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  2. flahute

    Old Ezra 7 yr 117 Proof

    6 years minimum. But ideally more.
  3. You’re too kind sir, thank you!
  4. 7’s, thumbs here. Spent wisely then.. 2 good choices for the coin.
  5. The Weller prices I see reported in this thread are downright outrageous. Really rather disgusting when you think about it. On the other hand, it's economic theory 101 in action. Folks, please spend your money on something else - that's the only way to really do something about it. There are some really superb whiskeys out there at fair prices that are trying to earn your business. Reward them....
  6. This summarizes where we're at in 2019. When a $50 dollar 4-year old rye whiskey is considered a steal. The boom is not anywhere near over, my friends.
  7. Kepler

    Kentucky Owl Confiscated

    So in other words, it's a 6 year whiskey.
  8. Kepler

    Old Ezra 7 yr 117 Proof

    At what age do you like your Heaven Hill bourbon the best?
  9. I was expecting a crotch-shot photo from your car seat, accompanied by the obligatory Facebook group quote "Just bought this. Is it any good?"
  10. Been on a tight budget recently so decided to grab and open these guys. I’ve had the EWBIB before but not in a while. The OGDBIB is a first for me. Honestly these are both hitting the spot right now. I’m a fan of the OGD114, so naturally the BIB is right up my alley. I love the heaven hill profile so the EWBIB does it for me.
  11. PaulO

    Best Ginger Ale for mixing with bourbon

    A drop or several of bitters into a high ball can take it to the next level. Also, as far as technique, fill a tumbler full of ice, add the spirit, bitters, then soda to fill it up.
  12. BDanner, I'm with you on that. BiB: EHT used to be that available here in Texas until very recently, but not anymore. The 'tater effect' has taken root. Don't take for granted that it will always be so easily found forever.
  13. Overall, I would rather have labels that have been discontinued, still be in production (even if price had to be raised). Secondary market rise in price doesn't do a lot for me. I never purchased anything to resell. Big secondary prices on some things will send me to the store to buy bottles I can open without thinking about.
  14. Supercharger

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking? (Spring 2019)

    I found Old Elk, “meh”. I’ve seen it reviewed as an “easy drinker”, which I could see if you’ve had nothing before. But I got nothing from it. Was hoping for something unique with the high barley mashbill but I felt like it was just another “meh” whiskey I’ll have open behind the bar.
  15. HoustonNit

    What Bourbon Did You Purchase Today, Spring 2019

    Just realized I haven’t posted to this thread or bought anything in months, Bourbon zen.
  16. Obeezy1Kaneezy

    What Bourbon Did You Purchase Today, Spring 2019

    OBSV but I haven’t tried it yet lol.
  17. Store held a bottle of Legent for me but they did have one more left on the shelf. Will crack it open tomorrow night. Grabbed a spare VOB 6 100 Crafted while there as well. Not sure what to call it anymore.
  18. I'm not the biggest MGP bourbon fan but it was quite good. At first I thought the Bulleit was better but the Redemption grew on me. Drank below its proof. Relatively smooth but a spicy kick mid palate. The Old Elk smelled and tasted pretty good as the first one I tried but coming back to it after trying the other two was terrible. Had an awful funk to it.
  19. elmossle

    Four roses 2013 limited edition

    You have the score of the century!!!!! This very bottle is what got me started/hooked on bourbon. My biggest regret is not buy all 3 of the bottles on the shelf back then. Congratulations on a magnificent find and something that you will truly enjoy!!!
  20. elmossle

    What Bourbon Did You Purchase Today, Spring 2019

    The struggle for BT products in NC is real. It takes A LOT of patiences, most of which I do not have.
  21. Supercharger

    What Bourbon Did You Purchase Today, Spring 2019

    104 proof is right around where some of my faves are. How is it? Which recipe is it?
  22. Tonight's lineup consisted of draining the last of a bottle of ETL and a follow up pour of ECBP A119. Both were very nice and made my taste buds do a little dance!
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