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Our Bourbon Of The Month

  • BOTM 07/23 Eagle Rare 10yr July 4, 2023
    Apologies for missing a couple months. Lots of work travel has had me on the back foot so I'm taking advantage of this holiday weekend to get one in. Given that it's our nation's birthday I thought it appropriate to choose a bourbon with an eagle both in the name on on the bottle. Plus […]


  • Grandpa, Tell Me 'Bout the Good Old Days February 11, 2024
    Lately I've been reading as much as the internet can offer regarding Old Crow.  It pains me to think a once proud brand, highly regarded by many, has been relegated to bottom-shelf swill. My only experience with Old Crow came in the early 1990s, and it had already reached Big Plastic Jug status.  In fact, […]
  • Dating Knob Creek Small Batch January 30, 2024
    Hello all,   I'm sure this is an easy one.  I know the 9 year age statement was dropped in 2016 and added back in 2020.     This particular KC does not have an age statement, but I thought the NAS bottles had a "patiently aged" statement in red under small batch vs. the "aged […]

General Discussion


  • New hand blown lowball glasses. February 23, 2024
    Stoked about this. Wife surprised me yesterday by taking us to a local glass work shop were we took part in creating our own hand blown lowballs. The results are below. Mine is the darker of the two and looks totally different with a light source. Cheers
  • SB Super Bowl 2024 selections February 11, 2024
    Super Bowl Sour:  Wild Turkey, muddled limequats, Buddha's hand syrup, splash of Topo Chico.   Whether you're celebrating the victor or drowning your sorrows, best to all!  And here's to a great game!  
  • What exactly changed from ECBP 2016 to ECBP 2017 aside from the bottle February 11, 2024
    My friend swears and apparently its accepted fact that the pre 17 bottlings are head and shoulders better and very different from the 2017 to present offerings. Did HH change anything or is this just nostalgia.
  • Dickel Label Change February 6, 2024
    I was out shopping and noticed what I thought were bottles of Dickel #12, except no "12" on the label. It appears that product has been renamed "Signature Recipe". I looked it up on the George Dickel website.  They use both the "#12" and "Signature Recipe" images interchangeably.  My take away is they are switching […]
  • Trips Through Straightbourbon.coms Archives February 4, 2024
    The archives here on SB are often mentioned to new members, to suggest a resource to answer questions or learn more about America’s Spirit.  Every week it seems, I stumble upon an old thread that contains a treasure trove of info on something that makes me go WOW.  I just stumbled upon one today about […]

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Premium Bourbon / Specialty Bottlings

  • 93 and 97 Old Charter labels January 20, 2024
    It always seems like the older labels are better ('93 and '97)…….
  • Willet Family Estate Single Barrel Rare Release 128.8 proof No 675 December 19, 2023
    Hello – I saw a now closed thread about a spreadsheet people compiled but I could not find the actual spreadsheet.  I have 2 bottles of the above and am looking for input:  Does anyone know if it is of a specific age?  I aquired them in April of 2023.   Also what's an estimated […]
  • Wild Turkey Generations – Campari jumping the shark – pricing at $450.00 November 5, 2023
    I just wanted to create this thread to highlight the bullsh!t marketing by Campari and Wild Turkey. Someone needs to counteract Rarebird101's shill campaign to cover for Wild Turkey's recent price hike of their special releases like "Generations," but also their core premium releases like Master's Keep and even Russell's Reserve 13 Year, which has […]
  • 2023 Lottery Finds November 1, 2023
    OK!  Lottery season has officially started:       Both at kinda' close to MSRP!     As I've always said before, I'd rather be lucky than good.  Right place, right time.    
  • Old Crow 1975 at local dive bar October 31, 2023
    So I live in the Minneapolis area and was checking out a friends band at a local dive bar (The Terminal Bar) in Northeast Minneapolis.  The bar has been around for ages, and they were recently cleaning the basement and found some sealed older bottles–well it was my lucky day, as they had a ~1975 […]