore the champion will be witnessed from the highest flower type.