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  2. What's your favorite distillery?

    When you consider Longrow, then Springbank really is one of the more broad distilleries out there.
  3. What Rye Are You Drinking, Winter 2017/2018

    I found a fairly dusty WT101 Rye the other day. The first one I've seen in a few years. I grabbed one and left one...it will likely be there when I go back to get it in a few weeks. Is has such a great nose, and is better than I remember. Austin and much of TX's whisky store scene is ruled by Specs and TW&M. But there are a lot of interesting bottles in the much smaller stores. I've seen W12, tons of OWA, WSR for days, AMwND, and now WT101 Rye on the shelves at a couple of way off the radar stores. Neither of them hardly have any significant stocks, but then they'll have these great bottles at near MSRP. Invariably the clerk says, "Oh, I never heard of that one." If you're in Austin you can find these stores at the corner of Nope and Not a Chance.
  4. Whistlepig 10 Yr SB Question

    The hope would be that the sub par barrels are getting blended into the 10yo, or even sitting longer in their bourbon barrels until they improve. But the whole point of single barrel picks is that their supposed to be honey barrels. And from my experience in being 4 for 4 on these (not bottles, but different picks...I'm a dozen bottles or more in), and from all the fan-fare these get on WB&SE FB page, their status as almost all honey barrels seemed certain to me. So it really sucks to be 1 for 5 I bet!
  5. What Bourbon Did You Purchase Today (Winter 2017

    JoI actually went to buy a bottle of Scotch, then I saw this. The clerk told.me they got 3 bottles yesterday, and this was the last bottle. It's a different release than the one I snagged in Myrtle last week.
  6. What Dram are you enjoying? Winter 2018

    Jameson Black Barrel for St. Patrick's day yesterday. Enjoyed it much more than regular Jameson that I have had in the past.
  7. What Dram are you enjoying? Winter 2018

    Annual Georgia Bourbon Society Irish Night last night at BIGRICH’s. His corned beef sliders and potato soup overshadowed a deep lineup of quality whiskies, but several bottles stood out for me. The Redbreast 21 yr and Writer’s Tears “Red Head” were especially fabulous.
  8. Best deal I have gotten in awhile. Several 1 liter bottles of Kirkland 7 year Tennessee Bourbon for $4.95 each from a local liquor store. Wasn't selling... Not great but definitely worth $4.95/liter
  9. The Vatting Thread 2018

    I've started playing around with 200ml vattings that I've seen around these forums, just leaving them for a while before I start trying them out! I have a bottle of David Nicholson Reserve that I've struggled with for a while and there's not a great deal left so I was thinking about vatting it with something to clear some shelf space and hopefully end up with something better! I thought about combining it with Maker's Mark but wasn't sure about the best ratio? I've obviously got other whiskies kicking about, some I've used already like Stagg Jr, BT, etc if that helps? Just after advice and/or suggestions really. EDIT: I don't suppose there's a consolidated list of successful vattings around? I trawled the forums for hours and noted a couple to try.
  10. Booker’s price hike push back

    Haha, right, I was only able to see the price tag with an empty shelf so far.
  11. Booker’s price hike push back

    $38.99 OTD @ local TWs - but you gotta' get them when they come in. They fly out of the stores real FAST!
  12. What Bourbon Are You Enjoying (Winter 2017)

    Ha ha - Bushmill's 16 is $74.99 and the 21 is $149.99, both OTD at a local "packy" here in Metro Boston. TW doesn't even carry it, tho'. Boy, I'm glad I'm Irish (kinda').
  13. Booker’s price hike push back

    You beat me to it Paddy. I've never bought a bottle of Booker's. I even remember maybe two years ago; a store had it on sale low $40s. I just can't rationalize it when KCSB is around.
  14. Booker’s price hike push back

    My counter measure to last years Booker’s price hike is currently residing in my basement garage.
  15. Booker’s price hike push back

    HAHAHAHA, no. Not while Stagg Jr can be had for $49. Heck, I'd rather drink the good old KC all day.
  16. What Dram are you enjoying? Winter 2018

    Okay, that does it. Scotch night.
  17. What Dram are you enjoying? Winter 2018

    I agree with you Kane. The 2015 17yr I currently have open is very, very good. Looking forward to opening the 2017 18yr I bought a couple of months ago.
  18. Booker’s price hike push back

    Beam's got you right where they want you. Booker's used to just be Booker's. There were batch code numbers, but nobody talked about them. Every now and then, there'd be a "Roundtable" batch - a batch specially selected by a panel of tasters that Fred Noe assembled. There would be some attempt to track those down, but even then, the people who tasted them wouldn't find them much different from any other batch. Then Beam decided to name each batch, tell a story about each batch name, and give each one its own label. Then they raised the price and made less of it. Now people are running around asking about specific batches as if some will be exceptionally different from others. And they are trying to make sure they try each batch. (Not saying that's you, just speaking generally). Well played Beam, well played. I won't bite though.
  19. What Dram are you enjoying? Winter 2018

    These keep getting middling reviews, which is baffling to me. The %60.39 version --forgetting the year now-- is one of my favorite whiskeys of all time.
  20. What Dram are you enjoying? Winter 2018

    I've been very curious about this since day 1 MoM announced it. If I had to guess based on historical data, it should be somewhere between excellent and awesome.
  21. Next time you go in there, ask to see the box that bourbon came out of. It will have an age statement. I think that the Greenville store's barrel was double digits for the age.
  22. Booker’s price hike push back

    I had a pour of the 2017-2 Blue Knights batch at a restaurant yesterday, and for me it simply doesn't even come close to the recent batches of Stagg Jr. and ECBP. Sure they may be a bit more work to find but the Stagg Jr. is cheaper and the ECBP is 12 years vs. 6+ for Booker's. I like Booker's, but it will continue to be a bar pour, not a bunker bottle for me.
  23. What Dram are you enjoying? Winter 2018

  24. Does anyone actually believe that? I thought not.
  25. What Dram are you enjoying? Winter 2018

    I'm enjoying some good irish whiskey on st. Patricks day. I like the holiday Sent from my STV100-3 using Tapatalk
  26. It's decent whiskey, but IMHO the Islay boys don't have anything to worry about
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