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  2. EarthQuake

    Liquor Store "Huh?" Moments

    The local place, Cedar Ridge, just about 10 minutes drive from me in Iowa City has been producing more and more impressive stuff lately. They did a barrel proof store pick for a local whiskey group, 5 year old bourbon I think, that was among the best craft whiskies I've had, but still not on par with the big boys. I sampled a barrel proof 5 year old J Henry (from Wisconsin) that was very good for craft too. There's another place in Wisconsin, Driftless Glen, that people seem to really like, but I haven't tried their stuff yet. Few was something I quite liked when I started getting into whiskey about 6 years ago (not long after they opened, when they first started winning awards). The rye was quite good (or so I thought), mostly mixed in Old Fashioneds). I bought a few bottles of it. But then at one point, I bought a new bottle and it was awful. Just terrible whiskey, among the worst I've ever purchased. So I'm not sure what happened. Whether my tastes changed or what they were bottling changed or some combination of the two. When I was in Chicago a year or two ago we went to the tour at Few and tried most of the stuff they make. It was all bad, young, too grain forward, and aged in those micro barrels. So I'm curious to hear if you've been a recent buyer of Few, or if the stuff you bought was a few years back? I think the bottles that we found to be bad started around 2014 or 2015. I have a sneaking suspicion that they were bottling sourced whiskey before then, but I have absolutely no proof of this. Either that or they changed production to meet demand and the quality fell off. Of course it's possible I just couldn't tell good whiskey from bad when I first started buying it (likely).
  3. BigSkyDrams

    Entering the Beam lineup

    If you can find Distiller’s Cut absolutely grab one. To my recollection it was a fairly good representative of the house style, but one thing I’m sure of is it was a very enjoyable pour generally and a great value in the ~$25 range.
  4. Been perusing around sw Florida the last couple days. Only thing I've bought so far to take home is a bottle of Old Ezra BP.
  5. So I’m a huge Wild Turkey lover. It’s by far what I’ve drank the most of since I got into bourbon, specifically 101. I enjoy Elijah Craig, especially the Barrel Proof which I have a bottle of. I want to get into Beam next but am not sure where my entry point should be. I have had Basil Hayden’s which was fine but I didn’t love and I’ve had Knob Creek SB which I didn’t really find pleasing. I’ve heard some people say that they aren’t personally a fan of the Knob Creek but like different Beam offerings. I don’t want to jump straight to Bookers but also don’t want to buy white label and not get an accurate depiction of what they offer. I’m thinking maybe Distillers Cut should be my starting point, thoughts?
  6. Mako254

    Warehouse Collapses

    I’ve heard Jimmy Russell say ‘storage buildin’.
  7. GaryT

    Warehouse Collapses

    Yep. I mean - one guy? C'mon . . . I did have the same thoughts though - and wonder if this is going to trigger some type of evaluations. I often remind folks at work that "while two points create a line, don't call it a trend" - it is odd that both of these happened within a year (and everyone I've asked has never heard of it before now; excluding the BT Tornado which didn't collapse the structure, or the fire at HH which disintegrated the structures). I think the cost of correction (if indeed there is a correction; without knowing the root cause of this latest one) is going to be weighed against the premium each gets to charge for the limited edition 'collapsed barrel bourbon'. I think another challenge is that if the weather continues to increase in terms of the extremes (compared to norms for the last 100 yrs or so), how sturdy/strong they need to be becomes a valid question. Personally - if this starts happening with frequency, I want to be like the storm chasers . . . but with a dolly and a pick-up so I can grab a barrel
  8. Today
  9. Dug deep into the cabinet for some GBS OBSK. From memory of how much I enjoy it, I was surprised it was less than 10 yrs old (just 9 yrs, 5 mo) - but still one of my favorite FR picks!
  10. Nothing but water for me. Dr put me on a new prescription and no alcohol is allowed. Think this will last until Christmas.
  11. Scored a couple 4 year . I have yet to try it.
  12. FasterHorses

    What bourbon did you pass on winter/spring 2019?

    Redemption Wheated MGP at least 4 years old. Didnt have a price. I thought it would be great to sample but it wasnt that kind if store. Whats the word on this?
  13. Marekv8

    Liquor Store "Huh?" Moments

    Speaking of mega… Black Dirt is owned by Proximo and Wyoming Whiskey belongs to Edrington
  14. FasterHorses

    What Bourbon Did You Purchase Today, Spring 2019

    Just had a sample of an Old Elk PS and was very impressed.
  15. The Black Tot

    Warehouse Collapses

    I love you man and this is a very honest challenge: When it kills a man, are we going to plausibly be able to blame a wet spring? I think if it's rot there should be testing available to nip this in the bud, bud.
  16. smokinjoe

    Liquor Store "Huh?" Moments

    Mega-factories?? Tsk-tsk...
  17. I’m in FL, and at my first stop this week I found ECBP on the shelf for $64.99. Four days later, and I still can’t believe I passed. Ive also been offered (behind the counter) WSR and Willett PS, and passed on them as well. Although bourbon Zen can be fleeting..................
  18. Phil T

