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  2. PaulO

    50ml Mini Bottles

    That's one of those things I wouldn't want to risk getting stuck with a full size bottle. If Dave likes it as a digestif, the mini works well for that too.
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  4. sbsbsb

    Why chill filter a higher proof whiskey?

    I've added a cube to several barrel proof whiskeys, and to several 90-110 proof whiskeys, and never had this happen...I've had some that I thought the ice/water didn't benefit, but generally enjoy the slight dilution, and have definitely never gotten a "soapy" result like that above. Is this a fairly rare occurrence?
  5. PhantomLamb

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking Today (Spring 2020)

    Had a single of WPSR and was surprised by how mellow and smooth it was, very nice. Followed that up by a double Old Fashioned with FRYL. Good ending to a weekend that went too quick.
  6. Marekv8

    50ml Mini Bottles

    No, but this very thread led to me finding and purchasing them— so thank you. I’m a sucker for small format and mini replica spirits packs— especially those on the eclectic side.
  7. mal00768

    What Bourbon Did You Purchase Today (Spring 2020)

    Here’s what I think after spending some time with it. At $60 I’ll walk by this every day of the week for a RR Sib pick. Probably for 3 bottles of WT 101 too. But I’d grab a bottle of the 4R Select over any Weller pick. The rye spice just jingles my jubblies in all the right ways.
  8. TehRegion219

    What Bourbon Did You Purchase Today (Spring 2020)

    Last bottle on the shelf....
  9. TehRegion219

    What Bourbon Did You Open Today (Spring 2020)

    Tasty, but you can still tell it’s SR
  10. scratchline

    What Beer are you Drinking (2019)

    Who knew that Tree House could brew such an amazing lager? Reminds me of a lighter Ayinger Marzen. Stellar beer.
  11. Not_That_Fancy

    What Bourbon Did You Open Today (Spring 2020)

    Still opening bottles from last weeks picks. Tonight is the last night in April New Mexico will allow liquor stores to be open. Might as well start exploring some of my unopened bottles. First sip hits me with a young, heavy corn mash bill, simple on the palate pour.
  12. Richnimrod

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking Today (Spring 2020)

    Was that before or after 'groovy' & 'ginchy'? ...Just askin'... It's hard for me to keep track of all these late-breaking new thing-a-ma-bob sayings.
  13. smokinjoe

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking Today (Spring 2020)

    OK you feeble minded retirees...I think “da bomb” came soon after “Neato”, and just before “Far out” in the lexicon of approval of something from youngsters... . You dig, man?!?!
  14. Vosgar

    What Bourbon Did You Open Today (Spring 2020)

    LMAO!!! Bonus: It's totally believable
  15. FacePlant

    So, whatcha smokin?

    My little nicaraguan friend paired with some classic warehouse H.
  16. smokinjoe

    What Bourbon Did You Open Today (Spring 2020)

    Similar experience with one of our GBS 4R OESO picks. JR picked up the end and said, “This will yield 81 bottles.” Troyce walked over to check for himself and managed to give himself a double hernia while not budging it an inch, and predicted in a squeaky falsetto while lying on the floor clutching his junk, “900 bottles, minimum...”
  17. Yesterday
  18. If I recall, you had those on-hand when we visited last September - and I would agree that they are 'da bomb'! And if not (if it was something else covered in chocolate), then those were the bomb as well On topic - enjoying a lovely pour of some 2014 FRSmBLE. My last FRSmBLE that I've been nursing for 5+ years (and currently targeting bottles that have been open 5+ years).
  19. GaryT

    What Dram are you enjoying Winter 2019/2020

    Poured some Balvenie 15yr Sherry Cask after dinner. I've enjoyed every Balvenie that I've ever tried, although some more than others. This is definitely on the 'more' side for me
  20. Vosgar

    What Bourbon Did You Open Today (Spring 2020)

    This is just a magnificent bourbon straight from the bottle. With a splash of water it's..........uh.......what's beyond magnificent? Selected in 2014 with JR leading us, it's my favorite PS (so far!) 11yr 3mo OBSV, this barrel yielded only 70 some bottles. I thought I was going to get 2 or 3, but when the LS owner said I could have a case of 6, I didn't give him a chance to rescind the offer Interesting side note. After we had selected this one, JR lifted up one end of the barrel and said it would only give us about 72 bottles. I can't remember the exact amount we got, but I think it was either 75 or 78. The man knows his stuff!
  21. tanstaafl2

    What non-whisk(e)y spirit are you drinking?

    The road across the Chimtarga pass in the Fann mountains can be quite hazardous even in the summertime and bactrian camels can be a bit unpredictable... Although any contact I had with camels was purely "incidental"!
  22. Vosgar

    50ml Mini Bottles

    Did you buy that just to see the reactions you'd get here?
  23. This! ^^^^^^^^ (any thing up to 85% cocoa for me)
  24. It’s not bad juice. Won’t be immediately replaced, but I can see myself giving it another go in the future. the RR10 went dry yesterday!
  25. Batch 8 from 2017. Initial impressions are good.
  26. Vosgar

    Some good news-Lynchburg, TN

    Good news from Buffalo Trace as well. Everyone who is a "Friends of the Trace" member should have received this email today. I've included the link to their bottling line as well: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l932jqc99zyedb1/Hand Sanitizer Bottling at Buffalo Trace Distillery.MOV?dl=0 Hi Gary, Hope you are doing well. We wanted to share some news with you about our community support program, producing hand sanitizer, who would ever have thought it possible! On Friday, March 27, we produced our first batch of hand sanitizer at Buffalo Trace for some of the world’s largest organizations in healthcare, government, military, retail, distribution, airline, pharmacy, and banking industries. Many of these organizations are desperate, as supplies have dwindled amid the COVID-19 crisis, and in response, our workforce has stepped up to meet this significant challenge in addition to continuing to produce many of the world’s best whiskeys and spirits. As such, we are thrilled to be adding production capacity to cope with the massive demand. We have received requests to date for more than five million bottles of sanitizer, which we are working flat out to meet, and possibly more, across our sister sites in North America. If you know of a cause in need please have them register here: https://forms.gle/ywtypRX5iDqBHbMS7 and someone from the Trace will follow up. Here’s a photo of our first batch of hand sanitizer off our bottling line.
  27. Not_That_Fancy

    Empty Bottle(s) Support Group ~ 2020

    I have 2 store picks on the way. Should be here the next day or so. This was not a SP but had a deep cherry to it.
  28. CardsandBourbon

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking Today (Spring 2020)

    They are, as the youngsters say, "Da Bomb". I get them from the bulk section of my local Kroger. Dark chocolate with bourbon is a match made in heaven.
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