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Our Bourbon Of The Month

  • BOTM 11/17: Pikesville Rye November 3, 2017
    Better late than never.   I've been gleaning the site for a while now trying to come up with this months BOTM. I finally decided to go with Pikesville Rye after seeing it mentioned a few times recently.   Although I've tried, for whatever reason, I just can't seem to get into ryes much. Over the years I've […]


  • Dialogue about whiskey on 'Godless' December 12, 2017
    In the Netflix television western series 'Godless,' cowboys and officers of the law step up to the bar and order a 'bonded.' The series is set in the 1880s, and because the Bottled in Bond act wasn't passed until 1897, I'm not sure that the dialogue is accurate. Director/screenwriter Scott Frank talks about his team's […]
  • Schenley Fairfield Kentucky Plant September 28, 2017
    Can anyone tell me the location of the old Schenley Fairfield Ky distillery or if there is anything left to see? I know at one point it was moved to Bardstown off Bloomfield Rd by the rail road tracks but was still called the Fairfield Distillery.

General Discussion


  • A Total Mystery December 18, 2017
    Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen!             I have a bit of a mystery here. I found this bottle of bourbon in the back of a cabinet in my basement. I cannot find any information on it at all aside from the tax stamp that indicates that it was bottled in the […]
  • Please Drop Some Knowledge December 18, 2017
    I've just started to try bourbon again. I did not care for it in my youth. But after years of developing a preference for scotch, and finding my preferences changing and evolving for certain types of scotch in particular, I recently discovered that I find bourbon much more enjoyable than in the pst. I was […]
  • Broken cork in bottle December 17, 2017
    ‘05 WT 101. Cork broke and half fell in bottle.    Funnel with a couple coffee filters and transfer to clean bottle?
  • David Nicholson 1843? December 17, 2017
    Hey All,   I live in MO, 1843 is plentiful here and reasonably inexpensive. I have heard that it is hard to find in other areas of the US. Can anyone attest to this? 

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Premium Bourbon / Specialty Bottlings

  • Part of my collection. December 7, 2017
    I've been mostly buying for the last ~10 years and not doing much drinking.  Here's a bit of my bourbon collection.  Also have a good amount of difficult to find tequila's.    
  • Wathen's Barrel Proof December 5, 2017
    Anyone cracked one of these? Apparently they did private barrels for 25 stores around the country. Trying to decide whether or not to snag one...normally not a Wathen's fan but I'm curious about this release. 
  • 2017 Eagle Rare 17 - Value? November 30, 2017
    With such a low bottling this year, what do you all think one of these might be worth in the future?  Fairly new to bourbons, so do low numbers up the secondary value much?  Thanks!
  • Pappy Van Winkle Jell-O Shots (Update) November 29, 2017
    Hi all - here's an update of an old 2014 thread in the "Bourbon & Food" Forum:   Moral of the story - don't mess with my "Pappy", eh?       
  • Jefferson's Presidential 16 year November 19, 2017
    $200 list price.  Wonder if it will be like the 17 and 18 year old Jefferson's of old.    

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