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    I'm a Cascade Hollow Fanboy, but even so, at times I'm just not in the mood for that profile. I do find it less in the BIB than the 12.
  3. The 12 yr 100 proof has been out here in the SF Bay Area for a couple of months. No sign of the 9 yr. tho...
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  5. The 12 year 100 proof small batch just hit the STL market.
  6. My take on some of this is that demand can be (and has been) built by limiting product availability, while hyping the hell out of the fact that it is so damned hard to find, and thus so desirable. (FOMO is real and worx wonders for the super premiums brands, especially if the availability is controlled.) This strategy has been aided quite a bit by the fanboys (& fangirls, I suppose) all over the internet, which has become a main vehicle for hyperbole... and FREE advertising! I predict that all this will be perpetuated for a good while yet. When supply of something becomes too great (levels with demand?), and whenever the taters find something else to chase (maybe never?) the trend will moderate. ...I hope.
  7. After a 4 am wake up call, the drive back to ATL to catch a 10:25 flight back to Boston, I'm back home. Did anyone catch the SEC Network's coverage of the 2020 Swimming Championships showing the Men's 1650 Final from Saturday nite? Bobby Fink from Florida set a new American, NCAA, and SEC record as the fastest time ever in the race. If you watched closely, you could see my bald spot in the lower left hand corner of the screen at the start end of the pool. I was the deck referee for the race and got to sign the record applications! We went back to our hotel after the meet to celebrate by finishing off the bottles of WLW and GTS at the hotel bar. Here's a pic of the two (2) bottles at the end of Friday nite: No need to drive to Auburn, AL to get a 1.5oz pour - both bottles are empty today! And yes, a wee dram of the GTS was $1.00 cheaper than the WLW. Sorry, to be such a PIG - NOT!
  8. Come on Beam let's get this done. Next week is March and still no bottles with the new labels anywhere to be seen!! The second I see regular KC with a 9 year age statement again I'm buying 3 bottles that day! Does anyone have any hints as to when they are actually shipping???? There was one supposed sighting already but I think he was just confused, besides, pictures or it didn't happen!! And there were no pics!
  9. Kane

    Larceny BP opinions

    Please temper your comment in remembrance that there are indeed many people here that enjoy and regularly purchase Larceny. Allocating this is pure BS, but in my experience it's not all that common. I got mine for free, but every store I walk into (and we're talking Boston downtown and Cambridge MIT area) shelves are three deep with the stuff at $45-50. If I have to pay next time, I'd gladly take Larceny BP over two bottles of the regular.
  10. DUDE. That’s a serious orange cap collection.
  11. I'm down to last 2. I bought like 7 or 8 when they got down to $15 and then $10. Gave one away as a present.
  12. I think reading into this much can be misleading. The "boom" perhaps is due to not enough supply of some of the 'Super Premium' brands. That there are more cases of super premium being sold might just be a sign that supply is catching up to demand and not that demand has increased. Also I find it heartening that the increase in supply of the Super Premium category is numerically and percentage-wise larger than all the prior years (2014 was a bigger percentage increase). Assuming demand is not really growing perhaps we are reaching an inflection point where quality bourbons will start being available again. For what it is worth, I find it much easier this last year or so to pick up bottles that I used to have trouble finding (e.g. Elijah Craig Barrel Proof, Barrell, etc). Besides this, I see more and more, even in stores that never had them, somewhere on the top shelf for a ridiculous price a bottle of Pappy or some other hard to get bourbon. Sooner or later once everyone has been able to decorate with bottles, they are going to have to start selling them.
  13. Yes! It is some of the best NAS EC I have tasted. Not sure how or why that happened, but that was basically the reason I bought several of those packs.
  14. I'm not sure how, why, or to what extent, but I feel this plays into this subject somehow: https://www.whiskeyriff.com/2017/07/31/10-reasons-every-guy-wants-the-girl-that-sips-whiskey/
  15. Cornfed12

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking Today (Winter 2019)

    Old grand dad 114 tonight
  16. FasterHorses

    What Bottle Did You Open Today? 2020

    This reads like an excerpt from John Dunbar’s diary from Dances With Wolves!
  17. Kepler

    Larceny BP opinions

    I agree in principle (I say 'in principle' because I have not tasted a BP version). Buy a store pick single barrel Larceny instead for just $22. That's what I did. Great value for a hand selected product.
  18. Limegoldconvertible68

    Larceny BP opinions

    So I’m the only person here that finds it to be another line extension of a low shelf product that all of a sudden becomes an allocated bottle that commands a premium. It just makes zero sense to me that most people here would not buy a bottle of Larceny to save their mothers life but all of a sudden they make a “rare” variety of it and you will gladly pay twice as much for a product nobody cared about.
  19. Starting with some EW SB, then on to some EC from the HH gift pack. The EC in these packs is stellar! The EW is a 2004 according to the box. Its very sweet and soft.
  20. Kepler

    Show Us Your Stash - Volume 5

    Hell, now that is a true mancave right there. Well done sir!
  21. Great idea on the tribute to Harry. Cheers to our new Bourbonian of the Year!!
  22. mal00768

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking Today (Winter 2019)

    Stagg Jr. Batch 13 I can see the Stagg Sr. in this one.
  23. Yeah I set them down for an old, basically unsmokable perdomo 20th. Never seen that pack or lighter again
  24. Cracked open a new one. A good chunk of this bottle will be enjoyed mixed with WSR, but tonight it's really good all by itself. So much flavor!
  25. Yep I really enjoyed the Reserve the other night. I have a bottle of the 1843 wheated too, though it's been awhile since I l've had a glass I remember it as good whiskey as well. SBS will be happening before too long for sure!
  26. HoustonNit

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking Today (Winter 2019)

    All I see is Newport’s like a fresh minty blast from the past.
  27. I got to thoroughly enjoy some bourbon this weekend. My buddy tried to snap me out of my rye cenric world with fancy bottles. I can't say he didn't accomplish his goal. The 128.2 stag Jr. Was amazing with green apple in the pallet and baking spice in the finish, like a deconstructed apple pie. And Blanton's gold too. Hey I went to bed early.
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