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  2. The baby backs are my favorite item with the Beezelbar sauce. Side of Mac cheese, baked beans, cucumber salad, and L&K Four Roses barrel pick.
  3. OF 1920. My youngest brother is getting married in a few hours then we’re stuffing ourselves with bbq in proper southern fashion.
  4. On topic, I often buy duplicates of my favorites when I have the opportunity and means to do so. Sometimes I even buy in triplicate.
  5. Today
  6. That does sound ideal. Gonna try it.
  7. I would like to try this lined up against a barely legal 51% and a 95/5. I liked it. Enough spice to be rye, but smoothed out a bit.
  8. I have two main drinking buddies here in PR. One is The Man from Kentucky (blessed are they, from God's country, bearing libation) and the other my martial arts instructor. The latter likes low proof sippy things. Before, during, and after practice, in fact. Took a rye and EC 94 proof private barrel over. That thing was so sweet and so smooth. Easy to sip, lots of flavor, not super complex, very nice finish. I like it a lot. As did he. It was up there with Blanton's Black and Red Spot 15 in his book. Always keep the man who can kill you with his bare hands happy says I.
  9. I hear ya. I have two. One was bought in my pre SB days at Costco, and the other a gift from a client. Sat on them for awhile. Noted some positive comments "out there" and figured I'd try it. I have not researched the pedigree.
  10. Indeed. But with a straw. Hygiene & whatnot. Classy too!
  11. That finish sounds glorious. And thanks for the tip on letting it breathe, will do.
  12. That does sound delicious! I'm curious whether folks prefer pairing Memphis or KC-style barbeque with a wheater. I can't recall ever trying it - I tend to eat BBQ with rye mash bourbons and or Kentucky-style ryes. A Bookers to sip along with an ice cold bottle of water to swig strikes me as just about ideal.
  13. Nah - just enjoyed a L&K pick of MMPS for Firefly's BBQ in Marlboro, MA with a takeout order of a rack of ribs St. Louis cut, Memphis-style BBQ sauce, green beans, and mashed potatoes w/gravy. Yummo!
  14. They're doing great things at BBC. If you ever make it to Kentucky, the distillery is worth a visit. Not sure about the tour, as we didn't take one, but the restaurant is off the charts. The fried chicken is insanely good. We toured C&K, not too long before they started releasing whiskey and the distillery is really cool. The old buildings and grounds are amazing and it was a very interesting, educational and informative tour. The place is steeped in history. I'm pulling for them to make good whiskey but, sadly, this doesn't seem to be the case. Hopefully it'll get better with age.
  15. Skinsfan1311

    Nothing to see here - duplicate thread

    Yup! I think it's safe to assume that, uncategorically, alcohol was involved
  16. Indeed, great value for money! And at least it is available
  17. I looked before I started the new thread. I suspect it's the technological equivalent of two ships that pass in the night. Or, just chock it up to great minds think alike.
  18. I noticed that Old Forester Rye has started to reappear at some local retailers. I felt confident enough to crack open one of my two bottles bunkered away. I love this stuff, reminds me a lot of the earliest batches of OF Signature. Also, I saw online, a local finally got Roulette Rye (4 year 100 proof MGP). I'll be grabbing that too, when I can.
  19. ECBP B522 for $89.99.
  20. MM Cask Strength after a fabulous Italian meal. These bottles are great value.
  21. I took it to a friend's "bourbon night" but Mrs. Clueby made me open it before I left so she could try it. And then made me pour her another because she indeed did like it. it's not a bottle kill but there is probably a good 1/3 of it gone. The C&K isn't much lower than the pic now.
  22. lcpfratn

    What Rum/Rhum did you buy today?

    Well, how are these rums? I’m a huge fan of Privateer Rum out of Massachusetts, but I’m not familiar with this brand from PA.
  23. @Thomm "Neck pour??!" For a giraffe, maybe?
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