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Our Bourbon Of The Month

  • BOTM 07/23 Eagle Rare 10yr July 4, 2023
    Apologies for missing a couple months. Lots of work travel has had me on the back foot so I'm taking advantage of this holiday weekend to get one in. Given that it's our nation's birthday I thought it appropriate to choose a bourbon with an eagle both in the name on on the bottle. Plus […]


  • And it all started at June 23, 2024
    I came across this article from TastingTable while hopping around my news feed.  Dusty Bourbon.  Courtesy the sandbox The Boss has provided.
  • Dick stoll and Michters, help May 21, 2024
    I’m newish (3 years) to the bourbon scene,but I have tried to read as much as I can on the topic. I grew up in SE Pennsylvania not far from schaefferstown and was elated to learn about the history of the famed AH Hirsch 16 year, the original Michters and shenks,etc. and, the story of […]

General Discussion


  • GD BIB #5, 2024…. a rose by any other name…. June 22, 2024
    This is technically a bourbon so I’m putting it here. Now that there are 5 editions of this out in the world, if anyone has tried the latest edition, what say ye. I am a GD fan so I know I’ll like it but didn’t think to put together one from each release. I’m curious […]
  • Need help with value June 22, 2024
    Hello! New to this site. Recently got my hands on a few bourbons. Is this a platform where anyone can give me an idea of what they are worth and if we can talk about them?
  • BT Barrel Pick June 20, 2024
    I was selected for a single barrel pick of BT this Fall. Have never participated in a pick before and would welcome any advice in the process from anyone that has gone through it. 
  • Knob Creek Bourbon X Rye June 14, 2024
    Has anybody else seen this product yet?  Looks to me like something one could mix together with a bottle of KC 9 and a KC 7 rye, although the proof doesn't jive since both come in at 100 in their normal format.  Whatever the makeup, I am surprised to find this available at a SE […]
  • WAL-MART Liquors…. worth it? June 11, 2024
    I was going to venture out tomorrow to my local WAL-MART to pick up my med refills, and some other things.  Normally, I use their "delivery" service and it's been reasonably good. Apparently, there is a WAL-MART Liquor store, separate from my general super center store but right next to it. I had planned to […]

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Premium Bourbon / Specialty Bottlings

  • OGD 16yr June 1, 2024
    I was shocked, SHOCKED! the see the TTB filing for a 16 yr OGD. I guess with the recent interest Beam has afforded Old Overholt it shouldn’t be that surprising but to me it was, I figured the BH label was where they pointed all the tarted up OGD. I am delighted they may finally […]
  • Time to update the "Four Roses 10 recipes"… May 22, 2024
    Now that Four Roses has announced 10 more recipes, we need to update that pinned post.  I look forward to trying these new recipes but not looking forward to trying to track them all down.  I hope they release a new 10 recipe "taster" set like they did last year.  
  • Willett White Wax Single Barrel April 16, 2024
    I can't find anything online about a bottle I acquired in Lexington around 2014. It is an 8 year single Barrel bottle. It has a Liquor Barn sticker on the back so not sure if it was some store pick or something. No clue on value. I checked the Willett app and limited information there […]
  • Found these today February 29, 2024
    Anyone have any experience with the 1792s? I've never seen them before so figured id try them. They also had BiB and SB 1792. First time seeing the CYPB so figured id grab that one while i can. Cheers all
  • 93 and 97 Old Charter labels January 20, 2024
    It always seems like the older labels are better ('93 and '97)…….