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  3. Package game is SUPER strong on this one.
  4. You are talking about people like me and if I'm being honest I'm telling you that I have too much bourbon which means I'm going to be cutting back on my purchases while becoming way, way more picky about the barrels I'll be willing to select.
  5. Vosgar

    Old Crow Distillery

    I agree Paul, but it would take a whole lot more than a shitload of money to resurrect the place. At this point in time, I would guess it's too late to be economically feasible unless some investors think the boom is going to continue for a lot longer than I do. However, it was a lot of fun to check it out. Would be a great place to film a horror movie!
  6. So, as some of you may have seen, Joe has asked me to take over the BOTM forum. I'm hesitant to do so as I have very large shoes to fill. Let's all thank Joe for his many years of service doing this! Some of you may be wondering if my status as board member of the Cult has influenced my first pick. Maybe.......but I won't tell. It's been almost 5 years since we discussed this one. For those of you newer to Four Roses, this Single Barrel bottling is their standard release single barrel, always bottled at 100 proof, and always of the OBSV recipe. Continuing for those newer to this, Four Roses has 10 recipes that they create from 2 different mashbills and 5 different yeast strains. They have a Private Selection single barrel program in which you can select one of 10 recipes to have bottled at barrel proof. This is not that. (BUT! To confuse matters, you CAN do a Private Selection of OBSV to be bottled at 100 proof. Why would you do that? To get more bottles of a barrel that you really think is good) Four Roses Single Barrel used to be the bourbon that was my answer to the question "What is your favorite bourbon?" It was my most recommended. As a single barrel product, barrel to barrel variation was to be expected. But I found it to always be excellent and to consistently resemble the distillery provided tasting notes of "delicate fruit, spicy, creamy - hints of ripe plum & cherries, robust, full body, mellow". It was my absolute goto. During this era, Four Roses was consistently being named "Distillery of the Year" much to the consternation of the much bigger mainstays who were wondering how this smaller distillery was suddenly making such good bourbon. Then something happened. Jim Rutledge retired. The protocols for selecting single barrels changed. Jim wasn't involved anymore. Bigger than that though was the boom. Four Roses had too much product tied up under contract to Bulleit and as the boom tightened the screws on inventory, they had to shut off Bulleit but it was too late. In my opinion, quality control took a hit due to insufficient inventory. Barrels that would have not been good enough or old enough in the past that would be used for the blends were now forced into the single barrel program. The consistency suffered. For this BOTM, I wanted to taste a current version to see how it's doing. I went to my favorite local yesterday to buy one and they were out! Off to the bunker I went hoping I had a standard version and not a store pick. Turns out I had one left among numerous store picks (the 100 proof store picks and the barrel proof picks). This one is from about 2 years ago. It's good and does have many of the distillery provided tasting note qualities. It's not as balanced as I would like but it's got the fruits and the creamy mouth feel. One last thing - I've noticed in the what are you drinking and buying threads that I haven't seen this one mentioned much. (Quite possible I missed it of course.) What are you all thinking about this one?
  7. KyleCBreese

    Who here shop estate sales for unopened bottles?

    I frequent sales in NJ. I’ve posted a few of my recent finds in the Dusty Finds thread. Here are some below:
  8. I don't think bunkers like OURS Harry are indicative of the population , but I do think that whiskey coming into fashion did increase the scope of the general bar of the drinking enthusiast. And bunker builders like us, collectively, do have a heavy impact on the usual suspect allocated items. I do think about the serious barrel picking clubs when I think of purchase rate vs drinking rate. Many members of these clubs are also members here. I've met several members who suggest that buying at a substantial clip is a big part of the membership. Presumably faster than their drinking rates. As someone who has collected several more things than just spirits, I know a thing or two about how space runs out. I wonder what plans the barrel picking whales have for adjusting their purchases when the cases stack to the ceiling. I expect there will in the medium term of 7ish years be more space and honey barrel access for the rest of us. Way more rack houses means way more sweet spots after all.
  9. Marekv8

    What Dram Are You Enjoying Fall 2019

    A 2004 bottling that has seen quite a bit of airtime… has lost a bit of lead in its pencil… but nothing like the RHF pour that I fell asleep with this weekend. By morning it was completely unrecognizable.
  10. Obeezy1Kaneezy

    Opened My Most Cherished Bottle

    Very cool Cheers sir
  11. Harry in WashDC

    What bottle(s) did you open today? (Summer ‘19)

    A 1792 BIB was right there in front, and I didn't feel like opening another OGD BIB now, so . . .
  12. Vosgar

    What Bourbon Did You Pass On Today (Fall 2019)

    One thing I neglected to say in my post is that I have nothing against either of these whiskies. I currently have one of each open on my bar and enjoy both, even though neither will ever be considered by me to be more than a good, basic version of the type of whiskey they represent. I should have added that at the price points mentioned by PowderKeg, you've opened the door to many other whiskies which may arguably be more worthy of your hard earned money.
  13. Radioyada

    What Rye Did You Purchase/Drinking (2019)

    It was a great weekend, so I decided to treat myself to something new.
  14. That seems less crazy now, certainly. Thank you for the clarifying response! It seems I am well underprepared! haha Cheers!
  15. Harry in WashDC

    Giving Up Craft Bourbon?

