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  2. Nancy, Looks like I lucked out. My BIL found some Bellafontaine Batch Batch 3's. What do you consider the best batch? Should he look for 1 & 2 or should I just be happy with B3. I asked around my Wisconsin connections and it looks like the 10th is gone everywhere and currently selling for secondary prices. You need to stop blending good bourbon or people are going to start getting mad at you for prices going up like Fred Minnick LOL
  3. Bob_Loblaw

    2019 Top 3 Pours

    Good addition with the Disappointments. I have to say the responses (both on here and out in my real bourboning world) have been very polarizing on this release. Everyone has a strong opinion that it was completely lackluster such as you are saying or that they thought it was one of the best 4RLE releases in recent memory! Fascinating.
  4. Bob_Loblaw

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking Today (Winter 2019)

    Great write up thank you! I think my first Stagg Jr. was more in the Batch 8-10 range and it just did not do it for me at all. IIRC the nose was sweet caramel, but also very hot. Some cherry on the palate, but overall just too rough/harsh all around. I ended up doing to the ER vatting which is mentioned above. This completely fixed everything and the rest of the bottle was this cherry cola bomb with much less heat. I was very pleased with this result until I realized that I basically just recreated one of my favorite "classic" bourbons EH Single Barrel I've been offered the last 2-3 batches and have declined. Still an allocated bottle and I see no reason to take something I am lackluster on. I will revisit eventually, but am in no hurry to do so. Probably once I have a full size bar and more space.
  5. I remember the first precursor to the current boom being a rush on Rittenhouse around 2010. It was hard to find on the shelves for a couple years and the price went from under $20 to 20+. The stocks must have been small when they did the Distillery switch also around that time the cocktail culture was in full swing and once bartenders raved about it, the Taters swooped in. I wish I had kept more dsp 354 bottles. Oh well at least I got to enjoy them.
  6. TehRegion219

    Garage sale find of the day...

    Found this on marketplace. Im debating picking it up or not.
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  8. EarthQuake

    Famous Fred

    Why do you care so deeply, so fervently, about another man's neck attire? With the reaction this man gets for wearing a sort of mini scarf, you'd think he was goose-stepping over the graves at Normandy. In all seriousness, if I was in the public eye as much as Fred, I would dress up a bit more than I do in my normal life. That said, I prefer a bowtie.
  9. BMartin42

    South Texas distilleries

    My wife and I will be in San Antonio and Houston in April. Anyone know if any of the distilleries in those two cities are worth hitting? Never been down that way before. Schedule is going to be relatively tight so I know we won’t be able to get up to Garrison or any of the other Austin area ones. I saw a Yellow Rose in Houston and Alamo and Ranger Creek in San Antonio but don’t want to waste our time if they aren’t worth it. Love to hear from anyone in the know. Bars/restaurants with good selection particularly in San Antonio would be appreciated as well. Doubt we will have time for that in Houston.
  10. Picked this up yesterday while traveling, thought this was a unique find for a duty free shop.
  11. Old Dusty

    What Bourbon Did You Purchase Today (Winter 2019)

    Vacation exuberance caused me to buy two Blanton’s SFTB. Can’t get it at home and I have myself convinced it’s really the 6th BTAC.
  12. This is interesting. Looks like their "other inventory" has climbed from 64mm in Q2 2017 to 82mm in Q2 2018 to 104mm in Q3 2019. I didn't look into how they value that but I imagine there will be some desire to move some of that. Stock is off more than 60% from its all time highs.
  13. fosmith

    Famous Fred

    Yeah, my son went to UMN in Minneapolis so got to go to a couple of games when I would go out to visit and became a fan. And being close, I was able to go to the game at Fresno State last Sept. What a game that was! Really like what P. J. Fleck is doing with that program. Fred (the unfamous one)
  14. *during winter Its one thing if you live down south and something entirely different if it’s mid-winter in the Boston area. You’d have to be crazy like @GeeTen to do it. I’m a transplanted Florida boy so you won’t catch me out there. Hah
  15. Richnimrod

    Famous Fred

    ...As was I; but not for the personal reasons you get to use, Bbstout. That is very cool! My reasons are kind of sentimental, though. I just really hoped to see Aaron Rogers play again in a couple weex. Ah, well. I imagine The Lions will get there.... . . . . . Never.
  16. Clueby

