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Our Bourbon Of The Month

  • BOTM 06/20 Henry McKenna BIB 10yr Single Barrel June 2, 2020
    This month we are revisiting an old favorite that we haven't talked about as BOTM for quite a long time. I call it an old favorite because it was mostly liked and appreciated as a quality bourbon at a price that made it a good value. It was certainly a regular for me. BIB - […]


  • A bit of SB's history June 9, 2020
    It's interesting what a walk down memory lane moving one's collection can be. Pictured are what remains of the six samples I had from the PVW23 barrel selections (2) we made back in 2007. I consumed my (750ml) bottles long ago, but I haven't the courage to finish these off; something about posterity, no doubt.   The bottles […]
  • IW Harper 1960 May 24, 2020
    I have 3 full decanter bottles from the early 1960's.   1. IW Walker 100 proof, 1955-1960 stamp intact   2. Old Fitzgerald Green Tournament Decanter, 1957-1963 stamp intact   3. Walker's Deluxe Bourbon, 8yr, stamp in place, but torn, no date but presumed prior to 1963   I am interested in valuations and if […]

General Discussion


  • 4th of July Bourbon July 2, 2020
    The last thing I need to be doing is buying another bottle of bourbon but...    Given the occasion and the fact that America basically perfected whiskey (among so many other things), a special Independence Day bottle seems to be in order.  I'm torn between the Booker's Backyard BBQ or the Elijah Craig A120.  One of […]
  • Old Tub BIB = unfiltered Jim Beam Bonded July 1, 2020
    I picked up Beam's unfiltered Old Tub BIB for $22 and it tasted rather familiar.  Just so happened to have Jim Beam Bonded on hand (same price) for comparison. Both are assumed to be four years old since the labels do not state otherwise  My iron pallette tells me they are pretty much identical. I was hoping the […]
  • Finding mash bills for older bourbons June 26, 2020
    Hey guys. Newbie to this site and sent here by one of my fellow club members. I've batted 2 of my old dusty 375 bottles into a 750 and would love to find out what the mash bills are for each. The Old Grand Dad is a 2003 and the Old Taylor is a 1995. […]
  • Still Austin and 'Slow Water Reduction' June 24, 2020
    I was recently sent an advanced sample of a soon to be released Texas Straight Bourbon (2 yrs old) from Still Austin to provide thoughts/feedback.  Once they announce it, I'll be happy to post some tasting notes here - but wanted to see what folks thought of their process (and also was hoping that @WhiskeyBlender might […]
  • Willett's own distillate now in Rowan's, WPS, Johnny Drum June 23, 2020
    A month back I spotted that new bottles of Johnny Drum bourbon that now said Distilled by Willett. This should mean it's their distilled bourbon as compared to prior versions which said Bottled by and were sourced.   Today, I saw new versions of Rowan's Creek and Willett Pot Still that both clearly show Distilled […]

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Premium Bourbon / Specialty Bottlings

  • New Bourbon to look for.... June 25, 2020
    I could not help it, I had to put this topic under premium Bourbons. Found this in the Whiskey Advocate....   
  • New CEHT “18 year marriage” June 24, 2020
    Got to try this today. My store got ONE bottle of it so the owner did the only logical thing (well second logical thing. The first logical thing would be to sell it to me! ) and opened it up to let good customers (and his spirits consultant of course!) Get a chance to at […]
  • Sweetens Cove May 20, 2020
    Oh good, Peyton Manning has a new whiskey brand. $200 for what I’m assuming is Dickel juice? Not sure where else they’d get 13 year old TN bourbon. Sounds like a hard pass to me unless proven otherwise somehow. My apologies if this has already been discussed in another thread, as I certainly may have missed […]
  • Old Carter Bourbon April 26, 2020
    Does anyone have any feedback about Old Carter Bourbon?   i saw some at a normal haunt and looked it up online.    generally positive reviews but very pricy.    any thoughts would be appreciated!
  • Which online liquor store do you recommend for barrel picks? March 30, 2020
    I was considering putting in an order and was curious if there's a particular store that really stands out, especially for hand picked barrels of bourbon/rye/maybe TN whiskey and what you would order if it was your dollar.   I was also looking at party source but they have a lot of private barrels and […]