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  2. Ha, Ha, Ha! My wife likes to set my Old Taylor next to a bottle of Arrogant Bastard Ale... She says the two seem to go together...
  3. Sorry to Threadjack but my wife is in Oklahoma City and I was hoping she could swing in a LS and pick up something not available in Minnesota. I know this is a long shot but, is W12 a ghost there like in Texas? Also I believe OKC gets Old Fitz BIB. I'd love to get a bottle of that. Also any recommendations of a good spot in the city. I appreciate any help!
  4. Today
  5. I second both your sentiments, elmossle! BT is a regular pour that I enjoy very well; and, who doesn't wish to cheer the arrival of Spring? I can't offer anything special as to what I've opened today.... Jeez it's only 8:30 in the morning on a week day! I did open a WTRB yesterday, however (116.8-proof). Not necessarily better than average; but definitely didn't disappoint.
  6. hey Swoboda... How would you compare the OE101 to EWBIB? I find the EWBIB to have a thinner mouthfeel and more on the lighter fruity side of bourbon, fresh oak and with less char than EWB....a lighter crisper bourbon if you will. The OE101 seemed to be sweeter, thicker feeling, more rye taste and quite a bit more "old"oak and some mint. What do you think? Thanks
  7. /\ nice Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk
  8. Good to know Harry. The only VOB in my area is the 90 proof. Don't read much about it. Seems the BIB version is the most liked....and goes down in enjoyment hand in hand with proof.
  9. Give it two months, and you'll be in awe of the genius Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk
  10. Blantons Gold & EC12 yesterday.
  11. I agree with you guys, that Willett will probably want a good review on this release since it is only a few of the whiskey they actually produced. For 35-45 dollars, I'd be willing to try a bottle to understand what Willett will be releasing in the near future as their stock matures. Otherwise, it becomes another Coke tester. I'm not endorsing coke by any means here. edit: added Oh, forgot to mention that there are suppose to be 5200 bottles produced. http://www.breakingbourbon.com/release-list.html Let me know if this link violates any non-competing clause i'm not aware of. I also lurk their website a lot.
  12. Probably. I don't imagine them putting inferior whiskey in a bottle specifically celebrating their anniversary. Now I'm not saying that because it's Willett that it's automatically good. I have a single barrel of their 4yr old bourbon and it's a bit rough. I also know they've put out some good ones. I think they save the better ones for special releases like this and when they first unveiled them.
  13. Welcome to the zen and wisdom of Harry. We all learn from his ways every day.
  14. Sorry double post.
  15. I need a bar like this across from my office.
  16. ^Trash can bourbon?
  17. And a fresh Warhammer is my beer right now. I'll put the IPA's from 4 Hands and 2nd Shift against darn near anyone else. A-B is something I follow with C and D when playing with my young nieces! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  18. After some charter 8 year I poured a too large OWA. Tasted good, added a small cube and tasted better. Added another and now it's great.
  19. I keep a bottle of OGD BIB in the trash can next to my TV chair. It is what I drink more than any other bourbon. That may give you an idea of what I think of it.
  20. I tried some WR double oak for the first time. Waiter brought regular wr and I thought it didn't taste much different. The check came and said plain WR, so I went up to the bartender, who knew me, and said hey, give me a splash of the double oak. She poured me a whole drink and we bs'd for 15 minutes. It was pretty good. Reminded me of the Brandy Finish I had over the weekend. Minus the brandy. Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk
  21. You guys are drinking stuff from my neck of the woods! St Louis. Home to more than Budweiser!
  22. ^I just have too much though, that being said who am I kidding I'll likely pick it up tomorrow and or another bottle of EC12 with age statement on the back.
  23. You would be a wiser man... if you did.
  24. maybe I should do a 50/50 JBBIB and KC9 to see where KC may be heading. sacrilege, I know, but I may just like it. Ive made no concealment of the fact that I like KC9, but that it pushed the oak limits to me.
  25. Sorry it was Harry not Kevin that posted in the BiB thread.
  26. Figured it was time to get this version of the thread off the ground. Anyway, nothing special opened today, just a regular bottle of Buffalo Trace. While it might be a "standard" pour, it still does the trick and is tasty to me. Cheers to Spring everyone!
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