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  2. Bourbon Ted

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking Today (Spring 2020)

    I've got a bunch of good ones but Turkey is the best in my opinion.
  3. LCWoody

    What Rum/Rhum did you buy today?

    I have been seeing this and thought, you have to diversify, but I’m out on this, not my type...... I do like the BR Single barrel though.
  4. Today
  5. Another new bottle tonight. Everything is tasting great out of my BT glass. Ive been in a weird place lately.... old fashioned? glass and ice in my bourbon (cube added after photo) whatever. I’m enjoying it!
  6. jnewberg

    What Bourbon Did You Purchase Today (Spring 2020)

    This arrived today from Georgia
  7. CardsandBourbon

    What Bourbon Did You Purchase Today (Spring 2020)

    Have you opened it yet, and if so how was it?
  8. Yesterday
  9. This was one of the most confusing tasting notes I’ve ever read.
  10. 0895

    Cocktail Hour - 2020

  11. This bottle definitely has its place. But was not a daily. I really enjoyed it and will by another. But I'm not sure I really liked it. Even though this is my third bottle of the batch. It will s definitely for those who like scotch, and rye. All the flavors fight constantly for attention, and they all showed up.
  12. They were not wrong. I PMed a few locals about this one, and I'll be going back for more.
  13. flahute

    Tours and gift shop Covid status?

    LOL! I respect your attitude! Yes, I hear you on "safe". I should have said "with less risk". That's what it boils down to for each individual.
  14. Not one I drank a lot of although I agree it was always a great value at around or under $30 (A bit like Eagle Rare used to be as well). I still have an "Arts & Crafts" label bottle somewhere. Not even open according to my spreadsheet. Maybe I need to go dig it out!
  15. tanstaafl2

    Cocktail Hour - 2020

    Mezcal Negroni's (typically called a Oaxacan Negroni) I have had (and like) are typically made with a bit more mezcal than a standard gin negroni although the classic 1:1:1 ratio is also still used. Even as much as 2:1:1. But that is a matter of taste! And of course even with gin the classic 1:1:1 ratio is just a starting point. I also like a Kingston Negroni. Smith & Cross works well in that. The Spinto Bitter Rosso is an interesting variation. Don't think I have had that! Then again I also don't typically use Campari, prefering the "Ticonpari" used by one of my favorite bars instead. It is a blend of 50% Leopold Bros. Aperitivo and Gran Classico. Less sweet than Campari which also has an artificial taste to it to me. Clearly not enough bugs...
  16. BottledInBond

    What Bourbon Did You Pass On Spring/Summer 2020?

    The variations of distribution and pricing state to state or region to region are significant. For whatever reason, EHT seems to be pretty regularly available here. I can usually find the small batch for $40 or less. The single barrel isn’t always around but it’s usually at or close to $60 when I see it. The rye is often available right around $65. I definitely understand that it isn’t as commonly available in other markets, or the pricing is worse. To me personally, I’m not a buyer at $85 but I certainly understand if others are fine with that price.
  17. tanstaafl2

    Tours and gift shop Covid status?

    Ain't none of it going to be "safe" anytime soon. There is enough information out there, at least for me, to decide what is safe enough and decide if I am going to go or not. It is time to open things back up. Especially my favorite bars! And I am going as soon as I can. Even if it kills me...
  18. tanstaafl2

    What Rye are you Drinking/Purchase (2020)

    Very humble of them to label their pick as "Marvelous Rye"...
  19. tanstaafl2

    What Rye are you Drinking/Purchase (2020)

    Not sure it has gained much age. They tend to bottle it young (as with pretty much all their products) and get it out the door.
  20. tanstaafl2

    What "Other American Whisky" are you drinking?

    I found it easier to just let it go and be done with! Hasn't done me any harm...
  21. tanstaafl2

    What Dram Are You Enjoying Spring/Summer 2020

    That was a good one! 2020 is reported to be a blend of whisky fully matured in a combination of ex'bourbon and second fill ruby pot which is then finished in unspecified red wine casks. Sounds intriguing! If I can find it. Which is sometimes a challenge.
  22. tanstaafl2

    Japanese Whiskey Folks...

    Great. Now even the Japanese are making crap up. I did know about sochu style "whisky" but was willing to let that slide. And fortunately it is too difficult to get and too expensive to bother with for the most part anymore. Recently got some Nikka from the Barrel (which I now have no idea what is in it. Fortunately I like it any way.) but that might be my last buy until and if they do a better job of regulating and labeling. Which may well be never!
  23. tanstaafl2

    What Rum/Rhum did you buy today?

    Mate its wonderful but I don't think I would go there either!
  24. Good luck EVER finding it for that. I've personally never seen it locally below $79.99.
  25. BottledInBond

    What Bourbon Did You Pass On Spring/Summer 2020?

    EH Taylor single barrel is a $59.99 MSRP bottle. Some love it here, some prefer the small batch. I certainly would not pay $85 for it personally
  26. scratchline


    Mezcal negroni. Great value clay pot mezcal.
  27. I've passed on nearly everything since covid hit the fan. I bought just a single bottle in all of May, our new ECPS. The bunker isn't even dented yet. And I've been trying!
  28. Just moved a box of them so I know where to go get one down in the bunker. Will have to crack one open here soon! Haven't been tempted by the new bottles of it for $50+ I see now occasionally. Thanks to the SBers who taught me to hoard the good barrels when found. Giggity!
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