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  2. Agreed. I am defining 'standard' by price, call it under $30, and availability.
  3. As I stated above , it depends on how you define "standards". I would not put KC in the standard category, as it is part of their Small Batch Collection. And, certainly EC was a higher end standard with the 12 year AS, and they adjusted the age to meet demand and keep it on the shelves. In general, keeping shelves stocked did not come without adjustments and some pain.
  4. I like this stuff. It's one of the few craft whiskeys that I actually bought a second bottle of. The history is interesting - it's distilled in the historic small copper pot still from the old Michter's Jug House. I'll need to do a side by side on of these days with my last finger's worth of A.H. Hirsch, which came from the same still
  5. That is a really good barrel. So un-kc but so good.
  6. Thanks to a buddy for picking this up for me. Tried the samples when the store was picking and this one really spoke to me. 12yr/10months for $40. Can't beat that!
  7. Traveling in Atlanta and found two bottles of Foursquare Zinfandel finish. Can't wait to get home and try it!
  8. I don't know about the supply/demand for standards being in equilibrium. The loss of age statements on KC and EC indicates to me that people are still buying these faster than supply. I have doubts about Beam Suntory marketing strategy but I would have thought the supply of KC was never ending. Same for EC, though with all the Bulleit out there, maybe that's what strained their supply? (Excuse my ignorance if what was sold to become Bulleit was not the same whiskey in EC.)
  9. Today
  10. LMAO. That duck is looking a bit hungover.
  11. ^^^^Even better. Indeed you did.
  12. When I picked up my bottle of ETL and a bottle of KC SiB PS (13+ y.o.) I passed on a bottle of KC 25th Anniversary at $199.99
  13. I've seen it in KY. Went to a small plates restaurant with some friends last night (Louvino's) and the food was awesome. Started with a pour of Michter's. After dinner we retired to one of the couples decks for some Chocolate Pecan Pie from Homemade Pie & Ice Cream Kitchen, which paired nicely with a pour of WSR. They had a bottle of Kirkland's (Costco brand) so I gave it a try. It says it's bottled in Clermont/Frankfort which means it's a Beam product. Age stated at 7 years and tastes like a sweeter, less oaky version of KC.
  14. Never did see that one around here. Enjoy!
  15. Liquor Barn's in KY had some releases yesterday (Saturday). They had W12, CEHT SmB, GTS Jr., Micheter's Barrel Proof, KC 25th Anniversary, 4R Al Young 50th Anniversary, Jefferson's Reserve Suduiraut Barrel & Woodford Reserve Distillery Series Rye. You were limited to one bottle (you could exit the store and get back in line (waste of time). Was there for the Stagg Jr. I was so far back in the line that I was worried that it would all be gone. Almost everyone leaving the store in front of me had a bottle of W12 in their hands. Was talking to one of the managers before I got inside and he said the 4R was the first to go. When I finally got inside I was able to pick up a bottle of: (Not my picture I found it online.)
  16. Actually you could just quote me because that is pretty much exactly what I posted in this thread back on June 19.
  17. Don't get me wrong, they're different styles of rye, but they're all in the same price bracket. I prefer younger ryes, so the Dad's Hat fits what I'm looking for perfectly. And I like whiskeys that are astringent (Think OGD or the old Heaven Hill gold label BIB), so again the Dad's Hat fits my tastes. As their supply of aged stock continues to grow, I expect future bottlings to be even better!
  18. "We want to bring larceny into your state" I mean who is going to say yes to that? ! Two more things about le releases: 1. They take a lot of time for a matter distiller to select and find matching barrels. They can increase production, but can't clone a guy like Jim Rutledge/Elliot/Jimmy Russell. 2. Some products come from specific places in the Rick houses. They can't put more barrels into the same sweet spots. It may take a few years to find the sweet spots in the new buildings.
  19. I picked one up yesterday, but it was quite a bit more expensive. $16 is a steal
  20. Here are a couple I found in my photos
  21. Had a Punch Platino India RE. Really nice cigar.
  22. Had a couple Old Fashions with Rittenhouse. Been really enjoying these at my watering hole.
  23. Yep they headlined Saturday. It was a good show but I've seen better - check them out in Hyde Park on YouTube. I went to that and it was an incredible night. Motorhead were on before them too. Cheers!
  24. Enjoying OWA now. A left turn from Booker's. OWA is a nice pour when you don't want to think about what you are drinking. Just fun and enjoyable. Like a bowl of cinnamon ice cream....
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