    2019 Top 3 Pours

    Well if you need to do something with that "bad" bottle I could make a suggestion.
  17. Bbstout

    Famous Fred

    If anyone remembers Kangol hats...I used to wear one because I was a rap music fan. I got some heat but I didn't care.
  18. I like both the 2018 and 2019 - with the slight edge to 2018. I think the extra year in the barrel did not help the 2019 out - more oak for certain. Both just scream out butterscotch to me.
  19. Bbstout

    Famous Fred

    Good to hear there are some Gopher fans in California. My old man played back in the 50's when they dominated. Good to see them come back.
  20. Bbstout

    Famous Fred

    I was actually bummed when the Packers lost. I knew a guy who played in the first Superbowl for the Pack against the chiefs. His ring was a trip. The first SB ring.
  21. I went on a Stagg Jr. run last week after getting both a batch 12 and 13. I drank them both and two others to be named shortly basically all week long in order to really evaluate them and eliminate any bad palate night negativity. I also drank them in different orders so each one had its moment to shine as the first pour of the night. Batch 12 was the first pour of this experiment and I have to say that it's excellent. It's probably the best Jr. I've had (note that I can't say I had all of them). Batch 13 came next and it is also good but not at the level of 12. Then I had '19 Stagg to test the claim that Jr. 12 is better. Conclusion? Not to my palate. Sr. is just a more complex pour. Now, the profiles on these are very, very different so I can see how someone could choose Jr. 12 if their preference is for a blast of sweetness over a drier spiced complexity. After that determination I kept trying 12 and 13 together and nothing changed my mind but I came to really love batch 13 on its own. It's a great batch. So then I decided to back in history and open a Batch 3. Those of you who have been with Jr. since the beginning will remember that Batch 3 was the first one to be universally praised as good after the disappointments in the first two. I was among those who struggled with the first two (which led me to create the JR. and Old Charter blend which evolved to BT and ER10 which not only saved those first two batches but made them quite good). I also thought that BT really got it right with Batch 3. Welp, alongside Batches 12 and 13 I have to say that 3 really pales. That surprised me. So let's all give some recognition to BT here for actually improving a product as it evolves despite all the pressure on their supplies.
  22. tanstaafl2

    Good Resource for Those New to Rum

    I haven’t paid much attention to rum sites of late as I am much more comfortable in my own knowledge these days. But their is no SB.com for rum (other than SB.com of course!). Cocktail wonk has had some good information in the past. My understanding is that he now is on the payroll for Plantation so not clear how that might create any bias. what little I have heard suggests it has but haven’t used the site in some time.
  23. Enjoying some cornerstone tonight. Really digging the sweet/spicy balance on this one, coupled with the delicate, lingering warmth it provides on the finish It’s exactly what I was looking for on this cold evening. Thick and oily, this is a whiskey you can really “chew” on.
  24. Double failure, first the cork, then the sample bottle cap. Empty Mellow Corn to the rescue, it's a perfect fit! It took all my empties and a healthy late night pour to contain the damage.
  25. evasive

    Famous Fred

    When I wrote that I was expressing the (petty) thought that I liked ascots well before FM did. But I certainly don’t begrudge him the sartorial choice. Obviously it’s a successful memory hook, even if he claims he just likes them. My best friend’s brother has all his slacks hemmed an inch too high for that reason- he looks like a short Kramer. An ascot seems less affected, and if you replaced it with a regular necktie you would think he’s overdressed. I don’t begrudge his success, and he’s done a lot of good things with it, but his writing doesn’t grab me. I’m a B+ subscriber and I have one of his books. But niche subjects don’t usually attract top-flight writing- I see that in many of my hobbies. I roll my eyes when he complains about influencers, though. I understand that he’s complaining about the Instagram set, but he is most definitely an influencer. One of the more knowledgeable and connected, but still an influencer.
  26. Signs the boom is not anywhere near its peak: when SB members, of all people, are having a splendid conversation about their adventures of standing in line overnight for a whiskey raffle. Lol. (please no hate mail, I come here in peace )
  27. It was the national release. We had it after a tasting and right away I got those distinctive banana notes that 1792 gives me.
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