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Our Bourbon Of The Month

  • BOTM 01/21 Knob Creek 12yr January 11, 2021
    Sorry for being a little late to kick off the new year but I needed a break after the State of the State post. With that aside, I figured we should kick off a new year with a new bourbon. For those of you who put up with my posts and who read the aforementioned […]


  • Old Jim Beam bottle, can’t find it anywhere online to identify January 17, 2021
    Hello! Please see attached photos. I found this a long time ago buried in an attic. Curious if anyone can identify it? It is Jim beam and comes with the original box as well, but I can’t find it online. It’s empty unfortunately, but still has paper tags, etc. 
  • Old Rip Van Winkle Inquiry October 19, 2020
    Hey guys. I’m trying to info on who produced Old Rip Van Winkle prior to prohibition. Does anyone have any info?

General Discussion


  • Mislabeled Blanton’s Bourbon Single Barrel Bottle March 4, 2021
    I have acquired a Blanton’s Single Barrel Bottle of Bourdon that has been mislabeled. When I un-bagged the bottle, I noticed the label on the body of the bottle has been placed upside down. I emailed the company and they stated that everything is bottled by hand and this was a mistake on their end […]
  • Down in the old Texas town of El Paso… March 2, 2021
    On Friday I'm flying in to El Paso so some buds & I can climb Guadalupe Peak on Saturday. They have of course charged me with securing a couple bottles there for the evenings' camping. Anyone know stores there that do good store picks?
  • Health Challenges & Absenteeism from Forum March 2, 2021
    Hey there Dear Friends,    A quick FYI, I've been going through some health challenges the past few months. I sure haven't meant to be away from this beloved Forum and the incredible fun and joy that I find in it, but I just wanted to reach out to say that I'll hopefully be back […]
  • Can terroir effect the taste of whiskey? February 28, 2021
    We all know the things that effect the flavor of our whiskey. The nerdiest among us know that all these things matter: -the grain used and it's moisture level when delivered -how the grain is milled -how the grain is cooked -how it's fermented including how long and at what temperatures -the yeast used -how […]
  • Looking for specific dump date. February 28, 2021
    I am looking for a bottle with the barrel date or the dump date of 5/31/2018 (my daughters birthday) so that I can save it for her 21st. I would love to have the date, bottle could be new or empty just would love to have a bottle with the date. 

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Premium Bourbon / Specialty Bottlings

  • Weller single barrel 114 pick vs Old Forester single 134 pick February 19, 2021
    Between the two anybody have any experience, thoughts or opinions?   I think they are about the same 90$ price point or so;   I know the correct answer is 'buy both and let us know'…   But, I might lean towards the Weller- based on past performance   Your thoughts?
  • Knob Creek 15yr. January 15, 2021
    Has anyone tried this yet?  I've seen it floating around the forums but it seems to be readily available here.  I understand the irony of the KCSiB that were 15yrs or older for half the cost but am curious nonetheless.   Thoughts?
  • Bulleit Blender’s Select January 10, 2021
    What’s the SB take on batch 1? I’m in dire need of some 4R goodness. Does this deliver?
  • Old Forester 150th December 22, 2020
    Anyone tried these yet? A LS owner offered me one, and asked which version I’d want. I know there are 3 different proofs, but haven’t paid close attention to whether or not there was a consensus opinion on preference between them?
  • VWFR Rye December 14, 2020
    My apologies for starting a “Pappy” thread but I’m curious about the rye recipe. The bottle for the newer non-tanked batches says “From Pappy Van Winkle’s Private Stock, Bottled by Old Rip Van Winkle Distillery.”   Is the assumption that this is the same Sazerac 51%ish rye mashbill or the higher rye used in CEHT that is […]