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Our Bourbon Of The Month

  • BOTM 01/22 Old Forester 100 January 12, 2022
    Late again – boy was it a rough reentry into work post holiday.   To kick off the new year I decided to go back to basics. The last two years have been effed up beyond what any of us could imagine. We enter 2022 much like did 2021 – hopeful. Let's hope it goes […]


  • Funniest picture January 11, 2022
    With an endorsement like this, how did Prohibition get off the ground? Looks like The Grinch, lower left pointing up, and Nancy Pelosi in the middle directly under the sign.
  • EH Taylor history read October 30, 2021
    On The Whiskey Wash website. A good history read. It jumps around a bit chronologically, maybe could have been organized better but what do I know- I was an Civil Engineering major, not an English or Journalism major.  In 4 parts; parts 1, 2, and 3 are up now, part 4 is coming next week. […]

General Discussion


  • Is OGD 114 MIA near you? January 18, 2022
    I don't drink OGD regularly, but when the mood hits,  it hits the spot. I haven't seen any 114 in my area (NE IL) in 6 months or more. A quick search revealed someone on reddit reporting Beam redirecting this to more, err, profitable lines; who knows how accurate this is.. Anyone with inside sources […]
  • Craziest place you've found allocated, heck any bourbon? January 17, 2022
    Over the holidays, my wife and I spent a day trekking around our area with no real agenda. Stopped in at a jewelry store for her to look at some things, and what was in the cases with the jewelry? I laughed when I asked how much jewelry I would have to buy to grab a […]
  • For those of you with a decent amount of bottles..How do you? January 16, 2022
    As I put in the title, for those of you with larger bottle counts; How do you, or do you, have a method for keeping track of what you have?   Admittedly, I have a mid-sized amount of bottles, at the moment, just north of 80 and I already started building a spreadsheet (with data […]
  • The Bardstown Collection January 16, 2022
    What do you think a single bottle of the Bardstown Collection will be worth?  
  • Ideas on 'presenting' 2oz sample bottles? January 15, 2022
    I'm going to send ten (per person) 2oz samples to various friends and family. Trying to find something to put them in not necessarily for shipping but more for presentation. I was scouring Amazon and was looking at something like a clear lipstick organizer but I don't think that's the right size. Any ideas? 

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Premium Bourbon / Specialty Bottlings

  • Four Roses Limited Edition Bottle Counts January 11, 2022
    I was going back in to my old thread to update and saw it was inactive.  Here are the bottle counts updated for 2021. Please note that the bottle counts for European (700mL bottles) were included in the total until 2016 when they started their own counts.    Limited Edition Small Batch (including Marriage): 2008 […]
  • Bulleit blenders select 1 December 16, 2021
    I think this is great. I enjoy it more than the 4 roses small batch select personally. anyone know what 3 recipes they used for this blend?
  • Noah’s Mill 1983 first batch? December 8, 2021
    Hi! Got my hands on a Noah’s Mill recently and it turned out to be the 1983. as I understand it’s the first one and was released in 2001? I’m very curious about the rumors about what’s in the bottle? Do we have any idea? Cheers everybody!
  • Basil Hayden 10 year bourbon December 7, 2021
    IMO, this one earns its own thread.  Though I like Beam okay, I'm not a big fan.  And Beam products that excite me are sometimes something like Fred Noe taking Courvoisier and aging it further in Kentucky or Beam selling off 12 year Courvoisier same price as 3 year.     I would have liked recent […]
  • Old Elk Wheated Bourbon 118 proof select November 17, 2021
    Old Elk in Colorado is a new start up setting up to do their own distillation, but in meantime they source from different locales, principally MGP.  Of note, their principal talent is Greg Metze, chief/master distiller for MGP for many years and now semi-retired.  Greg did number of things after leaving MGP but now settled with […]