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Our Bourbon Of The Month

  • BOTM 05/21 Old Forester Single Barrel Barrel Proof May 1, 2021
    On this day of the 147th running of the Kentucky Derby we are drinking a product of the official race sponsor Brown Forman and secondary race sponsor Old Forester.   Last year due to the scheduling delay brought on by covid I was able to pair Woodford Reserve with the delayed Derby. This year, boy […]


  • Oldest bottle of bourbon April 27, 2021
    Old Ingledew expected to bring 20,000 to 40,000 at auction.   I guess if it's carbon dated at least the age is legitimate.  Lord knows what it tastes like.
  • Vintage bottle of Bourbon April 12, 2021
    My father was born and raised in Kentucky. When cleaning out the house this bottle was found. The date on the seal is 1953.  Not looking to sell but trying to find out the value of the bottle. It is in the original box as well. 

General Discussion


  • Evan Williams 1783 got a makeover May 6, 2021
    Just looking over the NC ABC Warehouse Inventory and noticed they are using a photo for EW1783 in its new bottle. Also noticed that it's now 90 proof instead of 86. Price in NC is now $19.95
  • It’s baaaackkkk!!! May 1, 2021
    Found in the shelves of local LB today!  It wasn’t there yesterday!  Clerk said it was a “covid distribution problems”….whatever that means.  Just glad to see it back!  $14.99 still!   Going to celebrate by opening one of my bunkered bottles of this!
  • 1792 SmB…. April 27, 2021
    I'm on my second bottle of this stuff only recently having tried it. I don't have a lot of experience with the Barton juice aside from a couple rounds with VOB 80 and BIB, but I really don't remember much about either of them (I think it might have been the 80 proof VOB that […]
  • McKenna Sighting, Total Wine Pleasant Hill, CA April 27, 2021
    Not sure which forum this would go in or if I can post this, but just left the Total Wine in Pleasant Hill, CA, and there was 7 bottles remaining @ $59.95. This is getting very hard to find around here, and yeah, almost double from last year, but it's there.
  • George T. Stagg – What's the T all about? April 27, 2021
    Okay, this is a stupid question, but my mind won't let it go today until I've satisfied my stupid curiosity.  I've looked high and low today even searching the forums here.  What does the "T" in George's middle name stand for?  I've even found pictures of this man's headstone.  I now know things about him […]

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Premium Bourbon / Specialty Bottlings

  • Woodford Kentucky Derby April 23, 2021
    I am looking for a 1999 Bottle of Woodford Reserve with the Kentucky Derby label. Any idea where to start?
  • Weller single barrel 114 pick vs Old Forester single 134 pick February 19, 2021
    Between the two anybody have any experience, thoughts or opinions?   I think they are about the same 90$ price point or so;   I know the correct answer is 'buy both and let us know'…   But, I might lean towards the Weller- based on past performance   Your thoughts?
  • Knob Creek 15yr. January 15, 2021
    Has anyone tried this yet?  I've seen it floating around the forums but it seems to be readily available here.  I understand the irony of the KCSiB that were 15yrs or older for half the cost but am curious nonetheless.   Thoughts?
  • Bulleit Blender’s Select January 10, 2021
    What’s the SB take on batch 1? I’m in dire need of some 4R goodness. Does this deliver?
  • Old Forester 150th December 22, 2020
    Anyone tried these yet? A LS owner offered me one, and asked which version I’d want. I know there are 3 different proofs, but haven’t paid close attention to whether or not there was a consensus opinion on preference between them?