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Our Bourbon Of The Month

  • BOTM 2/18: Jim Beam Distiller's Cut February 1, 2018
    Well whadaya know? We have something new and different for this month's BOTM, and  I'm actually early for a change.  Truth be told, I bought a bottle of this a few weeks ago, and I've had it all lined up and ready to go.    Even after reading what some folks have said about this one, I have to say […]


  • America's oldest liquor store January 12, 2018
    Not really bourbon history but definitely related I think.   I went to Tavern Wine and Spirits in Charleston, SC yesterday and they claim to be the oldest liquor store in the country.  It is a very small store of two rooms and is packed with great bottles. Prices are obviously geared toward the tourist crowd […]
  • A Total Mystery December 18, 2017
    Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen!             I have a bit of a mystery here. I found this bottle of bourbon in the back of a cabinet in my basement. I cannot find any information on it at all aside from the tax stamp that indicates that it was bottled in the […]

General Discussion


  • Four Roses Single Barrel March 16, 2018
    For those that are interested, I’m sure this is really good. A Four Roses OESK Barrel Strength.    Four Roses
  • AAA 10 Star March 15, 2018
    Hello All:    As I may have previously mentioned, I’m a huge fan of the BT #2 mashbill (but who isn’t?). Anyway, I noticed my local LS has handles of the AAA 10 Star. Obviously, I’m not expecting it to be on par with Blanton’s or RHF, but is it good enough to be enjoyed neat? […]
  • Anyone know how to date a beam bottle? March 14, 2018
    So I was travelling and found a dusty (literally) bottle of bakers.  Just curious if it is even very old.  It has a code on the side of the bottle.  Anyone know how to interperate the code?  This bottle may not be that old but it is definitely older than what I see on the […]
  • Effect of sunlight, air, and temp on open bourbons March 14, 2018
    Several threads from 2014-17 contained discussions of: Do you decant to smaller bottles?  Do you keep your bunker in the dark?  What happens if you leave a bottle in the back window of your car for a year? (I made that one up.)    Here's a link to an article on Breaking Bourbon discussing the […]

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Premium Bourbon / Specialty Bottlings

  • Woodford Reserve BIB March 15, 2018
    Another one from Sku's Recent Tweets   Probably distillery only though the most recent release of Double Double Oaked hit NYC. Since it's BIB and is a single DSP assuming this is just Pot Still Bourbon.
  • Old Forester President’s Choice March 3, 2018
    Sku had it first.    12 year old OF. 100 proof.    Sig is a daily favorite, I’d like to give this a go pending price and availability.
  • EH Four Grain 2018 Release February 12, 2018
    Anyone seeing these hit the stores yet? I have heard a handful of different stories from it got pushed back several times now to not due out till March. I heard they were to hit my local stores in Feb/March last year so Im kind of on the hunt. Wondering if anyone has had a […]
  • Russell's Reserve 2002 February 11, 2018
    Just take my money, credit to SKU.
  • Single Barrel and Store Picks? February 8, 2018
    I'm kind of curious what it is that make single barrel bourbons and store picks so desirable? 

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