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  2. Looks like you made a trip across the Point of Rocks bridge?
  3. Giving Up Craft Bourbon?

    Yeah I don't get all this hate for the little guys. There's a lot to be said for taking the road less traveled and getting something that uses locally sourced ingredients and is a presence in your community or state. Sure it'll cost a little more but you may get lucky and find a diamond in the rough or you could be paying a premium for dog poop. I don't view it any differently than trying a new restaurant or bottle of wine from a place I've never heard of before. Who wants to eat and drink the same thing every day?
  4. We have that at our ABC. I'm debating whether it's worth the $8.49 price for a 750 especially after paying $20 for some BT Bourbon Cream. Both of those can be made considerably cheaper in your own kitchen.
  5. Yeah I pondered that after I pulled everything out, so I boxed a bunch of it up quick....
  6. Now that you mention it, the water that goes in to this stuff fascinated me at one point as well. I know when I was researching craft beer a few years ago, some recipes called for specific water profiles. Or, for example, if someone wanted to try to replicated Guinness at home, there were water 'recipes' telling you what compounds to dissolve in the water to try match the water that the brewery uses. I thought that idea in itself was an odd thing at first, until I realized how small things will compound in to what you get in the final product. I've heard mention of the impact of the limestone, and springs running through the limestone, but wasn't sure how significant it would be for the final product (which it is, given that the top products come form that area and use that water). Very good points to bring up!
  7. Long live the Commonwealth and may the stills run without interruption.
  8. I'll add that Kentucky also had a few other things going for it to get us to this point in time. Particularly, something that made it a near perfectly utopian paradise for the early distillers. The limestone shelf, which made for rich soils, water, and grains. All of which were essential for the distillation of a superior product. That is the reason that Kentucky became a haven for early distillers and horse breeders, and still is, 'horse and bourbon country'. It also didn't hurt that Kentucky was, at the time, considered the 'wild west' of the infant U. S.. Hidden across the Appalachians, far away from the reaches of both the long arm of the law, and outside influences. As one may say...both out of sight, and out of mind.
  9. What Bourbon Are You Enjoying? (Fall 2017)

    Got a sample locally of GD select, haven't had this in years. It's amazing could smell the vitamin as soon as I opened it. Very distinct also shows on the finish. Don't think I'm a fan.
  10. What Bottle Did You Open Today? (Summer 2017)

    Opening the one and only Weller in my possession.
  11. And I suppose they were selling the MWND for $30? These prices are insane, the good kind of insane.
  12. What Bourbon Did You Pass Up Today (Fall 2017)

    Wow, that $44.99 price for ECBP is tremendous! The best price I have seen on that stuff lately is $20 higher. Congrats on the happy hunting grounds there!
  13. What Bourbon Are You Enjoying? (Fall 2017)

    Even though I missed it always a good night when the the Astros seal the deal on heading to the WS. As a special bonus they did it by beating the Yankees. Went out to one of the nicer restaurants in Houston to celebrate my wife's birthday. They have a great bourbon selection and a number of barrel picks they did. Had a couple of small pours a Witherspoon pick they had and a OF pick fromSpec's. The OF was surprisingly really good as was the Witherspoon. The pricing here is generally high but also all over the place. Blanton's was $28 for a 2oz pour, W12 is cheap and relatively easy to get for restaurants here and not surprising was almost half the price at $16. Oddities was E.H. Taylor Four Grain at $24 or RHF at $20. I had a pour of EHT 4G to end the meal. Really didn't care for it, maybe my palate was shot at the end of the meal.
  14. What Bourbon(s) Did You Purchase Today? Fall 2017 Edition.

    After reading this I had a pour tonight at a restaurant that brought in there own barrel pick. Thought it was pretty good. I'll look into this.
  15. What Dram are you enjoying? Fall 2017

    It's been a Signatory Vintage weekend so far. Last night was a 9yr Strathisla 2007, 58.5% ABV and a crazy good 26yr Balmenach 1988 at 51.6%. Tonight its been a 7yr Mortlach 2008, 60.3% and a 10yr Tamdhu 2005 at 60.5%. All of them benefit from a splash or two of water and IMO represent good values in the Scotch world.
  16. What Bourbon Did You Pass Up Today (Fall 2017)

    Wow! Those are incredibly low prices!
  17. I snagged a HMcKBIB today for the first time in...too long. There were bottles from two different barrels on the shelf and they were noticeably different colors, so naturally I purchased the darker one. Hoping to open it up soon so i can grab a backup bottle if it’s a tasty barrel.
  18. What beer are you drinking? Summer 2017

    Was saying I like the thick stout. Old Rasputin that's a good one I haven't had forever.
  19. What Bourbon(s) Did You Purchase Today? Fall 2017 Edition.

    Quite the find! Did you get a call it was coming in?
  20. What beer are you drinking? Summer 2017

    If you are saying you like the substantial head, give a little rougher pour (just not like a nitro lol). I just poured an Old Rasputin and gave it the same treatment - another good beer, but it was a bit more bitter than I like (I know russian imperial stouts can be bitter, but I'm not the biggest fan of higher IBUs for my stouts).
  21. What Bourbon Are You Enjoying? (Fall 2017)

    I still have a couple EC grenades I got at the HH gift shop that I need to open. Glad to hear they don’t suck, even though we likely have bottles from different barrels. I started the night with the final pour from a Willett Pot Still Reserve that I got as a present a year or two ago. This bottle started off a little rough but I’ve come to appreciate it and enjoyed the last half bottle or so. Now moving into some FR OBSF.
  22. Empty Bottle Support Group 2017

    It was good while it lasted. Over the past months it was getting notably bitter and orangey, though. Finished in time, it didn't overstay its welcome.
  23. I only know the basics for any fermented beverages, so I can't speak highly to any of it, but with I do know, I would have to agree - they are skills that have to be honed like anything else (I wouldn't even know how someone would start getting in to distilling without falling under an already established distillery). It is a definite mix of science, art, and craft. Being that I was only born in '91, I'm still green to all of what happened to bring what is here now, aside from what I read. But Jim's approach is what I think it takes to make real progress, and was a great move on his part to do what he did (I'm curious to see what his own distillery project will put out now - if it does happen, it seems like it will be a few years before anything will be available). It only make sense that high quality 'components' to start will lead to a high quality end product. I hadn't considered the solubility of the sugars in the wood either. So a lower proof sitting in the barrel can react more efficiently in that case, so I wonder what the 'optimal' entry proof would be without going in too low. But, as you mentioned, it doesn't really matter as it seems lower entry proof would be hard to come by given this said boom since finished quantity is overly precious right now. As before, there is so much to this that I had no idea of the intricacies that exist. For me at least, it creates a lot more appreciation for the finished products sitting on my bar.
  24. What Bourbon Did You Pass Up Today (Fall 2017)

    Not a bourbon, but I did pass on Kentucky Owl Rye for $120.
  25. What beer are you drinking? Summer 2017

    Hmm I like that.
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