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Our Bourbon Of The Month

  • BOTM 8/18: Bulleit Bourbon July 31, 2018
    Yeah, I'm early for a change. Every once in a while.......   I couldn't believe it's been over 10 years since this was the BOTM. So....... here we go.    Much has changed with Bulleit in the last couple of years or so.  Four Roses is no longer in the picture, and speculation has it that BF and/or […]


  • Whiskeydaddlers April 20, 2018   Doing some research into the Peoria area distillery history and ran into this.  Apologize if this is already out there, but I did not see anything when I searched. New piece of Distillery History for me.  Hope you feel the same. 
  • Old Crow Distillery April 10, 2018
    Vosgar, Gavin0791 and I went on a three day, whirlwind trip to the motherland. This was to participate in a barrel pick at BT, along with giving my nephew Mike, aka Galvin0791 an introduction to the bourbon world. We had a great time. Along with seeing the "new" at BT, we got to experience some of the […]

General Discussion


  • Weller Special Reserve September 25, 2018
    I was hoping/praying to find a bottle of W12 and stopped at a local liquor store in So Cal.  No W12 (said he just got 2 bottles last week and was holding for special customers - I understand), but he did have couple bottles of WSR.  Never had a Weller, but think I'd like it.  Wondering […]
  • What Bourbon Bottles(s) did you open today? Fall 2018 September 24, 2018
    I love fall for a lot of reasons:  cooler weather, football, playoff baseball and of course bourbon.    So, what did you open today?   I opened up a 4R 2016 SmB LE, a Christmas gift from 2016 from my sweetheart.    Man, why did I wait almost two years to open this bottle?  This […]
  • Open ones September 23, 2018
    I like to have a bourbon and a rye open, depends on my mood which one I go to on spirit night.
  • Bourbons over the summer September 23, 2018
    Some good hunting and bagging this summer

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  • An fun afternoon of cask analysis..... September 8, 2018
    Hey Fellas,    I sure hope this doesn't come off as shameless self-promotion, or shameless promotion for a few of the brands I blend for, but at any rate, I'm just wrapping up a very fun afternoon of doing some finishing cask analysis for what will become batches #10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 of Jos. Magnus Cigar […]
  • Knob Creek Twice Barreled Rye August 19, 2018
    Beam getting into the double barrel game with KC Rye, one of Sku's Recent Tweets...
  • Old Ezra 7 yr 117 Proof August 11, 2018
    In PA on vacation and noticed this on the PA Liquor Website:  
  • Little Book Batch Two July 26, 2018   Two Canadian whiskeys and a Kentucky Rye.  For some reason, I get the feeling that Corporate has their hands in this.  B-S has plenty of Canadian in their portfolio, otherwise I don't get the reason for this from a old school Kentucky Bourbon family member.  Either B-S is pushing to diversify between labels, or […]
  • FRLESmB 2018 July 19, 2018
    Four Roses announced this year’s LE small batch (“130th anniversary”). It’ll consist of a 13yo OBSF, 10yo OBSV, 15yo OESV, and a 17yo OESK.   Im a big fan of well aged FR bourbon so I’ll be hunting for this one. It’s interesting, though, that none of the palate flavor descriptors are sugar-based - there’s usually some […]

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