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  2. LCWoody

    What Rye Did You Purchase/Drinking (2019)

    I’m making it a Rye night. Starting with some 2019 Michters BP Rye.
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  4. clearmoon247

    The Vatting Thread 2018 and beyond

    Another vatting I have put together is "Poor Man's Lot-B" Eagle Rare (Fruity, not earthy bottle) - 360ml Weller SR - 360ml Paulet Cognac VS - 30ml I let this vatting marry for ~3-4 weeks before attempting the Triangle Test (3 pour blind samples to determine which is unique) against an actual pour of Lot-B and neither myself, nor my wife, who has an INSANE palate, could identify which was different. We were so happy with how it turned out, that we made a mock-up bottle to keep it in (Dont worry, the back of the bottle has the recipe for the vatting)
  5. Mako254

    What Would You Choose?

    I’ll second Turkey. If you are lucky Jimmy will sign your bottles. Use the $100 for a Russell’s Reserve and a Rare Breed or 101.
  6. nc_6789

    What Bourbon Did You Pass On Today (Fall 2019)

    Same shop, Weller SR for $150 and OWA for $90 - when I asked why the SR was priced higher, the manager said umm because ..... Also same shop, $299 for M10 bourbon and rye Sad thing is that the rest of the stuff in the store was priced well - i.e. Baby Saz $35, EHT SmB $45, etc
  7. mross

    Murray Effect

    Well, finally found one in a small LS that has a somewhat limited selection. I have not seen it since so the Murray effect may be happening.
  8. RWBadley

    What Would You Choose?

    I would try to fit Buffalo Trace into the tour. Beautiful facility
  9. Chefjohn

    What Would You Choose?

    I’ll look into that. I’ve not heard of it. Thank you.
  10. JCwhammie

    Small Glencairn?

    The spey dram glass seems like what you're looking for. https://www.behindthebar.com/urban-bar-spey-dram-whiskey-glasses-4-oz-set-of-6
  11. Vosgar

    What Would You Choose?

    Regardless of which distillery you visit, you might want to take a side trip to the Oscar Getz Whiskey Museum in Bardstown. Well worth your time IMHO
  12. Spade

    Irish whiskey vs. Scotch

    I'd add Springbank 12 cask strength as well. It's not always available but can be obtained without too much effort. It's a bit pricey compared to Laphroaig 10 CS, but it's comparable in price to Abrelour A'bunadh or Redbreast 12 CS. Springbank 12 is in my personal top 10 of reasonably available whiskies (scotch, irish, or otherwise).
  13. Chefjohn

    What Would You Choose?

    No the bourbon doesn’t have to come from the distillery. I have done Makers Mark. It was a fantastic tour. I’m wanting to go to S-W for it’s history, I’m really into bourbons history.
  14. MoneyMaaster

    2019 Weller C.Y.P.B Release?

    Awesome thanks. Ill check the bottles again when i get home
  15. Spotted a bottle of Booker’s Country Ham in my local Total Wine, but passed.
  16. Marekv8

    What Would You Choose?

    Does the gift bourbon need to come from the distillery you're touring? If so, S-W only carries IW Harper NAS, IW Harper 15, Bulleit, Blade & Bow and potentially a random Orphan Barrel release. The Stitzel-Weller facility is well worth the visit from a historical perspective, but I'd recommend picking up the bourbon at a local friendly retailer. A hundred bucks is a tough threshold, if you're seeking something that's literally sitting on the shelf. The LUXCO Double Barrel 12yo is interesting and limited-- but is going to jump your budget. Barterhouse 20yo?
  17. Cornmuse

    What Would You Choose?

    This. Very solid advise.[emoji106]
  18. JCwhammie

    What Would You Choose?

    Diageo owns S-W now. Unless things have changed since the Bulleit distillery opened, only Bulleit products are sold at that old S-W distillery. That wouldn't be my choice to go. I love Wild Turkey, so that's my first choice. Jimmy Russell often sits in the lobby and signs bottles for customers. He's nice as can be. Makers Mark has a beautiful distillery, and their tour is pretty neat. You can probably buy one of their private select bottles there.
  19. For my birthday my wife is taking me to a distillery of my choice (I chose Stitzel-Weller) and letting me pick out a bourbon I really want. I’m fairly new to fine bourbon though not new to bourbon overall. I’d like to keep the cost to around $100. What would you guys choose?
  20. CUfan99

    New Riff. It finally happened...

    I haven’t seen any 5 year New Riff this fall. Does anybody know what their plan is for barrels they held back?
  21. GaryT

    Small Glencairn?

    I think that 'Wee Glencairn' is what Heaven Hill sells in their gift shop (and used to give you as part of one of the tastings). That is one of my favorite glasses for tasting events because it helps limit the pour size (if there are dozens of bottles available, where one might get over exuberant). Plus it really seems to irritate folks when they glance over and think I turned into a giant based on the scale of the glass to my hand
  22. HoustonNit

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking Today (Fall 2019)

    Yeah slightly intentional, it’s an F.
  23. Harry in WashDC

    Cocktail Hour 2019

    For those of us with faulty memories (and you know who you are, but I don't remember who you are), and for those of us who have no idea what the recipe is but would like to know, SmJ posted this cocktail's recipe circa SEP 2016 here on SB in a cocktail thread (don't remember the specific "Topic"). According to a hard copy of that recipe I put in my 3X5 card cocktail file, it is - 1.5 oz. bourbon like BT 0.5 oz. aged rum agricole 0.5 oz. Cynar 0.5 oz. sloe gin 0.5 oz. creme de cacao 3 dashes Angostura bitters Stir with ice in a shaker and strain and serve up as in the picture above. EdIt - This can be made ahead of time (but not TOO far ahead) as a batch for pre-dinner cocktails. Mix everything but the ice and cover tightly. About 15 minutes before the humans arrive, go ahead and add SOME ice to the pitcher and stir a little. Serve up. OR, don't add ice and pour servings as needed into small Old Fashioned glasses over ice. We have Christmas Eve dinner for family and friends, and I do a gin-base pre-mix and a bourbon-base pre-mix. Last Christmas, this was the bourbon-base. It was a hit. WATCH the creme de cacao, though, as some of the cheaper brands make it too sweet when the recipe is grossed up.
  24. bourbon4all

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking Today (Fall 2019)

    Problem is.... us Lawrenceburg men/women can’t see what Rickhouse is on that tag!
  25. flahute

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking Today (Fall 2019)

    The promise is still good!
  26. Sometimes a retailer would have the empty barrel in the store. You could check the barrel head for dates. A barrel number should be enough to get the same information from the distillery.
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