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Our Bourbon Of The Month

  • BOTM 9/20 Woodford Reserve September 5, 2020
    After a one month break we are back with a new BOTM.  It's been 6 years since we last discussed this and I thought it would be appropriate to bring it back on this day for the running of the delayed Kentucky Derby since WR is the presenting sponsor of the Derby.   Woodford is […]


  • Uncle Jack's July 22, 2020
    From Fawn Weaver, the CEO and founder of Uncle Nearest Whiskey. Thought it was worth sharing:   "Hey @jackdaniels_us, how about you guys bring this early 1900s bottle back? I understand from your historian that it’s the only Jack Daniel’s bottle to contain both his name and picture. I’ve been trying to get my hand on […]
  • A bit of SB's history June 9, 2020
    It's interesting what a walk down memory lane moving one's collection can be. Pictured are what remains of the six samples I had from the PVW23 barrel selections (2) we made back in 2007. I consumed my (750ml) bottles long ago, but I haven't the courage to finish these off; something about posterity, no doubt.   The bottles […]

General Discussion


  • Distillery Production/Storage Capacity September 16, 2020
    Is there a discussion comparing the major and midsize distillery production volume and rickhouse capacities? I was thinking of how much larger Beam and WT must be to consistently bottle oceans full of significantly aged bourbon (not to mention extra aged store picks). These two in my mind have got to be at the top of […]
  • Bourbon Bars and Restaurant Recommendations September 15, 2020
    I searched to see if this thread already existed. If it does I apologize but I couldn’t find it.   I travel a lot for work. As I pass through spots I like to check out a good bar with a decent bourbon selection. I think a thread with recommendations and prices per pour would be […]
  • organization? September 12, 2020
    How do you organize your stash?  By Distillery, by name, by price point, by what you like best or most often drink?   I don't have hundreds of bottles, but today I bought a metal cabinet, instead of storing the juice in a wooden cabinet.  A little more fire resistant but nothing like a $1000 […]
  • Magnus Cigar Blend September 11, 2020
    Has anyone seen it come around this year. I bought one last year and gave it to a friend but havent been able to find anyone who even knows what it is this year. 
  • doctoring moonshine at home? September 10, 2020
    Anybody have any recipes for doctoring a store-bought unaged 'bourbons' (BT mash or HH's white dog, eg) at home in a mason jar or some such?  Not talking about home aging in a small barrel, but more interested in flavoring.  Considering something with vanilla bean and / or cinnamon sticks to sit until the holidays […]

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Premium Bourbon / Specialty Bottlings

  • 2020 PHC September 17, 2020
    So I don’t think I’ve seen much chatter about this year’s PHC yet. If someone else already started a thread on it, mods certainly merge this with it or whatever.    10 years, #5 char, 120 proof, NCF. I can’t really think of another release that aligns well with those stats for anything to project […]
  • Happy birthday Gavin Brown September 2, 2020
    OK, this is your chance to brag that you scored a Birthday Bourbon--and at what price.
  • Anybody try Little Book chapter 4? September 1, 2020
    I saw this down at a local.   I haven't seen much about it, a couple reviews online seem to think it's pretty good. It contains some young brown rice whisky, some high rye af 5-6 years old and some straight bourbon at 7 years.    Seems interesting but it is over the 100$ price […]
  • 2020 Four Roses LE SmB August 21, 2020
    It looks like media samples of this year's Four Roses LE SmB have gone out. 19yr OBSK, 12yr OBSV, 16yr OESK, and 12yr OESV is the blend. I didn't see the proof. This sounds awesome to me and very excited to get a hold of it. Unfortunately the hype is probably going to be high […]
  • Bulleit Single Barrel July 27, 2020
    So far I've seen it at Costco ($50), a local grocery ($60) and fosmith here bought a bottle. All three are store picks, I think.  From what I read so far, they all look to be store picks.    I had a friend buy the Costco pick for me, but she's out of town for a bit, so […]