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  2. Harry in WashDC

    Health Challenges & Absenteeism from Forum

    Dipping into a “basic” Murray Hill Club the last couple nights which got me wondering how you doing since I’d seen no recent posts. Now, I can sleep well and finish off this MHC. Recover at your own pace. We’ll be here to welcome you back.
  3. Id say pretty hard to locate. I haven’t seen any sitting around anywhere. Honestly, the 1920 is tough to beat. id say it’s one of the best bottles available right now.
  4. I've actually never had a Willett Bourbon but I own a Rye. Are any Willett Bourbon's worth searching for?
  5. Today
  6. This looks gorgeous! How does it taste?
  7. How hard are these to find? I've only tried the OF1920 and it's stupid good, to me
  8. It's a sample bottle of Five Farms "small batch" Irish Cream. It's good... really good! But still hard to justify $30+ for a bottle of Irish Cream.
  9. I think you can buy those glasses on Amazon.
  10. I was not a fan of batch 14. Not saying it was not good, but there were much better batches. 15 is probably my third favorite behind 9 and 12.
  11. One would think that It’s bound to happen eventually right? So far they seem to be the only “brand”that hasn’t gone after the premium market money in some form or another. (Yes I realize the new Tom Moore stuff is slated to arrive soon, but it’s not 1792 branded)
  12. Thanks, Guss. I didn’t know that the neck pour thing has been a long standing debate in the whiskey world. Thanks for the clarification that it seems that it is just slang for the first pour from a bottle. First pours can be tricky due to so many things!
  13. This guy liked it a lot. I've heard others say it's terrible. YMMV.
  14. Who signed the footballs? And all these OGD114's.. Am I missing magic?
  15. Whiskeythink.com

    What Bourbon Did You Purchase Today (Winter 2020-2021)

    i passed on a new-bottle WTKS from Warehouse A last week. almost pulled the trigger - the A was why - but ultimately didnt. the best RR pik ive had was from A.
  16. Have you tried Batch 14? How do they compare?
  17. What's that little guy between the EC18 and Whistle Pig set (which looks pretty sweet)?
  18. Have you opened this yet? I need some details about what's on the inside here
  19. I get what you're saying BigRich. We had a store open locally that claimed to carry everything available. It turns out, only a rather small portion of what's available is something I might buy. I see the same thing at many retailers - shelves packed with young sourced product or "crafts". Two years old and $40 is a joke. Man, there is so much of this stuff in the system. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a big shake up eventually. I mean, it's everywhere. Is anyone buying it, or making repeat purchases.
  20. I LOVE the standard EC but once I had the ECBP my whiskey eyes were opened. Curious to your thoughts on the Booker. Have you had any of the other 2020 releases?
  21. Whiskeythink.com

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking? 2021:First Quarter.

    Bought a KC12, it made best-of's last yr, & drink lotsa KC. But have been disappointed. Most KCSB are better. So i poured the last 3-4 oz of a KCSB 15 pik into the half-full bottle. Suddenly it had the right amount of Beam sweet to all that oak.
  22. What in the world is this and how can I obtain this beautiful creature?
  23. dad-proof

    What beer are you drinking 2021?

    The cherry trees in the neighborhood are popping... May plant one this fall to keep the dogwoods and magnolia company.
  24. I guess I'm in the minority here but I prefer the Cask Strength. I've got a bottle of each open right now and, while the 101 is very good, to me the CS is just deeper, richer and creamier. FWIW, 20-01 is the batch I have open. At $45/liter bottle it's a great value.
  25. My local TW store pick of Garrison’s clocks in at 120.7 and I thoroughly enjoy it. Is it over-priced, sure, but I could buy it off the shelf without hunting and it’s good bourbon.
  26. Starting the evening with Remus Reserve Series IV, again.
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