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Our Bourbon Of The Month

  • BOTM 11/20 Wild Turkey Rare Breed 116.8 November 2, 2020
    Well, it's a very special month and this year it gets the addition of a pretty big election. I first thought about picking a bourbon that could be tied to a Presidential election. Hancock's Presidential Reserve is such an obvious choice and I even have a bottle but I decided against it since it's become […]


  • Old Rip Van Winkle Inquiry October 19, 2020
    Hey guys. I’m trying to info on who produced Old Rip Van Winkle prior to prohibition. Does anyone have any info?
  • Uncle Jack's July 22, 2020
    From Fawn Weaver, the CEO and founder of Uncle Nearest Whiskey. Thought it was worth sharing:   "Hey @jackdaniels_us, how about you guys bring this early 1900s bottle back? I understand from your historian that it’s the only Jack Daniel’s bottle to contain both his name and picture. I’ve been trying to get my hand on […]

General Discussion


  • Jim Butler Bourbon December 1, 2020
    It has been way too long since I've looked in here. I hope I have still many friends at SB.   I've been busy writing mostly about beer history in recent years at my site,, and in scholarly journals.   I do still write about whiskey though, earlier this month I did a number […]
  • Elijah craig private selection December 1, 2020
    There are not very many reviews about these bourbons, they say small batch but the store sells them as single barrel.  I got the 5328500.  Very good bourbon, just do not know much about it.  What is a store pick?  
  • Four Roses LE ratios? November 29, 2020
    I know that the information is "out there" for a couple of batches. Simply put,  does anyone have the ratios or proportions of each age/recipe that went into a single Four Roses LE Small Batch blend?
  • Is it "safe" to drink from a bottle that's been open for years? November 26, 2020
    Today for Thanksgiving I'll be visiting a relative's house.  She has a liquor cabinet with bottles of bourbon that have been open for the better part of 10 years, untouched since her divorce.    It's perfectly dark inside the liquor cabinet, so sun exposure is not an issue.   I realize there is likely some oxidation […]
  • Remember the SB Weller Blend? November 24, 2020
    Recently, for the first time in a long time, I picked up a bottle each of Weller OWA and Weller 12.  Opened them both, and after a few pours from each (not all at the same time!) started thinking about the good old days and the popularity of the "SB Blend" wherein we combined the […]

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Premium Bourbon / Specialty Bottlings

  • Four Roses LE Bottles Counts November 23, 2020
    Was trying to do some research around bottle counts of the LE's and have trouble finding US bottle counts after 2015.  Does anyone have the bottle counts of the LESmB 2016-2018.  I know that 2019 is 13,440 and 2020 is 14,040.
  • Angels Envy Cask Strength 2020 November 19, 2020
    I have had this annual release in 2018 and 2019, and I really liked 2018 recently when I had at a bar.   I see that the 2020 version is out in Ohio, has anyone tried it yet and have any thoughts if its worth the $200+
  • Looking for Jefferson Presidential 18 yr bourbon October 8, 2020
    Had the Jefferson Presidential 18yr at The Hermitage Hotel in Nashville. Smooth as silk, I'm trying to find somewhere around Southern California that pours it, any help?
  • Maker's Mark Wood Finishing Series 2020 September 19, 2020
    Made with special barrels using 2 staves, American and French oaks.  Released at 110.8 proof.   It wasn’t until my 3rd visit that I decided I like it, but many folks would not.  It’s very single dimensional with little after taste.  It seems maybe “hot” with tannins?  I plan SBS with other higher proofers.  I’ve […]
  • 2020 PHC September 17, 2020
    So I don’t think I’ve seen much chatter about this year’s PHC yet. If someone else already started a thread on it, mods certainly merge this with it or whatever.    10 years, #5 char, 120 proof, NCF. I can’t really think of another release that aligns well with those stats for anything to project […]