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  2. Show Us Your Stash -- Volume 4

    Almost full, so now the question: Build another cabinet? Drink some empty and not replace them?
  3. 80s OGD114 Gift Set in a wood box

    would love to have a taste of that. Interesting that the 114 is listed as barrel proof. A SBS with my current OGD 114 would sure be fun.
  4. What Bourbon Are You Enjoying (Summer 2017)

    Very nice pour!
  5. Show Us Your Stash -- Volume 4

    beast master club has a OBSV barrel in the works fwiw. Mods, if not appropriate to share, please delete.
  6. Today
  7. Old 101 12 year

    Based on the labeling, I think you're correct about it being bottled in the 1990s. I've got a book from 1989 that lists most bourbons on the market in Japan at that time. This one is included, but the description doesn't give any brand history, it just explains what 101 proof means. Based on the 101 proof, I would guess this was created to be a competitor to Wild Turkey. To give you an idea of where this bottle stood in the HH line-up, it was priced above Evan Williams 8y and Old Heaven Hill 10y, but below Evan Williams 12y, EC12 and Yellow Rose of Texas 12y. It was the same price as JTS Brown 10y.
  8. Nice. A Darroze was my introduction to Armagnac 35 years ago. Lately I've been trying the Chateau de Labaude at different ages, which are very nice too.
  9. So, whatcha smokin?

    2013 Cohiba Esplendidos and a special little whiskey.
  10. Booker's named batches

    As much as I have advocated on Beam's behalf the justification of increasing pricing on Booker's, the point of your first paragraph is very telling, Paul. Now, it could be that savvy enthusiasts got out ahead of the pricing and loaded up and sitting back with Booker's tumult fatigue, while average Booker's buyers are still committing. But, there does seem to be a noticeable parallel present.
  11. Myrtle Beach

    I did a search and came up with this; https://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=Liquor+Store&find_loc=Myrtle+Beach%2C+SC Edit - I see the first store listed is the one that The Black Tot mentioned in the post above - Greens.
  12. What Water of Life did you purchase today? Spring/Summer 2017

    You too? I got the peated PX
  13. Desert Island Bourbon

    Ever made? Emerald and Reid's Green Wax Willett. I've never had better, and if I ever find its equal, I'll buy the whole barrel myself. Current production? ORVW10.
  14. Empty Bottle Support Group 2017

    I just noticed your sig for the first time. Hilarious!
  15. Booker's named batches

    Beam executives, look at how this thread died, coincident with your price increase. I've picked up a few Toogies over the last 6mo, all at the old prices. Haven't bought any Booker's since. Has anyone ventured forth to review any of the new batches? Or have we all dropped it like a bad habit?
  16. What Bourbon Did You Pass Up Today (Summer 2017)

    I understand all of the above. But I'm seeing all kinds of people trip over themselves to overpay for things lately - especially things that aren't in any danger of eventual extinction, like ETL, CEHT, RHF, and yes, even the Wellers. This seems mostly to be a BT obsession problem, mostly. I suggest people would be far better off networking with other bourbonians who live in states where these things are aplenty, rather than submit to their local store's gouging practices. Getting gouged always feels dirty. I can't exactly feel sorry for you in MO - you're in a K+L ship state - the world is your oyster! You're also only one state over from Illinois, and a lot closer to Kentucky than I am in Texas or the UK. But the big thing here is perspective - there are lots of other nice bourbons to drink and not get gouged on while you wait for BT's ramped up production to mature. I've got all the BT stuff but I haven't reached for them in months - I've got more than I can handle with other great bourbons that are readily available at great prices! People are overpaying with what seems like a feeling that they're going to die if they don't taste an ETL or RHF within the next 6 months, while the same mashbill sits on shelves as Blanton's or it's red-headed stepbrother, Hancock's Presidential Reserve. As for the wheaters, BT has set new records with how much they've got in the pipeline. Regular availability of at least WSR and OWA just isn't that far down the road. Sure W12 will be hard for a while - so get yourself a 12yr+ KCSB pick while you wait. If most people do that they'll honestly probably be underwhelmed by W12 when they finally get one. It takes all kinds, but this site is full of very helpful people. You don't need to get gouged.
  17. They are slightly overpriced. The rye and sib are typically $10 less around here and SmB is maybe $5 less or but still relatively difficult to find unless you get it in the day or two after they get a delivery. ETL just showed up but most are still trying to at least double msrp. As for Weller, other than WSR the other two might as well be Pappy around here. I can find maybe 1 OWA per year at a price approaching msrp. I've still not seen a W12 on a shelf in YEARS. Well..I did see one lone bottle last fall for $80. I think it will take a year or two of readily available product (which is still probably a couple years out for something like W12) for stores to realize they can't approach secondary pricing anymore. By readily available I mean you should be able to find it in at least a couple stores in town on any given day.
  18. Myrtle Beach

    I've seen some people post store picks from Green's. It warms a place in my heart. When I was a kid the annual family vacation was to drive down to Myrtle Beach in early May. I remember we always went into Green's on the first day, and after fun-filled family days, my dad ended his evenings with a cigar and a drink watching the sea. I haven't been back to Myrtle since I started drinking, but when I do I intend to follow in his footsteps. Having said the above, I think I've also heard that in the modern day they may have become price gougers
  19. New Early Times BIB bourbon

    Wow, that must have went fast. Both Cork And Bottle and TPS had a ton of it when I was there on Wednesday.
  20. Show Us Your Stash -- Volume 4

    haha awesome!
  21. Show Us Your Stash -- Volume 4

    As you should be. Of course, I now have something new to send you.
  22. Show Us Your Stash -- Volume 4

    I never met an OESO I didn't like. You've got me intrigued about investigating more OBSKs and OBSVs.
  23. What Bourbon Did You Pass Up Today (Summer 2017)

    I know this is from like a month+ ago, but was that at a Specs? The tags look like it and, for that price, I'd consider making a side trip the next time I'm traveling around Texas for work. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. Show Us Your Stash -- Volume 4

    This here is how the cult rolls.
  25. What Bourbon Are You Enjoying (Summer 2017)

    Got back at 11p after the 300 mi drive home from dropping my daughter off at Chapel Hill. Feeling good about her beginning her college career. Enjoying a special WLW 16 on a special day.
  26. Last drops from a bottle of Stranahan's that's been sitting around for ~3 years without being gassed. It's incredible how this transformed from a pine+ethanol driven mess to liquid butterscotch pudding over the years. Now it is way too sweet, but at least enjoyable to some degree.
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