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Our Bourbon Of The Month

  • BOTM 08/21 Maker's Mark 101 August 9, 2021
    We've been talking about this one a lot recently so it's time to make it the BOTM.   Most of you know my take on this by now. Standard MM has an off taste to me that I attribute to youth. It's not a grainy flavor like with most young bourbons but has a similarity […]


General Discussion


  • ICE alternates October 20, 2021
    I’m hit or miss whether I am drinking bourbon on ice or neat. Generally I like to drink high proof with ice to dilute a bit, but can’t do the same with lower proof whiskey. Too much dilution after the first sip or two. But I still like bourbon chilled. What are the ice alternates […]
  • Top 3 Craft Bourbon Producers October 19, 2021
    Many craft distilleries have now entered the arena where their bourbons have at least the minimum age of 4 years to be competitive with the min age of legacy offerings.  Some, are even offering aged whiskey beyond 4 yrs.  Personally, I go with the “It must at least be as good as Evan Williams Black Label”.  Though, I […]
  • Jimmy Russell 50th Anniversary Tribute 15 yo October 15, 2021
    Hey all.  Figured I'd ask the forum, has anyone every had this?   I bought it years ago and have saved it for some reason.  I know the story behind it but haven't tried it   15 year old juice a little old no?  Especially since Jimmy Russell feels that 10 years is the sweet […]
  • Special bottles for a special friend October 15, 2021
    I met my life-long best friend, Doug, in 1972 when I lived in Berkeley, CA.  I was 18, he was 21, and we worked together while we were both in school.  He worked with me at an ice cream store, and had other jobs delivering sandwiches and working part time at two liquor stores.  We […]
  • What bourbon did you pass on fall 2021? September 29, 2021
    Quick stop, and a quick look at one place today. They had BH on sale for $30.99. I passed, but I admit I did hesitate slightly before going on my way. I’ve always thought BH was just okay, and never really sought it out. The crazy thing is, there’s been a few times when I ordered  BH because it was about the best […]

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Premium Bourbon / Specialty Bottlings

  • Help identifying PM DE LUXE Blended Whiskey product…. September 30, 2021
    Earlier this year I won a bourbon themed gift basket that included this bottle of PM DE LUXE blended whiskey. A quick google search resulted in no information. All I find is information on the dusty PM Deluxe produced by National Distillers. This product is not that… and it appears to be a modern label and […]
  • 2021 Yellowstone Limited Edition August 28, 2021
    Has anyone found a bottle or tried it yet?    I like the bottles every year – they are well finished.   Expensive but well finished.   This year's version has an Amarone finish on 7year blended with 15 year – I am assuming Lux stocks.       
  • EHT Warehouse C August 23, 2021
    I didn’t see a thread on the newest EHT Warehouse C that most will never see. Aged 10 years and it seems the lowest of the EHT special releases. I was lucky to come across one in Carson City after my Grandfathers memorial. The bartender opened the bottle and it wasn’t in the system so […]
  • Basil Hayden Toast – Toasted Barrel August 14, 2021
      This appears to be regular Basil aged in a toasted barrel.  Online reviews generally positive.  Right now it is very limited in our area, not sure about future availability.  80 proof, standard for Basil label.  $50 here.   as per beam modus operandi, juice seems young, lacking complexity or heavy wood.  very light nose.  […]
  • Old Weller July 7, 2021
    I recently came in to possession of this. Does anyone know what year it is and what it’s worth? As you can see, I has a wooden box and some papers in it, one being a deed to Abraham Lincolns Forgotten Farm saying the owner has 1 square inch.