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  2. BMartin42

    Michigan Trip

    MI is a stare minimum pricing state. As someone who married into the mitten state I have almost twenty years worth of trips 3-4 times a year. I have had some success finding things that I can’t get in IL. Recently it seemed a lot of stores had WT Masters Keep releases. On the budget side I was able to grab several liters of Early Times BiB. My favorite thing about MI is that it seems ER is plentiful and usually around $33.
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  4. BigRich

    Marianne Eaves is leaving Castle & Key

    Traditional Japanese martial arts used to have the title of Grandmaster bestowed in such a way. I think Kentucky Colonels do too(I know we have some here so I’m not going to pretend I know stuff that I don’t). I was actually thinking of the most recent season of game of thrones where a minor subplot was someone being knighted, which in Westeros is done by other knights as opposed to a regent.
  5. Canarse

    Most Egregious Distiller during the boom

    This. In spades. I'm not upset or offended by any of the major distillers. They are trying to serve the market and when demand far outstrips supply something has to give, like age statements. For the most part they all still produce excellent whiskey. Sure, there are some marketing tricks going on, but no one makes any of us buy those "gimmick" bottles. On the other hand I find most "craft" whiskeys to be dreck. Unless I'm provided evidence that craft whiskey isn't awful I assume it is. I was burned a couple times paying for an overpriced bottle of colored white dog, so these products are a hard pass for me.
  6. As a matter of fact it is. It’s a private selection too, and yep it’s a goodun. Thanks again Frank. Biba! Joe
  7. marshall9779

    Empty bottle(s) support group ~ 2019

    Killed an Eagle last night. Will bring out the backup on the next go.
  8. Canarse

    Marianne Eaves is leaving Castle & Key

    Sounds like we need a Chet Atkins of whiskey distilling. Someone to hand out the "CGP" for distillers. Maybe "CMD" or Certified Master Distiller. I nominate Jimmy Russell for the role of Chet Atkins.
  9. alcoholica

    Empty bottles pappy Vanwinkle on eBay

    Yes the Van Winkle line is still owned by the Van Winkle family, so they call the shots on their stuff. Probably too cheap or short sighted to make the change to proprietary materials, or they figure someone will figure a workaround fairly quickly.
  10. marshall9779

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking? (Spring 2019)

    Last night decided to kill this one off. Then there was a post about MMCS so decided to remind myself how much I like it.
  11. marshall9779

    What Bourbon Did You Purchase Today, Spring 2019

    Still on my first bottle but really liking it.
  12. I will let you know. That was what I paid for it!
  13. alcoholica

    Most Egregious Distiller during the boom

    Has any of their own juice actually been bottled yet? Besides, what have they done to the consumer? I've heard some bits and pieces, but from what I've heard the consumer wasn't affected.
  14. Is that a bottle of WA107 I see peeking over the shoulder of the WSR? You likee????
  15. Yeah, but he's OUR ass. Hoping it's 1972 all over again. Go B's!!!
  16. Geez Joe, why are you holding your real feelings at bay? Ya' know, if you keep these emotions bottled up inside yerself, they'll eat you up from the inside! For what it's worth (little more than nuthin' me thinks), I agree wholeheartedly!!!
  17. A little birdie told me that some Blanton's Golds were available locally - called up and found out they were $199.99 ea. (twice the price that I paid in Bermuda a month ago). But these beauties were available! They now have a new home! 127.9 pf and 130.6 pf Blanton's 70cl SFTBs - I ain't askin' how they got stateside, tho'.
  18. Sven Heuchert

    What are you cookin on the smoker?

    Thanks a lot!
  19. Sven Heuchert

    What Bourbon Did You Purchase Today, Spring 2019

    The OGD bib is one of my favourites. Haven't tried the Old Ezra. The bottle goes for nearly 60€, which is a bit pricey, I thought at first. Worth the price?
  20. Sven Heuchert

    What Bourbon Did You Purchase Today, Spring 2019

    Henry McKenna 10 yo Old Forester Sazerac Rye Smooth Ambler Bourbon 7yo Breckenbrigde
  21. Sven Heuchert

    So, whatcha smokin?

    Yeah, that is another great cuban cigar. Vegas Robaina, the No.4 longfiller sells for 11€ per ex here in Germany, but I think it's worth the price.
  22. BrokeCal

    What’s the Best of 2019(so far)

    Anyone try Rebel Yell 100 yet? If it's aged a little longer than 80 and bottled at 100 I may just have to try it if I ever see it. I'm not really a fan of low proof wheated bourbons but 100 proof is when they start to be interesting.
  23. I would think this is the most viable reason. If one my friends says they were able to get a bottle of Pappy I would honestly think this is what they probably did (as sad as that may be). More sad than that though, if they filled it with a Wellers, or even more sneaky, a poor man's Pappy Weller blend.... There is no way I would be sure enough to call them on it.
  24. Fine, so tonight at dinner I looked at the menu, thought about this post, and ordered a Woodford. It was good. My pour had a distinct banana flavor profile that I enjoyed.
  25. flahute

    Most Egregious Distiller during the boom

    You left out Michter’s.
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