    Thanks for this and for the comments on the effects of still type (column vs. pot, etc.). For YEARS, I have attributed the banana and vinegar/sauerkraut mostly to yeast. I shall be more careful in the future.
  16. GeeTen

    Weller Full Proof

    WFP has hit Beantown - $69.99 OTD!
  17. Agree. I SHOULD have written, "Either we are PURCHASING a lot more or new markets are opening or both." -- as the floor in my dining room and some shelves in my basement can prove (not to mention the trunk of my car). While circa 2000 I used to have one "rye" for cocktails (usually OO 80 hahaha) and one or two bourbons, I now have many multiples of each, not counting the back-ups "just in case" or the couple brands I have stockpiled (like a honey barrel # of HMcK 10YO). AND, it is true, hard numbers do not lie. I STILL am glad I'm not a Maotai salesperson trying to break in to the US market. Japanese whiskey which we all used to laugh at? Well, I have this shelf I have dedicated . . . Chinese bee (edit - should be BEER) is another exception, especially from the old German enclave in (formerly Port Arthur) Lushunkou District. YUM!
  18. smokinjoe

    What Bourbon Did You Purchase Today (Fall 2019)

    Sharp looking bottle.
  19. PowderKeg

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking Today (Fall 2019)

    Cracked open a 1782HR for the start of the Kansas race, debating what to go for now that stage 2 has ended....
  20. PowderKeg


    Where in Nashville is TW setting up? I sure hope close to 65 or 40. Better yet would be for 'em to come to Memphis too. I'd love for a TW to show up in Little Rock/NLR. The Louisville TW is a must-stop every trip to/thru, along with a few LB's and Party Mart. IIRC, it's roughly 3 years since TW came to Lou (2 years since I left Ft Knox), and I can't recall any well-thought-of/well stocked Lou shops that went belly-up because of TW - AFAIK Westport, Party Mart, many LBs are all still cranking along (they were the last time thru in July). Someone from Lou can chime in with a correction. It took @ 1.5 yrs for LB to start dropping reg prices on many labels (but far from all) to at least come close to if not match TW's prices. On the avg, TW pricing was at least $5-10 cheaper on 750s and more on handles. Over the past 2 yrs of stops (3-4 per yr when travelling) I've not noticed any significant increase in TW's prices - a few $ here and there, but that's to be expected. I've kept the lengthy list of shelf prices I made when they first opened and have made relatively few corrections. The biggest drawback to at least the Lou TW was a significant lack of BT-sourced products - I think BT was the only label I remember seeing there a time or two, heard a rumor of ER, and not a whisper of anything Weller, ETL, or Blantons This didn't indicate any problems with Sazerac though, as Barton-sourced labels were plentiful - I suspect at least a few of their store labels are Barton-sourced, like Two Stars (like Flatboat from LB). Fortunately the numerous LBs in Lou can fill the BT void. Their selection of bourbon balls is pitiful too - only have Woodford (meh!) and you have to hunt for 'em. LB and especially PM are the go-to's there. Gonna be up in Lou in a week+ and will almost certainly bring back a few bottles from TW, and some boxes of bourbon balls from elsewhere.
  21. The Black Tot

    Old Crow Distillery

    Back to the start of the thread's point, I'd love to see Old Crow get the Castle and Key treatment. Kind of surprised it hasn't happened by now.
  22. Exactly! Indeed, the numbers don’t lie.
  23. Or regular middle class Americans are building home bars with 20 or 30 choices where before they kept 3 or 4. And restaurants and bars recently expanded and diversified their whiskey menus and had to build inventories. As I've stated earlier in this thread, personally I believe much more whiskey is being purchased than is being consumed, and it is accumulating around the country, despite flying off of liquor store shelves. The rise of the liquor superstores are bringing more choice to a greater public who before maybe shopped at their mom and pop LS, which is probably leading to more experimentation and the building of the bars mentioned above. We are all well familiar with how the frenzy has led to the rise of flipper culture, which has disproportionately shifted the purchase patterns of the limited edition bottles, which will continue until there are enough limiteds to buy that the average joe can get one, without lining up, at MSRP. Demographically a record number of people should be retiring right now, resulting in discretionary spending on nicer bottles in a disproportionate manner. It's been a bit of a perfect storm. Personally I don't consider the boom to have started 20yrs ago with the relatively moderate gains from 2000-2009. I consider that it started in 2010 (a 15% rise in 8 yrs 2002-2010 vs 59% for the next 8 ) . But that's up to everyone to decide for themselves. As we have discussed previously, other spirits have similar trajectories (although US whiskey is clearly leading the growth charge). Year over year, lots more liquor has been flying off the shelf. That's supply catching up with demand, incrementally. The production rate is rising faster than the DRINKING rate, which is probably already lower than the sales rate. Regarding recessions and depression drinking, recessions WILL hit the $50+ bottle market where it hurts (although it could use some pressure relief lately). If the country has a bad economic downturn, people may drink harder, but they'll also be buying the more plentiful and affordable bottom shelfers which are easy to replenish as they are usually 4 years or less production lag, and we're already 4 years down the road of major expansion. Even if the US had it's hardest drinking year ever, they couldn't staunch the flow of JBW that Beam could bottle if it put all it's young barrels into that. Jack Daniels has the stocks to supply America turning to the bottle. The numbers don't lie.
  24. smokinjoe

    What Beer are you Drinking (2019)

    Following yesterday’s Edmund Gitzgerald type weather (drenching rain blowing sideways from the wind, and mid-40’s temps), I’m enjoying a Great Lakes Brewing Edmund Fitzgerald Porter while working on the outdoor Halloween decorations. Sunny and 70 is a nice comeback. I love this beer, and brewery.
  25. MrPatrick

    Whiskey Barrel speaker

    Closed, there is a bit of a science to port diameter, length and placement. The speakers spec down to50 htz so more bass won’t be necessary for small space spinning vinyl.
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