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  2. CardsandBourbon

    What Bourbon Did You Purchase Today (Winter 2019)

    I totally agree. The restaurant we usually go to before our Broadway Series play in Louisville still has a bottle. I have a pour every time we're there.
  3. Harry in WashDC

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking Today (Winter 2019)

    HAH!! Next, you be saying FABOPS!. AND, for goodness' sake, DON'T spell that out - the Mods are vicious!
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  5. smokinjoe

    What Bourbon Did You Purchase Today (Winter 2019)

    Ba-dum-bump-pssssshhhhh..... FYI SBers: BIGRICH will be performing 2 shows nightly through the end of the month in the Copa Room at the Holiday Inn - Passaic. He recommends the veal...
  6. Flock of Eagles[emoji1787]
  7. BigRich

    So, whatcha smokin?

    I think you and I may have the same “smoking gloves”. [emoji6]
  8. It was about 25 degrees and icy rain here last night so can't imagine camping out. I camped out overnight one time in the 80s for concert tickets. I don't know if I"d camp out now even if I was guaranteed a bottle of PVW23 at retail. Hope you got something more than an RC6. They were stacked 10 deep on the shelf at TW in KY.
  9. https://www.barrons.com/articles/mgp-ingredients-stock-is-plunging-on-disappointing-whiskey-sales-numbers-51579279726 MGP reports weak sales numbers. Seems like the aged barrels are too expensive and the young stuff is sitting on store shelves everywhere.
  10. marshall9779

    So, whatcha smokin?

    2 nights ago while camping out at a whiskey event. With thanks to@Opie. With thanks to James @jcolan1.
  11. marshall9779

    What Bourbon Did You Purchase Today (Winter 2019)

    From my counties whisky event yesterday. It’s gotten too crazy. No more camping out for me. Go there at 8:45 the night before and was about 115 in line. Probably just do the afternoon releases from now on. EC is a 10 yr.
  12. MikeF

    Good Resource for Those New to Rum

    A couple of sites that I have found interesting https://inuakena.com/ https://cocktailwonk.com/all-about-rum
  13. marshall9779

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking Today (Winter 2019)

    Had some BTPS in my flask Thursday while camping out at my county’s whiskey event. Bought at the event and cracked last night. Interesting nose with sour stewed fruits and oak. Very sweet, with more stewed fruits on the palate. Almost seemed like it could be port or sherry cask finished or something. Not an everyday pour but I like it.
  14. FasterHorses

    Famous Fred

    Im either just not a fan or have too much ADD to read that long a write up on him.
  15. Saw this article on Barron's - which initially I thought might be indicative that the bubble is getting ripe, but thinking it speaks more to MGP's management potentially. https://www.barrons.com/articles/mgp-ingredients-stock-is-plunging-on-disappointing-whiskey-sales-numbers-51579279726 If I were them, I'd have bet that folks would be clawing to buy aged whiskey to throw labels on with their own false backstory, etc. Maybe with folks like Peerless able to sell 2 & 3 yr old stock at BTAC prices - the market isn't rational (wait . . . not rational?) Figured folks here would find this interesting.
  16. Theantiquetiger2

    Garage sale find of the day...

    For $1, I bought this Old Fitz decanter
  17. No kidding. That stuff is just incredible!
  18. kevinbrink

    Japanese Whiskey Folks...

    Same happened to me at some point I just started using photo links to Onedrive/Office365 where they get uploaded anyway, probably could do the same with any file hosting service, google drive, icloud, whatever.
  19. Sorry to make you bristle on a Friday night, Joe...... I donated a couple of Ritt BiB's for the 2010 SB Bourbon Taster of the Year event at the KBF. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe there were 12 whiskies displayed, the contestants were given samples of 6 of them, and they had to try and determine which of the 12 they were tasting, in the right order. As I recall the Ritt was one of the 6, the only rye in the competition, and no one guessed correctly what it was. I don't recall everyone who participated, but it was a group of well respected SB members (I wasn't one of them ). Two things I learned from that event. 1) Blind tasting is very humbling 2) Ritt BiB is very much like a bourbon. Obviously I'm not going to lump every 51% rye into the "bourbony" category but for me, Ritt 354 is. Now I'm going to have to open one tomorrow and confirm or deny what I just said.......
  20. Had some Stagg Jr. Batch 11. Only a small pour since its Mrs. Clueby's bottle. Then moved on to a sbs of a couple 375s of BT store picks. They were VERY different. One was very un-BT like. Had a bit of nuttiness and a funkiness in the finish. The other was like an amped up BT with vanilla and that BT mineral-ness. I liked it quite a bit better. Mrs. Clueby agreed.
  21. smokinjoe

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking Today (Winter 2019)

    That’s very much what I get from that bottle, and I love it. Moving up and down through the 1792 labels of SmB, BIB, Single Barrel, Full Proof, the profile shifts to more/less of each of your notes, and makes for some nice, while different, offerings. IMO, Barton is killing it with their line extension of 1792.
  22. BMartin42

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking Today (Winter 2019)

    Just Standard BT. Didn’t feel like high proof and this is plenty to keep me interested with some pleasant side effects. Love it.
  23. PhantomLamb

    Thinking of Purchasing...?

    Cigar Blend for $100?
  24. Obeezy1Kaneezy

    What Bourbon Did You Purchase Today (Winter 2019)

    This weeks pick ups...
  25. Cornfed12

    The next Craft Distillery to hang with the big boys?...

    I have enjoyed a few pours from Detroit city distillery, recently was given a bottle at Christmas and from what I can tell with them is they are not sourcing. They are stamping the young age right on there and it has surprised me and couple others with it. They also have a good vodka and gin. Visiting family in Detroit and they know the owners or the MD so we went, was a good time. Anyone else tried anything from there?
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