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Our Bourbon Of The Month

  • BOTM 06/22 Old Forester 1897 BIB June 11, 2022
    Sorry to be late for this month's selection! I was out of town at the beginning of the month visiting family in lovely Santa Fe.   For this month we are going back to Old Forester but with a variation of their's we haven't done yet. You all know how much I love Old Fo […]


  • NY Times article June 5, 2022
    Interesting article about Pennsylvania rye.  Clay Risen author. It’s behind a paywall but one can easily get past without paying. NYT allows a certain # free articles per month.
  • Bellows Special Straight Bourbon Whiskey May 31, 2022
    My friend dug up a bottle labeled Bellows Special Straight Bourbon Whiskey.  Bottled in Canada.  I've attached a pic.  Can anyone give info?

General Discussion


  • Exercises in restraint and self discipline August 5, 2022
    As someone among many here in similar situations, who has a decent amount of unopened bottles bunkered, I write to discuss strategies and efforts to resist purchasing bourbon. I try to tell myself that it is all just more "brown liquid" which I don't need. I know I have more than enough to last me […]
  • A Question for those who have read Minnick's "Bourbon: The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of an Amercian Whiskey" August 3, 2022
    Did you find typographical errors in your copy?  I'm about 40% through and the inset on page 96  says "…medicinal whiskey efforts certainly played a ROLL…" when it should say "ROLE."    And a sentence on page 109 has me baffled.  Referring to voting in favor of modifying Prohibition, it quotes a Literary Digest article […]
  • Remus Repeal VI July 23, 2022
    They announced the recipe yesterday.. looks like its going to be quite a bit younger this year. Surprised by just how young. However there is the potential for greatness..the best MGP ive had was just under 9 years. 
  • What will your “go to” be when and if the boom ever ends. July 19, 2022
    I’d have to say Id be very content with  W12 and EHT BP for me. One low proof and one high. 
    With the permission of the moderators, I am posting about my experience in selling my bourbons through Skinner auctions of Boston. Hopefully many members own some of the bottles I sold. This post gives the actual results of the auction as well as my net proceeds. I sold these bottles to help pay for a […]

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Premium Bourbon / Specialty Bottlings

  • Woodford Master's Collection August 6, 2022
    I was wondering what you guys thoughts on these two bottles. I traded for one and bought the other..  I like most everything I have poured from Woodford.    
  • Elijah Craig 18yr (Spring 2022 Release) March 20, 2022
    Did my "due diligence" by looking at old threads before starting a new one.  Old "Elijah Craig 18" thread was closed already.     Anyone tried the "new" EC18 just released?  I have 2 different bottles from this release – one bottled 6-15-21 from Barrel #5413 and one bottled 7-7-21 from Barrel #5431.  Might make for […]
  • William Heavenhill Signature Bourbon March 13, 2022
  • Thoughts on the more recent OFBB releases? March 11, 2022
    Hi all,   Have a birthday coming up later next month while on a trip to Louisville and thought it would be kinda cool to grab a bottle of OFBB as a memento if the opportunity arises (obviously this would be at a retail store and only if the price isn't too exorbitant).  I had […]
  • Heaven Hill Heritage Collection 17-Year-Old Barrel Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey March 6, 2022   Not surprising but definitely cool to see that HH has older stocks like this.  However, with KC adding back age statements and getting a 15yr for pretty much half price that's just slightly lower proof, I don't see the draw here.  For $175, I think I'd bite, but $275 is too rich for […]