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Our Bourbon Of The Month

  • BOTM 6/17: 1792 Full Proof May 30, 2017
    Here we go folks, we're back in action.  I literally flipped a coin to decide the June BOTM. At least I have one on deck for next month if all else fails.    This one has garnered some attention recently here on SB, so I thought it would make a good BOTM. FWIW, I have yet to see, let alone […]


  • Buffalo Trace Uncovers Old Fermenting Vats April 5, 2017
    This came from WKYT, a TV station is Lexington.  Thought it was very interesting.  There was also a story about it in the Courier-Journal newspaper this morning.  Pretty neat.     The CJ article goes on to state that they plan to renovate one of the fermenters and use them for a […]
  • Old Joe Distillery Co April 3, 2017
    Anyone have any idea how a barrel gets a label with a fill date from a distillery that was shutdown long before fill date?  I found a barrel head with "THE OLD JOE DISTILLERY CO"  and a fill date of June / 6 / 1969.  Could this be from a Four Roses distillery?   Thanks […]

General Discussion


  • Store recommendations near Sun Trust Stadium June 23, 2017
    Are there any good stores for Whiskey or Rum near the ballpark?
  • What bourbon did you purchase today? Summer 2017 bragfest! June 23, 2017
    brag about all the bourbon goodies you've picked up here.   for me, I stopped by a Liquor Barn and they had a store select ECNAS, so decided to pick it up and try it.  and it's a pretty solid pick, might go back to get a couple more bottles.
  • Jefferson’s grand Selection Chateau Suduirant Sauternes Cask Finish June 23, 2017
    My local just sent an email that they have this new Jefferson's selection.  While I loved my Jefferson's Presidential 17 and 18, I have been disappointed with the others I have tried.    Now maybe I have to appreciate it for what it is and stop dreaming I had more Jefferson's 18.  Anyone try this?  […]
  • Bourbon memes June 22, 2017
    This could be a fun thread. Post your favorite bourbon memes.  

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Premium Bourbon / Specialty Bottlings

  • Orphan Barrel Archive : 6-Bottle Set ($1500 Retail) June 22, 2017
    Diageo's Orphan Barrel line doesn't get too much love on (although there are a few fans). This new offering of the Orphan Barrel Archive probably won't win over any converts, with the average per bottle price being $250 ($1500 for 6 bottles, retail price, released only in KY). That presentation box must be made […]
  • Parker's Heritage 11 (2017) June 18, 2017
    I was privileged to taste what will become this year's Parker's Heritage release while at the Kentucky Bourbon Affair the week before last. In my two years attending this event I've learned to sign up for whatever Heaven Hill offers because they really know how to bring it by putting a lot of thought into […]
  • Four Roses "Poison Girl" Single Barrel info June 3, 2017
    Does anyone have any good information on any watering holes around the country that still have this bottle available for pours?  I have always found this 19 year old private selection single barrel to be very interesting but have yet to see it available anywhere besides the secondary market which makes the price totally unjustifiable. Thanks […]
  • Abraham Bowman Sequential Series Bourbon May 26, 2017
    Being released on Friday.  Any local DMV'ers planning to go?
  • $15,000 Van Winkle whiskey and why it will sell May 23, 2017
    Good article by Lew Bryson was published today on The Whiskey Wash: I started a new topic instead of putting this in the Van Winkle thread because it hits on the bourbon market in general and things we've discussed here. (If the mods see fit to move it, I of course do not object).  […]

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