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Our Bourbon Of The Month

  • BOTM 1/18: Old Forester BIB/100 proof/Signature January 5, 2018
    Welcome to 2018! We're back to begin a new year.    This one was the BOTM way back in 2005, and also just four years ago, but I thought we'd revisit it since it has come up again in some recent posts. I know firsthand, and from some of the pics posted that this one has gone through many bottle and/or label […]


  • America's oldest liquor store January 12, 2018
    Not really bourbon history but definitely related I think.   I went to Tavern Wine and Spirits in Charleston, SC yesterday and they claim to be the oldest liquor store in the country.  It is a very small store of two rooms and is packed with great bottles. Prices are obviously geared toward the tourist crowd […]
  • A Total Mystery December 18, 2017
    Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen!             I have a bit of a mystery here. I found this bottle of bourbon in the back of a cabinet in my basement. I cannot find any information on it at all aside from the tax stamp that indicates that it was bottled in the […]

General Discussion


  • What's New In Dallas?!?! January 18, 2018
    I guess the title of this post is a bit misleading.  I ask whats new in Dallas because in my search for info most of the posts I found were several years old.  For clarification I have never been to Dallas other than many connecting flights at DFW.   I will be in Dallas for a few days […]
  • WTRB Batch Age/ Variance January 18, 2018
    I was in a LS this morning and found a couple bottles of WTRB with an older style labeling.  The neck tag said it was batch WT-03RB @ 108.2 proof.  I tried doing some research to figure out how old these bottles are but I can really figure it out.  I found many reviews of […]
  • Package store in Tennessee January 18, 2018
    Going to Sevierville this weekend. Any good package stores there is should hit. Or just stick with B&B package store in Kingsport on the way.  Thanks.   Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  • I-10 stores January 18, 2018
    Heading out of st pete towards pensacola and mobile on I-10 or maybe from orlando to pensacola.  Any stores worthwhile up rt 19 or 75 or I-10- the triangle from tampa- orlando-pensacola/mobile ?

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Premium Bourbon / Specialty Bottlings

  • Mic Drop Bourbon January 14, 2018
    Has anybody tried it yet?   I've read that it's 8 year MGP, barrel proof, a mashbill of 75% corn, 21% rye, and 4% malted barley, and a blend of 20 casks of bourbon distilled in 2009 and bottled in 2017 by PM Spirits of Brooklyn, NY.   The few reviews I have read have given it rather high […]
  • HHSS January 1, 2018
    Looks like there are two coming out this year.. a 14 yr double oaked 97 proof and a 110 proof double oaked (this one only available at the gift shop). Based on past years.. Can anyone provide some guidance on how to get these offerings .. ie what days/months will it be avail at gift shop and […]
  • What was your favorite Limited Addition in 2017 December 29, 2017
    I was fortunate enough to try at least a pour of every LE I can think of except for the ORVW 25 and Michter's 25 this year. WLW and Stagg never disappoint,!but Al  Young would have to be my 2017 fav. What was yours? 
  • Wathen's Barrel Proof December 5, 2017
    Anyone cracked one of these? Apparently they did private barrels for 25 stores around the country. Trying to decide whether or not to snag one...normally not a Wathen's fan but I'm curious about this release. 
  • 2017 Eagle Rare 17 - Value? November 30, 2017
    With such a low bottling this year, what do you all think one of these might be worth in the future?  Fairly new to bourbons, so do low numbers up the secondary value much?  Thanks!

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