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Our Bourbon Of The Month

  • BOTM 10/17: ROCK HILL FARMS October 3, 2017
    Nope, I didn't forget.     Once again, we're gonna revisit a bourbon that hasn't been the BOTM in a while. I have a few reasons to revisit this one. It hasn't been the BOTM in over 11 years. There's been some discussion of it here on the site lately. And, I also just bought a bottle. I just had to throw […]


  • Schenley Fairfield Kentucky Plant September 28, 2017
    Can anyone tell me the location of the old Schenley Fairfield Ky distillery or if there is anything left to see? I know at one point it was moved to Bardstown off Bloomfield Rd by the rail road tracks but was still called the Fairfield Distillery.
  • A Distiller Retires September 18, 2017
    You guys will love this one:   Comments?   Gary

General Discussion


  • Piggy Backing off TBTs optimism October 17, 2017
    If TBT is right, which I hope he is. and everything is available at or close to MSRP all the time. When that day comes and Stagg, WLW, Handy, Pappy, HHSS, etc are all as common as OGD...what will your drinking and buying habits look like.? Will you always opt for a GTS or after […]
  • Which Rye Whiskeys for Sweet Bourbon Lovers? October 17, 2017
    Hey all!   I also posted this in the rye whiskey section, but don't know how much traffic that gets...   I'm completely new to rye whiskey, but want to give them a try. I just need a little direction and help from all you SB geniuses.   I prefer wheat bourbons (or bourbons on the sweeter […]
  • Knob Creek 9year vs NAS...Much difference? October 16, 2017
    I found two 9years on the shelf today, decided to pick one up because I read that they took the 9year age statement off. Has anyone tried both, if the quality is not the same...the price should be lower. I paid $44 here in canada for a bottle,,,and it was on sale...  Not the best […]
  • Am I nuts? October 16, 2017
    So weather in Tx change ~20 degrees.  My nose has been running all day.  But thats not going to stop me from drinking my bourbon.  However, some of my pours have been not great and others that I expected to be blah ended up being great.  So I know my palate is not on par […]

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Premium Bourbon / Specialty Bottlings

  • SBer 2006 23yr Pappy October 12, 2017
    Some the youngins around or at least I would like to gather around the fire and hear from the old timers how this came about? 
  • Blantons Barrell October 6, 2017
    Local LS just sent me an email showing off their new Barrell of Blantons. Friends , our Single Barrel of Blanton's is in! Master Distiller Harlen Wheatley was kind enough to select this for us, per our specs. The price for the Single Barrel.......   How should i proceed? Nothing special or probably want to […]
  • 2016 Old Forester Birthday Bourbon October 5, 2017
    Just to start a thread here for the new release of OFBB... I've had notice from my local retailer that I can have a bottle, for (+-) $90. Having been pretty disappointed in the last several OFBB's for the vastly increasing price points almost every year, I told him I'd wait a little while to […]
  • Wild Turkey Decades #2?? September 26, 2017
    Decades has some good reviews. Surely no gimmicks out of WT. I'm itching to buy this bottle of Decades for $97 if it is even still there. But is has a #2 after it. Didn't Decades just come out? Is it different than the $150 version?  
  • Wm. Heavenhill Single Barrel 2017, 14-year, 115-proof September 23, 2017
    OK. I couldn't wait for a 'special occasion' to uncork the Wm. Heavenhill S.B. I grabbed at the HH Gift Shop last weekend.     It's been crying out to my from the back shelf where it's been languishing.    I just had to recuse it. After tasting it during the Connoisseur Tasting at the gift shop, I […]

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