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  2. He's In!!!!! Welcome to the club.
  3. Never fear the double or triple post. You friendly neighborhood moderator will come along and clean it up!
  4. scratchline


    That's the brand that started it all. And really good stuff too. I have open bottles of the Minero and the Tobala. And I think the Chichicapa was the gateway mezcal for a lot of agave hounds.
  5. lcpfratn


    Haven’t seen this brand in my area before.
  6. Today
  7. lcpfratn


    This is my latest Mexical acquisition. All I can say is wow! It’s not as smoky as the Vago. The 5 years of aging in oak have softened the smoke a bit, and given it some bourbon-like qualities.
  8. lcpfratn


    I got pulled into the rabbit hole of Mezcal by this bottle. I used to think mezcal was just a name for agave spirits that couldn’t be called tequila because it didn’t come from the correct region in Mexico...boy was I wrong! I love Islay Scotch, and this bottle of Mezcal Vago certainly reminds me a bit of peated scotch. A different smoke for sure, but smoke nonetheless, and it’s really good.
  9. kevinbrink

    What Dram Are You Enjoying Spring/Summer 2020

    Dave, let it be known that hours later from across the Atlantic Ocean I enjoyed a pour with you in solidarity. Hope everything is good!
  10. kevinbrink

    What Dram Are You Enjoying Spring/Summer 2020

    Opened a Laphroaig Cairdeas Madeira because why not, better than I remember.
  11. marshall9779

    So, whatcha smokin?

    Cheapie on the course yesterday. My BIL gave me about 8 of these almost a year ago. Decided I would save these for golf course smokes. Fist time out in almost 2 years.
  12. I need to grab a few of those Laphroaig CS's, not because I don't have others but March 19th is my Birthday, hopefully when things settle out there are some on the shelves.
  13. kevinbrink

    What "Other American Whisky" are you drinking?

    If I figure it out I'll let you know, hope all is well, agreed on Campfire have noticed batch variation but despite that it is consistently weirdly enjoyable.
  14. BoilerinIL

    What Bourbon Did You Purchase Today (Spring 2020)

    It's interesting to me that you say it has been missing around you for a while. I was in my Binny's 2 weeks ago and there was a sign on the standard KCSiB that read something like "limited, get it while you can". The head of spirits had no idea about why they had the sign on it. Anyone else seeing limited KCSiB?
  15. Yeah yeah... long live Four Roses !
  16. Over Christmas, a couple local grocery chains had at least 3 different PS barrels each in 375 bottles. Made it easier to a bunch of SBSBS. One particular barrel (to me) was a clear standout by a pretty wide margin.
  17. Well there goes your Weller card! I can give you a suggestion on what to do if/when you do find one.
  18. WSR at $29.99. This was $16.99 two years ago.
  19. smokinjoe

    So, whatcha smokin?

    This evening turned out to be too nice to just stay inside and do something productive, so decided to sit down out front with an Oliva G Maduro Churchill and chill.
  20. lcpfratn

    Elijah Craig Barrel Proof

    There is more than just a new label for ECBP. It is also now shipped in a 6 pack case instead of a 3 pack case. Perhaps this is a further indication of increasing production levels.
  21. Yes it was from Kroger. Since they are big time in the booze business now, I think they should get some of those single barrel stickers or tags. There are probably half a dozen brands they already sell that have that option. In the past, I would occasionally find a couple at Meijer that had the silver tag "specially selected for Meijer" and barrel # mixed in with all the anonymous bottles. One time I got one that tasted like a barrel proof version of JB Black from the old days.
  22. Bob_Loblaw

    What Bottle Did You Open Today? 2020

    Enjoying the JD Single Barrel BP. First pour neat. Bananas Foster on the nose leads to deep brown sugar and caramel notes. Great color in the glass and appropriately oily/viscous. The sweetness carries over to the finish that is unfortunately a bit shot and falls off quickly. Then there is a brief hint of the proof, but it does not linger. Dangerously drinkable and I switched to a large cube for safety reasons as it’s still early. This cube was one of the ugly ones so I get to have it. It’s hard to believe the juice is only 4-5 years old. Would really love the chance to taste JD at the 8-10 year mark with some more body and oak.
  23. Yesterday
  24. It was classic, wonderful Turkey! Well done!
  25. mbroo5880i

    What Bourbon Did You Purchase Today (Spring 2020)

    Paul, I have also had similar good experiences with the standard KCSB. I bought one at Kroger a few weeks back. Is that where you bought yours? If so, we may have the same barrel. I looked on the bottle and didn't see a barrel number. What a rip off! They should put the barrel number on the label in case you would like to track down another bottle from the same barrel. I did notice something interesting on the side label. It reads "Single Barrel Release" with "Small Batch" underneath. I assume they use the same template for both labels. I have had some stellar KCSB across a wide range of ages, especially from Binny's. However, age is less important to me than the barrel influence. I have had some bottles slightly over 9 years that had that great cherry profile I enjoy in KC. I always taste it at full strength but usually proof down to between 105 to 110. This one is really good around 110 proof. Enjoy!
  26. Yeah, I got it at the end of April. Took it to a driveway social distancing party to share with some friends, one of whom helped me get it by putting rewards points on my account at a local store. Ive tried 3 different store picks and the national release now of WFP and it’s just not worth the hype to me. No disrespect intended, but I won’t be going crazy chasing these down. I like Antique better. That being said, it’s still very good. The Kenwood has more traditional peppermint candy taste to it that I associate with WFP. Mine has a syrupy sweet profile.
  27. Bob_Loblaw

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking Today (Spring 2020)

    Shafted an oz because I ran out of the bigger bottles. . . didn’t you just get that bottle? You’ve been busy!
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