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  2. marshall9779

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking? (Summer 2019)

    Capped of a short but exhausting and extremely hot vacation. Did 2 parks with the kids and the Drew Estate Cigars PA Barnsmoker where it was almost too hot to drink, almost. MB Roland was at the cigar event. Had their reg bourbon as well as a brandy barrel finished bourbon. The brandy barrel was a little too sweet for me normally but on the rocks and as hot as it was i enjoyed.
  3. fishnbowljoe

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking? (Summer 2019)

    Didn’t actually measure, but it was approximately 50-50. Biba! Joe
  4. JCwhammie

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking? (Summer 2019)

    TW in STL had a barrel of WSR back in April. I believe bottles were around $18. I didnt get to try it, though. That was the first time I'd seen PS WSR.
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  6. marshall9779

    So, whatcha smokin?

    This past weekend at the Drew Estate PA Barnsmoker.
  7. Rick M.

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking? (Summer 2019)

    What proportions of each do you use?
  8. Galvin0791

    Show Us Your Stash - Volume 5

    Looks amazing, not to mention ridiculously impressive! Very kool set up!
  9. GaryT

    George Dickel Bottled in Bond

    Tried it this past weekend, and wasn't blown away (seemed very oaky to me?) but decided to write that off as an off-night and pick up a bottle anyways. Looking forward to cracking open this weekend!
  10. lcpfratn

    Show Us Your Stash - Volume 5

    I finally have the cabinets completed in the “man-cave.” The bottom shelves are full too, but I didn’t open them for the picture. I still have my downstairs bar, the bathroom cabinet and the bedroom closet bunkers. The downstairs bar and man-cave cabinets don’t have the same bottles. The man-cave generally has more of the older, premium and LE stuff, but I still have some of the most expensive stuff in the closet bunker along with backup bottles and stuff that I still don’t have room for elsewhere.
  11. Postal Grunt

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking? (Summer 2019)

    I decided that the WSR I bought last week shouldn't gather any dust or moss so I eased out a healthy pour this afternoon. It hit my taste buds as a solid tipple, not too complex but a good value whiskey that's worth having a spare downstairs for days when I can't get to the LS. I think I have to agree with other posts that suggested single barrel editions would be worth the extra change out of my pocket. That probably won't happen before BT gets all those new and planned rack houses filled and the barrels properly aged but it's an idea.
  12. A little slow around here. I’m going to the Calvados region in a few weeks. Going to see the Normandy D-Day beaches. Been going to Normandy region for years but haven’t seen the D-Day beaches as I was hoping to go with my nephew who’s almost made trip a few times and is in the Army. He’s now had a kid and won’t be making the trip anytime soon. I’d like to visit a distillery or two and hoping someone has a couple of recommendations. A place that also has some good dry cidre/noire would be a nice touch. If separate from a Calvados producer also good with that. For Calvados ideally looking to spend under 100 euros. Cask strength, minimal filtration, aged over 10 years all idea. Any good recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  13. PaulO

    Show Us Your Stash - Volume 5

    That's a nice collection. You have some dusties and some more modern hard to find items.
  14. PaulO

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking? (Summer 2019)

    I honestly think these corks are the wrong size for the bottles. I will delve into my cork collection to find one that fits properly, and advise Beam Suntory.
  15. They could have filled barrels, then stored some in a bonded warehouse, and others somewhere else? Also, noticed the non bonded is labeled "non chill filtered". My guess, as a small distillery starting out, they want to offer different versions - to see what people like.
  16. It looks like they have the same batch number, D02. How could you have a batch where part is BIB and another part is not?
  17. Harry in WashDC

    Bourbon in the Movies

    The premise of the off and on (1997-2016) British comedy/drama series, "Jonathan Creek", is: " Working from his home in a converted windmill, Jonathan Creek is a magician with a natural ability for solving puzzles. He soon puts this ability to the use of solving impossible crimes and mysterious murders." So, I'm hooked. Tonight's episode, "The Seer of the Sands" (Season 4, Episode 4) aired in England in FEB 2004, and started out with a guy reading a FAX (remember, it was filmed in early 2004) who then grabs a sealed bottle of MM, peels off the seal, drinks about 1/4 of the bottle, then gets in a power boat and runs it into a pile of rocks, smashing the boat and causing is carcass to land, remarkably unblemished, in the surf. When a beach jogger who knows the bad driver returns with the guy's manservant, the carcass is GONE. I still can't get over the guy swigging large gulps of MM straight from the bottle. Even I can't do that without making a face. Small sips, yeah, but . . . Got another 35 minutes before the "puzzle" gets solved. OGD BIB will get me there.
  18. skidfive

    Show Us Your Stash - Volume 5

    And upclose pictures
  19. skidfive

    Show Us Your Stash - Volume 5

    Moved into the new house 6 months ago. Finally got the whiskey out of storage The open bar bottles The stored bottles
  20. kevinbrink

    Wilderness Trail Rye Bourbon - BIB or not?

    I don't think having a NAS 100 proof bourbon that is not BIB is the sign of declining quality more likely in the case of the small guys it means some older barrels are getting mixed in so they are not sticking to a single distilling season to increase quality.
  21. lcpfratn

    What Dram Are You Enjoying Summer 2019

    Those are some serious Irish contenders! So, how did they rank?
  22. kevinbrink

    What bourbon did you pass on, Summer 2019?

    The Benromach 15, Yellow Spot, Famous Grouse and probably a backup HP Full Volume probably would have made it home with me
  23. LCWoody

    What Dram Are You Enjoying Summer 2019

    Had a little gathering with a few friends yesterday, it was for bourbon but turned into an Irish tasting also. The absolute best of the Irish. Wow!!! The RB 25y is a cask strength store pick.
  24. JCwhammie

    What Rye Did You Purchase/Drinking (2019)

    Maybe we can get that put together for the 2nd half of August or early September
  25. Vosgar

    Apollo 11 cigar lighters

    I lifted your credit card number when we were at the Sampler, but quickly found out today you need a higher limit.
  26. FasterHorses

    What Bourbon Did You Purchase Today, Summer 2019

    Hope Fred doesnt read this.
  27. Saw this the other evening while bourbon surfin' - thought WTr went BIB for their bourbons. The other couple same batch bottles on the shelf were BIB noted, only the one made no mention at all. Just an odd or early label screwup, or a bad omen for the future?
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