    Elijah Craig Barrel Proof

    I've lost track, what is the last batch letter/number? Thanks!
  19. flahute

    Warehouse Collapses

    All of the old rickhouses have plumb bobs hanging about 1/2" from a marker stone on the ground level that has a line or mark indicating the initial alignment. If the plumb bob starts to move off the mark you know the rickhouse is leaning. They call it creeling I believe. If a rickhouse is leaning, that means the lateral stability provided by cross bracing is inadequate. Since this is a thing that everyone seems to look for in old rickhouses it's realistic to say that the engineers and builders of those old rickhouses didn't fully understand or design for lateral stability. Rickhouse construction is unique in that the ricks themselves are the structure of the building (for most of them). There's been talk of powder post beetle issues since the bourbontruth blogged about it a few years ago. It was laughed off and dismissed at the time. Powder post beetles do mark their presence with bore holes and sawdust so if you have an issue I'd think it would be obvious unless all the damage is in the crawlspaces which may not get inspected very regularly. (Just speculating). These are old structures (the ones that collapsed) and were built before the widespread advent of pressure treated wood so it's possible the wood is experiencing rot of some sort. The bottoms of these buildings are a very humid environment. (Aside: it's possible that PT wood is not desirable to begin with as the close proximity of those chemicals to the barrels may impart contamination. That's a good question for @WhiskeyBlender ) When Barton had the collapse last year it was mentioned that the extremely wet Spring may have been to blame. The side of the rackhouse that initially collapsed was on the downhill side that sloped down to the creek. It's plausible that subsurface drainage coming from higher ground had saturated that soil for a prolonged enough time period that it lessened the maximum bearing pressure of that soil which would cause the soil to give way under a full load. It's been another extremely wet Spring in Kentucky but the photos I've seen show that the OZ Tyler rackhouse is on flat ground so I'm not sure that the same plausibility exists. It is possible that the ground beneath could become saturated enough that a footing beneath a post could sink which might lead to a cascade failure. Again, just speculating. (I'm an architect so it's educated speculating). If it's rot, than what is happening is that the wood posts at the ground level are simply weakened to a point where their compressive strength is being overcome by the load of all the barrels above. This would lead to a catastrophic failure where they look good one second and crumble the next. This load is spread across thousands of posts however so I'd need an engineer to calculate how realistic a possibility this is.
  20. We are distributed in GA by Ultimate and they have purchased our 4 year old for resale. You can ask your local retailer to reach out to them. The difference between the BIB and the green label 4 year old is that the BIB is from the same distilling season and we do a release once per year. Our 4 year old Straight (like almost all of our other products) is vatted in a 6,000 liter tank. We harvest barrels and dump them into this tank. We bottle from that tank, but we do not empty the tank. So, newly harvested 4+ year old barrels are mixing with what was bottled last time. This helps with consistency of our flavor profile and we just like this approach for the flavor complexity that it brings. BTW, we added the Pre Pro to the new label to emphasize the old school PA style that we practice. 80 % rye grain and 20% malt - no corn, no wheat and we ferment in a sweet mash. We use this basic recipe for all of our Rye Whiskey. As far as we know, we might be the only distillery with this recipe - in particular, the amount of malt that we use is pretty unique. We have not sold our BIB in GA yet. We are currently choosing our 2019 release, so we will encourage Ultimate to bring some into the state.
  21. Are you just trying to lose weight or is there a health issue at work. Sorry to pry! I've seen you mention your long abstinence a few times now. Hope all is well!
  22. flahute

    What Rum/Rhum did you buy today?

    Last time I checked Washington State was also on the no go list so I feel your pain.
  23. Congrats on your persistence and dedication regardless of whether your abstinence is strongly recommended or required or just a personal test. It is still impressive. To the rest of you posting here: I hope you all keep posting these pics as they have saved me lots of time trying to guess what is what when I casually peruse the French spirits portion of the shelves.
  24. PhantomLamb

    Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond

    Amen. I didn't see mine until 45 minutes later and by then it was too late...
  25. geclbxf

    Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond

    Pa Fine Wine and Spirits sold out of their allocation via an email blast in less than 6 minutes. Bottles were already gone 6 minutes after email release when I checked. My buddy said that there were more than 300 hundred in inventory when he bought his shortly after the email went out. I admire the everyone gets a chance mentality, but clearly had to be in front of your computer when the blast went out.
  26. kcgumbohead

    Warehouse Collapses

    When I heard of this I assumed it was a recent build as O.Z. Tyler is new, it is in fact a legacy Medley rackhouse from the 60s according to Chuck. Once the cause is investigated it will be interesting to see if this beetle infestation that has been mentioned was a possibility or some other cause. Chuck did also mention an extremely wet spring. With the reported amount of weight in a full rackhouse and excess water I wonder if a cause might be unstable ground? This will be an interesting one to follow, VERY fortunate no one was injured...yet.
  27. Jazzhead

    New Riff. It finally happened...

    I have yet to see New Riff on a store shelf anywhere. But when and if I do, I am looking forward to a purchase. Seems like their policy of not releasing young whiskey before its time is paying off, both in good will and good reviews from folks who love bourbon.
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