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  2. What Bourbon Are You Enjoying? (Fall 2017)

    That 70's WT 101 is great stuff. Twice as dark as WT13.
  3. What Bourbon Are You Enjoying? (Fall 2017)

    Just cracked this. Really like the SOAS 10s
  4. Yesterday
  5. I'm jealous over this and the Tenfudy barrel agers.
  6. What Bourbon(s) Did You Purchase Today? Fall 2017 Edition.

    ^Whats the bottle you decanted the WT101 into?
  7. What Bourbon(s) Did You Purchase Today? Fall 2017 Edition.

    found some fun old ones today. 85 turkey 101. Look at that color! 1956/1969 Kentucky tavern, and a 75 Henry McKenna 6 yr
  8. What Bourbon Are You Enjoying? (Fall 2017)

    Trying the new JPS 16y tonight. Not bad, but definitely not worth the money. Glad I was able to afford one.
  9. What Bourbon Did You Pass Up Today (Fall 2017)

    Ha ha - great minds really DO think alike, no?
  10. Unless it's one of the older bottles when it was a 10 yr old straight bourbon instead of the blend it is these days. It was a pretty decent whiskey then
  11. That's another bone of contention: He only drinks beer. But will never be invited back. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.
  12. VA Lottery

    I only had a 2oz sample but I will say it was really damn good, not much comparable had the 2nd and last pour out of the little bottle following a pour of Kentucky Owl Rye (since that is the closest thing I have) and it was no contest and I like the KO Rye quite a bit.
  13. Purchased any new rye lately? (Fall 2017)

    What's the "D" in the DABC stand for - damned, devil, delightful, dorky, delicious? Coming from Utah I could see MABC.
  14. Four Grain Bourbon (Other than EHT)

    True, we got it covered on this side of the pond as well!
  15. What Bourbon Are You Enjoying? (Fall 2017)

    Some MM46 cask strength PS with a half a cube of ice. This pick was heavy on mocha staves and has some real Mexican chocolate notes to it. 111 proof
  16. Jeez, I didn't realize that you were quoting Big Rick and it was his photo.
  17. What Beer Are You Drinking Fall/Winter 2017-'18

    Here we go. The rest of the day is reserved for football and drinking.
  18. What Bourbon Are You Enjoying? (Fall 2017)

    Having some SB blend. This one should be 50:50 W12:OWA. It's been mixed up since 2015 or so. Great legs.
  19. VA Lottery

    In FL, had a lottery for some PVW, BTAC, and assorted others. It's going to turn into a sh*t show. A local liquor store owner brought in about a dozen straw buyers and they walked out with a Stagg, Handy, 4R Barrel Proof, Elmer T Lee, and a Pappy 10 I think. It was obvious that they were buying for him because they had to look at him to know which one to pick. I hope he tries to sell them and gets busted.
  20. What Bourbon(s) Did You Purchase Today? Fall 2017 Edition.

    Once in a while I take one in front of the lamp in my living room it's done up all festive like right now. To stay on topic...
  21. What rye are you drinking? Fall 2017

    Working my way through a High West Rendezvous Rye. Tasting good. Cheers!
  22. Empty Bottle Support Group 2017

    Going to have to replace this one. King of the Mash Bill 2 offerings, for my money. Going to save the bottle and use it for my first batch of Grandpa Weller four grain.
  23. Four Grain Bourbon (Other than EHT)

    Report back please!!!
  24. PVW Drinking vs Hoardinng Question

    Well said, and this is how I feel. I actually took it a little further than you though. I had several PVW 20s that fell into my lap after being on the wait list for years. The temptation to see if the market was real was too much and I sold one about a year ago...I had to take a shower afterwards as it made me feel kinda dirty. What I can say is the market is definitely real. I went the "safe" route and went through a broker that has the proper liquor license, insured the package and all that, and my rate of return was about 500%. So if one were to go to the secondary market just think what kind of money could be made. So all that to say that my response to the initial question of how much of this stuff gets opened is that I think several years ago most of it was opened. However, in todays market its like owning stock to some people. I'm guessing the bottles getting opened nowadays are either at restaurants, rich people's houses or Straight Bourbon member's houses. All the rest are likely floating around being bought and sold.
  25. Four Grain Bourbon (Other than EHT)

    4 grain is sooooo last year..
  26. a few Question about opened bottles

    Does more air change the flavor? Is it differences in palette on different days? Who knows. When I started drinking whiskey years ago I thought air was the main thing that changed the flavor, but now I'm not so sure. I've seen the thread on here where someone did the experiment to test the air time theory and concluded that it made little to no difference, and I'm inclined to agree with that conclusion based on my personal experience. I have had many bottles open for months, and a few for over a year and found very little to no difference in the taste. There's only been a couple of bottles that I thought changed some over time and I don't really have an explanation for them. One of them is not a bourbon, it's a scotch. I like Laphroaig 10 year and the 10 cask strength, and after having multiple bottles of these open for a period of time I have found that the peat seems to dissipate with air time. So anyway, I think as long as the bottle is sealed well with the supplied cork or screw top and stored in a dark place you're probably good to go. Me personally, I have adopted the "just drink it" policy, so I rarely have bottles sit in my cupboard for very long.
  27. a few Question about opened bottles

    Yes, use smaller bottles from whiskies like EWB, WT 101, ER10, BT and whatever else comes in glass. That's what I do for decanting...I just thought I was being cheap
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