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  2. Phil T

    Cocktail Hour—2022

    My after coffee, Saturday morning bloody mary. Local pepper vodka, Beau Monde seasoning, a few splashes of celery bitters and chipotle bitters, bloody mary mix, and a spoonful of horseradish. Garnish with a couple strips of bacon and jalapeno stuffed olives. Yummy Prost!! Phil
  3. flahute

    Cocktail Hour—2022

    Both of the Chartreuse have been scarce here as well.
  4. MM818

    Cocktail Hour—2022

    I’m nursing a bottle of green chartreuse. It hasn’t been on the shelves down here. I’m not sure what those Monks are doing!
  5. flahute

    Cocktail Hour—2022

    Oh my goodness. The mezcal Final Word. It's exactly what you think it is but with mezcal instead of gin. The smokiness of the mezcal plays so incredibly well with the green Chartreuse. So good.
  6. June 24th and summer has finally arrived in Seattle. Now I know that most of y'all are giving me the watchyoutalkinaboutwillis look because you've been in summer for 1 month or more. We've been stuck in a deep extended La Nina weather pattern which resulted in record cold and wet months of April, May, and June. However today we finally reached the high 70's and this weekend will hit the high 80's. As a result, I had my FIRST freezer bourbon pour of the year and it was OF 86 and oh my god how glorious this bourbon is out of the freezer. Eternal thanks to my brother @smokinjoe for suggesting this one!
  7. I’ll miss this bottle. Whether enjoying alone or with friends. Neat or mixed. Always up for a good time .
  8. mbroo5880i

    What Bourbon Did You Pass On 2022

    You had me at meatball sandwich. Did it include cheese? Wait, they also have a Cuban, Brisket and Ham & Cheese? Is this post about bourbon or nirvana? Oh then I read about tapico and cherry sauce dessert. Now I am conflicted. Maybe I should join a food community forum.
  9. I've been buying a lot of scotch lately, but decided to grab a couple of bottles of bourbon (well technically Tennessee whiskey in the case of the Dickel) I found while on vacation that I haven't been able to get in VA.
  10. Bourserker

    What Bourbon Did You Pass On 2022

    Been on vacation and did some random stops looking for anything interesting as well as trying to find some BT and/or ER. I finally found one of each of the BT & ER, but it was a hard pass at $51 for the BT and $71 for the ER.
  11. First pour from a fresh bottle of Old Tub. My favorite baseball-watching whiskey.
  12. hughewil

    Whiskey madness

    Whiskey madness sweet 16 A1 v A2 A1- nose: baking spice, mint, oak pallet: oak, pepper, dill, good mouth feel, long finish A2: nose: grass, citrus pallet: bright/young, citrus zest, dry, medium finish Winner: A1 A4 v A6 A4: nose: vanilla, peppermint, grass pallet: baking spice, cinnamon, sweet, good oily mouth feel, long finish, mellow no burn. lingering after taste like a candy cane, A6- nose: cinnamon, char, vanilla, earthy pallet: cinnamon, citrus, oak, good mouth feel , long fish with some spice. Wow this was a heavy weight bout, both are fantastic. A6 seems stronger proof, but A4 is over 100 itself and the the taste and lingering aftertaste from A4 is just to good to pass up. winner: A4
  13. Harry in WashDC

    What Bourbon Did You Pass On 2022

    Picking up a meatball sandwich in our local deli (which has been "here" since the 1930s). It does have an eclectic spirits offering. Pretty sure their 80 proof "House" label bourbon is HH 3+ year. BUT!, That's not what moved me to post. 4R YL 750ml offered for sale at $36.99 plus WashDC tax struck me as, "Some of our clients just don't care about price." OTOH, some of their sandwiches, like the meatball and their Cuban (if Maria is making it) and their brisket w/fresh mustard and their ham and swiss on rye with Russian and coleslaw rival the Carnegie Deli's in NYC. So, I settled for a gin and bitter lemon tonic with a grilled Ahi tuna steak followed by sips of neat JD BIB after a tapioca+cherry sauce dessert.
  14. Old Cavalier tonight. Not bad for a VA Bourbon with a 10yr age and only 86 proof. However @ $100 a bottle and it's been unattainable for a year I don't know I'd buy. This was given to me for Christmas.
  15. AAA, sitting out by the pool. I need to pull this out more often.
  16. Yesterday
  17. I blended equal parts EC SmB 94 proof and ECBP B522 at 121 proof a few days ago. About 107 prrof now, smooth, I kinda like it.
  18. OF100 after playing some basketball. Enjoying its medicinal-flavored goodness.
  19. Every once in a while @Cibsie. Enjoy your KC. Biba! Joe
  20. Ended up saving over $500 today on some auto work that I wasn't expecting to still be under warranty, so I had to pick up something on the way home to celebrate.
  21. A nice pour of MM101 to end the week. I'm thinking cask strength MM46 is on deck.
  22. And that’s the name of that tune. Biba! Joe
  23. fishnbowljoe

    Bourbon MEME's

    Hey, I didn’t make it up. Just passed it along. Biba! Joe
  24. Expansion coming at Cox’s Creek. Seventeen new warehouses? Wow! https://www.gobourbon.com/four-roses-set-to-add-23m-in-rickhouse-expansions-at-coxs-creek-bottling-facility/
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