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Our Bourbon Of The Month

  • BOTM 9/20 Woodford Reserve September 5, 2020
    After a one month break we are back with a new BOTM.  It's been 6 years since we last discussed this and I thought it would be appropriate to bring it back on this day for the running of the delayed Kentucky Derby since WR is the presenting sponsor of the Derby.   Woodford is […]


  • Uncle Jack's July 22, 2020
    From Fawn Weaver, the CEO and founder of Uncle Nearest Whiskey. Thought it was worth sharing:   "Hey @jackdaniels_us, how about you guys bring this early 1900s bottle back? I understand from your historian that it’s the only Jack Daniel’s bottle to contain both his name and picture. I’ve been trying to get my hand on […]
  • A bit of SB's history June 9, 2020
    It's interesting what a walk down memory lane moving one's collection can be. Pictured are what remains of the six samples I had from the PVW23 barrel selections (2) we made back in 2007. I consumed my (750ml) bottles long ago, but I haven't the courage to finish these off; something about posterity, no doubt.   The bottles […]

General Discussion


  • midwest cities? October 18, 2020
    Hi Folks-  I am making the drive from SW Colorado to Georgia to see some family. I've seen this question elicit very polarizized responses on other forums, but thought I would try here anyway. I'm looking for good bottles along the way, and know nothing about what states/cities have better selections than others. I have […]
  • Give opinions on whether or not to buy specific Bourbons October 15, 2020
    If there is already a thread like this somewhere else, I apologize. I though it would be nice to ask about others opinions on some bourbons before I buy them.
  • George Dickel Bottled in Bond SbS October 15, 2020
    A brief whiskey review - George Dickel Bottled-in-Bond 2005 13 year old versus 2008 11 year old.     Let me start by saying this right up front; I love George Dickel whiskey.  Especially this expression. I'd not had any Dickel before trying the first gen BiB and I was an instant fan. For under […]
  • Kentucky Trip - Haul Recommendations October 9, 2020
    So I have a work trip planned to Cincinnati in the coming weeks.  I’m going to take a day and head down to Kentucky to search out some good bourbons.  I have heard that store shelves there are much more loaded (especially than here in New York) and am looking for any recommendations on how […]
  • Bookers September 30, 2020
    I have been staying away from beam products in general since i have tried a few products from the beam line, kc non age stated and ogd100 and not cared for any of them. I am wanting to pick up a bookers but in the last 2-3 batches which one would i want to pick […]

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Premium Bourbon / Specialty Bottlings

  • Looking for Jefferson Presidential 18 yr bourbon October 8, 2020
    Had the Jefferson Presidential 18yr at The Hermitage Hotel in Nashville. Smooth as silk, I'm trying to find somewhere around Southern California that pours it, any help?
  • Maker's Mark Wood Finishing Series 2020 September 19, 2020
    Made with special barrels using 2 staves, American and French oaks.  Released at 110.8 proof.   It wasn’t until my 3rd visit that I decided I like it, but many folks would not.  It’s very single dimensional with little after taste.  It seems maybe “hot” with tannins?  I plan SBS with other higher proofers.  I’ve […]
  • 2020 PHC September 17, 2020
    So I don’t think I’ve seen much chatter about this year’s PHC yet. If someone else already started a thread on it, mods certainly merge this with it or whatever.    10 years, #5 char, 120 proof, NCF. I can’t really think of another release that aligns well with those stats for anything to project […]
  • Happy birthday Gavin Brown September 2, 2020
    OK, this is your chance to brag that you scored a Birthday Bourbon--and at what price.
  • Anybody try Little Book chapter 4? September 1, 2020
    I saw this down at a local.   I haven't seen much about it, a couple reviews online seem to think it's pretty good. It contains some young brown rice whisky, some high rye af 5-6 years old and some straight bourbon at 7 years.    Seems interesting but it is over the 100$ price […]