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  2. CUfan99

    Show Us Your Stash - Volume 5

    A lot of good bourbon there. Have you tried rye? Grab a bottle of Rittenhouse BiB or WT Rye 101 if it’s available around you. Occasionally a rye is all I want.
  3. Look for the LL/GH (G-2018 H -August) bottle code.
  4. GeeTen


    2018 Round 1. Not MSRP but really, really, really close (heh, heh).
  5. Today
  6. Looks like I assumed wrong. According to an article I just read in Forbes, “These were created specifically for this project and were slowly heated during their production to achieve a deeper, richer toasted layer before being charred. All of the color and much of the flavor in any whiskey (or any colored spirit) comes from the barrels, and wood and level of toasting or charring is vitally important to the final product.”
  7. Winning. #lawrenceburgcult
  8. I picked up BTAC WLW yesterday...it was teasing me when I got home today so i opened it and took down the first 2 ounces - it is Tuesday after all - everything I expected from the bottle - delicious
  9. Sorry, let me clarify. It's a pretty good value pour, so drink away. But since you live in Frisco Texas, there's no need to hoard it by the case because you can always find WSR in Texas. Enjoy
  10. I am really digging my bottle of 1792 High Rye too. First time trying it and I am a fan!
  11. Didn’t love this one when I first opened it, but it is growing on me. I would say it is a good value for sure.
  12. cfochs

    Show Us Your Stash - Volume 5

    I know it doesn't compare to some of the other collections, but it is decent for what is available in my area
  13. I stopped into a gouger store today just for amusement. Passed on an OWA at $199 and something else at over $300. I don’t even remember what it was, not pappy or BTAC. Rock Hill Farms maybe. They did have an EH Taylor Rye for $84.99 which was not marked up ridiculously like the rest. Still passed but it keeps popping back into my head.
  14. Obeezy1Kaneezy

    Show Us Your Stash - Volume 5

    I’ve only seen one in the wild. You best believe I swiped it up in a hurry & felt like I hit the lottery that day. Especially because I paid $65 for it.
  15. Used to push $40 here and occasionally slightly more but it's only fallen to around $35. I did see it one time at a Sam's Club for $28 a couple years ago.
  16. Obeezy1Kaneezy

    What Bourbon did you purchase today (Fall 2018)

    One to me that’s really living up to it’s high praise it’s gotten.
  17. That's darn good stuff IMO.
  18. Regular BH is one of the few bourbons that has actually gone down in price in my area over the last few years. It used to be around $40, but I see it all the time now close to $30. I’m not sure I’ll be a buyer of the 10yr at $60 either, but I did pick up a BH at around $30 a few months ago.
  19. The last time I made toast and left it in the toaster too long, I believe I ended up with charred toast. So, yes, I believe extended toasting can create char.
  20. smokinjoe

    What Bourbon are you enjoying? (Fall 2018)

    Oh my. This 1792 High Rye that I’m sipping on right now is about as close to the thick butterscotch, heavy mouthfeel, ND Old Taylor that you can find in a bourbon made today. Please Barton, remember what you did here.
  21. My thinking exactly on the pass. Plus BH is 80 proof. I assume the BH10 is too.
  22. It used to be 8 years old but has been NAS for some time.
  23. mbroo5880i

    What Bourbon are you enjoying? (Fall 2018)

    Haha, I like when a bottle is getting low but has more than a normal pour yet you still feel the need to finish it off to clear shelf space.
  24. WhiskeyBlender

    General Guide for buying Vintage Armagnacs

    Hi @EarthQuake, just saw your question. I'm not sure where the sour note is coming from in your bottle of 2000 Pellehaut, since I haven't tasted it, but I can probably speak to the sour note that you get on the bottle of Millet. First though, as a general rule for brandy distillates, if you are getting sour notes, it is most likely coming from several sources: VA (volatile acidity) in the form of acetic acid or ethyl acetate; oxidation/acetaldehyde (oxidation often goes hand in hand with VA); Brettanomyces, which will smell like wet dog, and last but not least, various sulfur compounds such as sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and mercaptans. Acetic acid will have a vinegary note, of course, and ethyl acetate is often sweet and solventy. Acetaldehyde and oxidation notes will be more of green apple, and sometimes also come off as a mustiness. Sulfur dioxide has a burnt match note. It can contaminate wine if the vineyards have been sulfured, but since this isn't allowed for Armagnac production, that is an unlikely cause. Hydrogen sulfide, which is a byproduct of yeast metabolism, has a rotten egg aroma. So with that in mind, I've tasted a type of sour/sulfur note that you found in the Millet. In fact, I just revisited a bottle of their vintage 1996, and I'm detecting some sort of cabbage, garlic, and onion (sulfur) aromas. My guess is that the sour note is coming from some sort of disulfide, which tend to form after fermentation from oxidation of sulfide or mercaptan precursors. I know that distillation at Millet is always during the last 2 weeks of November, when the mobile alambic comes to their property, so there could be a significant amount of time between the end of fermentation and distillation. I don't know this for certain, of course, but those sour/sulfury notes could possibly be coming from the wine having extended lees contact, or there were high fermentation temperatures, or possibly inadequate aeration during fermentation, or nutritional deficiencies in the wine must, to name a few causes. The weird thing is that I don't necessarily find those notes in their table wines, so that is what perplexes me. My best guess is that something like that is occurring between the end of fermentation and the beginning of distillation. Does that help any? And can you please be more specific as to how the sour note on the Millet presents itself? I.e., is it like vinegar, wet dog, bad cheese, or more sulfury? I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Cheers, Nancy
  25. Their website and hangtag on the bottle spews this crap line - "The "Heritage Barrel" expression of Jack Daniel's Single Barrel was crafted with a low temperature, heavy toasted barrel which created a light but rich char" Toasting does NOT create char. And if the barrels were not charred, then it fails to meet the state of TN law for TN whiskey.
  26. How old is standard BH? 8 years? I wonder how they compare flavor-wise. I enjoy ER more than BT and I assume there is probably 2-3 years age difference. I do like BH but the price typically directs me to other options. I just can't see buying a slightly older version for almost double the cost.
  27. dad-proof

    What Bourbon are you enjoying? (Fall 2018)

    I'm down to the last few ounces of an ECBP B517. Don't want the last pour going flat on me, so for quality control purposes I suppose I'll be enjoying a couple of pours tonight.
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