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    Bourbon MEME's

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  4. I dabble in the festbiers and this is a pretty good one. Malty and on profile.
  5. fishnbowljoe

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking - Fall 2023

    My 2023 Weller Blend tonight.
  6. He free poured it. I'd say it was about 1.5 oz.
  7. I spy a bottle of Guckenheimer. That particular brand was my 15 year old idiot self's introduction to whiskey. The story ends with me getting grounded for two weeks. Yes, Mom and Pop did have a sense of smell, I discovered. This was 1983, and I have to imagine by the ease with which my friend procured the bottle that the brand was roughly the equivalent of what Old Crow is today. Is there a story behind that bottle?
  8. Deleted Duplicate Post
  9. I have never had Dad's Hat but have heard great things. It has been several years since I have been to Chicago. Binny's carries it. I am enjoying a couple of pours of Alberta CS Rye while watching the Lions pound the Packers. This Lions team is really good!
  10. My wife and I have two friends who are retiring tomorrow. They are a couple and among our best friends. They work for the same place and retiring on the same day is pretty cool. Their kids are throwing a retirement party on Saturday. We wanted to pick up a few bottles of alcohol that they can enjoy when traveling in their 5th wheel camper. A local retailer has a sale on KC9 which he likes. So, we grabbed him a bottle and her a bottle of wine. I grabbed two more bottles of KC9 and two bottles of Alberta CS Rye for me. My wife had an odd look on her face when I came back to the car with a box instead of a sack! No, I am not that cheap to buy a good friend a bottle of KC9 on sale as a retirement gift. This is just for the party. We are planning a trip to a distillery for dinner and to pick up bottles. Those will be on me.
  11. Staying with the Russell’s for pour 3: RR 13
  12. Skinsfan1311

    What rye are you drinking/ purchased 2023

    Dad's Hat Straight rye "Pre-Prohibition" style. The Missus and I are up in Gettysburg, checked out one of the state liquor stores, and picked this one up. We both love the regular rye, and figured that this one has a little more age on it, and was on sale, so why not?
  13. How big are those pours? 1.5 or 2 oz?
  14. Skinsfan1311

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking - Fall 2023

    Finally snagged a Rebel 100 It's pretty damn good and the price is right.
  15. Yesterday
  16. WTKS after dinner pour.
  17. Hotel dinner. These two nicely compliment each other.
  18. I'm having an Asahi Dry right now while playing with the dogs in the back yard. Still in the 90s here, so I'm sticking with my summer beers for now, especially when I'm outside. You guys enjoy your Oktoberfest biers!
  19. I'm not up on beer news at all anymore. Bass is gone now? That used to be my choice to put in a Black & Tan, but it's been a long time since I had one. And I had no idea Fat Tire and Sam Adams changed their recipes. I heard about Anchor Steam however.
  20. Some RR SB SP (CN on a beautiful Fall afternoon.
  21. Sam Adams Octoberfest, my annual stock up at COSTCO of one of my all time favorites if not my de-facto all time favorite. With the demise of BASS ale, Fat Tire and the tinkering of SA Boston Lager, Anchor Steam going belly up, its a bit scary out there in Beerbonia. It is my sincere hope that they do not F**K this one up, might warrant a plane ride to Jamaica Plain for a sit down with Mr. Koch but from what I've read his beer palate and mine are similarly aligned, those bean counters though....
  22. kcgumbohead

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking - Fall 2023

    Last night was 4R SBBS one of the F recipes, I don't recall which, its downstairs and I'm too lazy to go look at it. It has been open awhile and I love the Fs both B&O so it was thoroughly enjoyed.
  23. I just looked at the site and GD signature has a big old 12 plastered on the main label as well as the neck so my guess is yet another label refresh. I prefer the old one a couple generations back at least. Could just be batch variation you are tasting but my money is on that one still being GD12
  24. Last night was 1792 Smb, Bombergers( so good) and a finale of MM BEP. A good night!!
  25. EW aged 12 years last night, very nice pour! Will have another one with Anwalt this weekend, as I assume he wants to taste it (and probably a lot more)
  26. I don't know if they all have it but this one was in the "Westport" area (actually on the east side of L'Ville). It even had an outdoor patio for cigars. Their beer taps also feature brewery "takeover" nights. I understand an LB in Lexington is pretty similar. Here is an excerpt of prices.
  27. This is good info, thanks! There are quite a few that I would love to sample. I may be an outlier here, but I have never had Weller Full Proof, Bakers, Stagg, and many others that most of you probably have. Looks like a good place to get some sensory experience. Is this any particular Liquor Barn, or do they all have tasting bars? I will probably be passing thru Louisville in mid-November.
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