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  2. I'm beginning to think the secondary market and shortages are being driven singlehandedly by Buffalo Trace. There is literally 40 feet of aisle dedicated to bourbon at all larger liquor stores! Every major distiller has no real problem with supply other than BT. I say that because today I saw 1792 FPs just sitting on the shelf, I saw bottles and bottles of ECBP just sitting at Costco, and I'm convinced HH is simply limiting HMBiB to copy BT's system. It's literally only the whacky pent up demand for BT products that continues to be the real problem. But to that I just shrug and say oh well, i guess they should be applauded for having a good business model.
  3. Wedelstaedt

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking Today (Winter 2019)

    Wild Turkey night. Several RRSIB PS tonight, followed by WT101. Not much difference between the RRSiB's. But, I must say the RRSiB from the "B" warehouse was more interesting than "A" or " F" for me. Cheers
  4. Obeezy1Kaneezy

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking Today (Winter 2019)

    I get banana a lot in 1792
  5. WTF I don’t want any of this at those prices, I guess the boom is over for me and I’m certainly not going to wait in line for it.
  6. I definitely had a little buyers remorse after the first pour. It’s better that RRSB. Is it $130 better? Probably. But I ration my honey bottles when I find em. So I’m good w the money spent now.
  7. I'm not so sure. On it's face, your comment makes perfect sense. But..... We know that the carrot of receiving a certain number of allocated bottles each year causes retailers to carry a large number of products they otherwise might not. If a retailer supports a certain "portfolio" throughout the year, and gives it prime real estate in the store, they get the good stuff. Price it at secondary and that goes away. I think this is why Sazerac holds their prices.
  8. HoustonNit

    What Rye are you Drinking/Purchase (2020)

    Is this significantly better than the RRSB rye? I may need to make the splurge as I’m a big WT rye fan.
  9. All my thoughts on this have already been posted by others, except for one. Heck, WT makes 13% rye drink like a "high rye" bourbon IMHO. In another thread, someone posted about how different HH's bourbons taste than Mellow Corn, even though they're almost the same mashbill. And isn't Baby Saz fairly low rye content, at least compared to MGP's 95% rye? It still tastes plenty like rye to me. Maybe not quite as much as DSP KY 1 Ritt BIB or any of the MGP 95% cats and dogs, but still distinctly rye. I have to imagine there are lots more variables at play than just mashbill, like what kind of rye is used, char on the barrels, which warehouse, what level, barrel entry proof, what wood is used for the barrels, what cut of the distillate they take, and so on.
  10. Postal Grunt

    What Rye are you Drinking/Purchase (2020)

    I poured out the first 3 oz from a newly opened botlte of KCSiBR. Definitely had a good time drinking that down.
  11. Went to a local whiskey event this week. The goal was the ORVW and I got in line with about 20 to spare. By the time we got into the store they had nothing left that was interesting so I passed and waited on the lotto for 71 bottles of GTS. Unfortunately I walked away empty handed but @Jazz June was fortunate enough to get one. Got back in line for a 2pm rush but after finding out there were only 12 Four Roses LESmB me and a friend gave up slots 21 & 22 to grab lunch and hunt for bottles at a few liquor stores in a neighboring county. That trip ended up being very fruitful as I got the 10 yr OESV, Russell's pick, Brandy finished Double Rye!, Murray Hill Club, Wilderness Trail (sub 98 proof barrel proofer), and the Epoch Rye which I've heard good reviews and a customer in the store was raving about how good it was. Went back to the whiskey event for some 5 pm raffles and got lucky with the Lot B. Great day for finding some whiskey and having some fun.
  12. A local neighboring county in Maryland had their semi-annual whiskey event. The big draw was a guarantee to purchase one of the following (1 OFC 1994, 99 Old Rip's, 12 Weller Full Proof, 42 Old Fitzgerald 15's, or 60 Weller 12's) at MSRP. Last year at a similar event I got there at 4 am and was number 67 on a Saturday. This year on a Friday, I got there at 8:30 on Thursday night and was ~ 110. The boom has been on at warp speed this year.
  13. JD has it in spades. The difference us that Barton tastes like fresh bananas or bananas Foster while JD tastes like overripe or almost rotten bananas to me.
  14. JoeTerp

    Thinking of Purchasing...?

    The other day I found a MHC for $76.49 in Maryland. I was excited as I really enjoyed this one at a blind tasting a month ago.
  15. JSpartan

    What Bourbon Did You Purchase Today (Winter 2019)

    I cracked open my Binny’s Weller FP pick last week and I was a big fan. I think I had low expectations from mixed reviews of standard bottles and didn’t want to build it up too much, but I really enjoyed it. Definitely worth the $59.99 spent on the bottle.
  16. smokinjoe

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking Today (Winter 2019)

    Jack Daniel’s whiskies exhibit the similar banana note, and I’ll even catch it in other Brown Forman Old Foresters, at times.
  17. JoeTerp

    What Beer are you Drinking (2019)

    Had the Bourbon County Mon Cheri Stout tonight. It's ok, but nothing too special (kind of what I felt about the Cafe de Olla one).
  18. FasterHorses

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking Today (Winter 2019)

    I didnt find it very appealing. Dont think Ill buy another Of these. Never detected it in other offerings. Undeniable banana though. Very strange.
  19. FasterHorses

    What Bourbon Did You Purchase Today (Winter 2019)

    Joe.. looking forward to your opinion on the full proof. I havent had one that blew me away. I think OWA is better and this was really an unnecessary addition. It will be enlightening to hear from someone with a much more refined palate for Weller.
  20. FacePlant

    What Bourbon Did You Pass On Today (Winter 2019)

    I passed on a number of LEs during the Holiday rush. It was good to get together with friends recently that brought some of those missed highlights to sample. Sometimes it comes back around! Patience grasshopper.
  21. So first off, my opinion on WSR is neither here nor there, I am not a barometer for the market as a whole. That was going off a bit on a tangent re: consumer phycology and hype. The market has spoken and by and large very many people are dumb enough to pay a lot of money for Weller, Pappy, BTAC and a handful of other bottles that got popular for one or another reason. My primary argument is that distillers should raise the price on these bottles and pocket the profit directly, rather than watching stores charge massive markup and sit by while black market resellers profit illegally on their product's popularity. The money is being spent by the consumer one way or another, why shouldn't it go to the people who actually make the product? If this would usher a burst to the bubble sooner is an interesting question. I'm not sure the stock market is an apt comparison. Bourbon is a consumable good, and the overall demand for the product represents genuine growth - new customers in the market, many of whom are willing to spend more and more money. Would rising prices eventually burst the bubble? Possibly, however, prices have been rising steadily in the face of significant growth, so I'm not sure where that break point is. But I would guess it's well beyond a price double or even quadruple of Buffalo Trace's most popular, hard to find products. Now to be clear, I'm not suggesting that prices should be raised on every bottle of bourbon. Simply that the bottles which are already being treated more like luxury goods than commodities, should sold at whatever price the market will bear from the producer of the product, not shady middle men. Many will balk at this due to simple self interest, but from a basic economic standpoint it makes sense.
  22. This past year, a semi-local store had a private pick of Blanton’s at the exact same price. I passed. FWIW, their Blanton’s pick sold out before their barely more reasonably priced BT, and RR picks. Biba! Joe
  23. Second pour of this one. First pour didn’t do much for me. This one tonight is amazing. Oily goodness!
  24. Those are actually pretty good prices for that place.
  25. fishnbowljoe

    Japanese Whiskey Folks...

    Jim has been notified of the issue. Til he fixes it, anyone having issues, please try clearing your cache and see if that helps. Biba! Joe
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