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  2. Clueby

    Cocktail Hour--2021

    Yes..I know. I caved to peer pressure and FOMO.
  3. 0895

    Cocktail Hour--2021

  4. Marekv8

    What water of life did you purchase? - 2021

    Off to a odd start here in NYC, but gradually picking up steam…
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  6. fishnbowljoe

    Having fun with glencairne

    I have numerous Glencairns. Most are embossed, but I have to say that my favorite ones aren’t, and are of the old glass variety. The Glencairns that have been made for many years now are all crystal. I must confess that I’ve broken at least a couple of those. The two glass Glencairns I have I bought at an estate sale just a couple of blocks from my house for the outrageous price of $1.00 each. I love my glass ones for a couple of reasons. One reason is they feel just a little better in my hand. Probably the slight added weight from being made of glass. The second reason is that they’ve prov
  7. ETL is lush and fruity tonight. Very nice to wind down the weekend after lite beer and yard work. Kids are excited for melon season as well!
  8. Today was my wife's birthday. We celebrated with some great sushi for supper. I just opened a WT 101 - echo all the praise. I'm seeing some new label family size. 750ml are still the big turkey head label.
  9. Want to talk about complexity in this thread? Apparently WR has over 200 tasting notes, but I guess I'm just a noob as I only noted 134 of them.
  10. Harry in WashDC

    What Bourbon are you Drinking - Spring (2Q) 2021

    As long as you pour slowly (i.e., as little agitation as possible) so that not too much air mixes with the liquid, you should be okay. Decanting port is similar - let the stuff run down the funnel and up against the side of the decanter instead of dropping straight down and bubbling and frothing. TAKE YOUR TIME.
  11. Last pour from a bottle of Weller FP SP to settle down and relax after a great Sunday of yard work, grilling some burgers, and getting a nice run late in the afternoon. Now to figure out what bottle will replace it in the opened bottle cabinet.
  12. Since the restaurant is called Chops, she may not have wanted to have came inside anyway. Probably not worth the risk. I am sure you guys took care of her after dinner.
  13. dwg13013

    Having fun with glencairne

    Guess I will find out. Just ordered a set of Glencairn Canadians off ebay
  14. She was just outside the window over BigRich’s shoulder in the pic. Even Troyce didn’t have the pull to get her in the building...
  15. A healthy pour of 2020 GTS on a damp KY evening.
  16. They had no coffee— so a Lagavulin 16 and Fernet-Branca. Great being back in town. c
  17. First FRYL freezer pour of the year! Reward for some more yard work on a hot day.
  18. Sadly, there are no pictures of the goat.
  19. Plenty of us here like it. It's to goto pour on Delta flights for me and smokinjoe. What you might not realize is that most of what goes into Woodford in Old Forester distillate from the column stills in Shively. Those pot stills you see at Woodford make up a small component. So while many of us like Woodford just fine we are usually drinking OldFo 100 instead because it's as good or better and sells for less. (Not that Woodford is all that expensive).
  20. Postal delivery has been a little shaky in my area ever since Cliff Clavin retired.
  21. I have enjoyed a couple of pours of OF Statesman based on @smokinjoe's indirect recommendation. I really like it. I also like OF 1920 and OF100. However, if price is not considered, this would be my favorite OF. But, alas, it is 2.5x the price OF100 so I have to save it for a special occasion. Well, like tonight, when it tastes good and I want another.
  22. Hey Steve, Did your invitation get lost in the mail, too! TTFN, F. 8-)
  23. Now that's how it's done!
  24. Yeah, I can get behind this. It is always there and I do like it but for the price there are other options I prefer.
  25. I imagine you got smarter the more you drank. I have always heard that alcohol kills brain cells. I consider it "thinning the herd of the weak ones leaving only the those with superior intellect." My greatest moments of brilliance come after a couple of pours of bourbon.
  26. If you drank that blend in just three pours, especially after the other two pours, then I can certainly understand your confusion. However, I suspect you probably felt pretty good in the moment but maybe not so much in the future.
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