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  2. TimeWillTell

    Empty bottle(s) support group ~ 2019

    Lost my first dog today, Andy. Got him as a sophomore in undergrad. Was a good boy and will be missed. Here's to him.
  3. HoustonNit

    Confess Your Unpopular Bourbon Opinion

    I can definitely get behind this.
  4. fishnbowljoe

    Prohibition bottle found. Need info!

    We try and be as helpful as we can with information and such, but we aren't an appraisal site. And just in case you're trolling for a sale or trade, the buying, selling or trading of alcohol without a license is illegal for all intensive purposes. That's why we don't allow it here. Even the mentioning or hinting of such is frowned upon. Not trying to be a wise guy, but I'm guessing you didn't read the site rules, or helpful hints for new members threads. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact myself or any of the other staff members. Joe
  5. Today
  6. TheNovaMan

    Unofficial Castle & Key tour

  7. I'm on the HM10 bandwagon. Pulled this from guy from the bunker a few weeks ago. Not too shabby.
  8. FasterHorses

    Redemption 10 pricing?

    $109 in Nashville. Maybe $99 at one shop. A little prohibitive. I thin they would sell out in one day if they went to prices like WP.
  9. Golferpimp1

    What Beer Did You Purchase 2019

    Snagged some KBS. Wanted to try the 2019 variation. I will say this is starting to push my price point. It was about $29 after taxes. Ugh.
  10. jodytek

    Nashville Liquor Store Suggestions

    Check out Corkdorks. Locations in Midtown and near the Greenhills Mall. They typically have store selections, and hidden gems if you look around enough. The midtown location often does different tasting events as well. Have personally been to one for the Beam brand and another for scotch’s. Both were very well done, had snack pairings and brought in well versed reps to help guide through them. The best part is, totally free and the often offer first dibs on purchasing of small batch items. One even sent us home with some nice makers mark glasses. Just ask one of the staff and they’ll be happy to tell you all about it.
  11. TehRegion219

    What Bourbon Did You Purchase Today, Spring 2019

    Passed on a Blantons, CEHT small batch among a couple other BT products. The VOB was a whole $12.... couldn’t leave it even if it’s 80 proof. The JTSB BiB is from a suggestion from a friend who also turned me on to old Fitzgerald 80 proof and I really dig the OF. Idk why I got the 1792 FP, total tater moment I guess. I’m not really into 110+ proof but......who knows what I’ll like in a few years. The Weller is just to add to the bunker so I can enjoy it on a weekly basis.
  12. tanstaafl2

    Older MGP Ryes?

    But mostly WP I suspect. Of course originally they claimed it was all from Vermont...
  13. Jeez, was it limited to dive bars??? I am guessing that says more about the bartenders than it does about whiskey!
  14. The Irish typically use the E in whiskey as it was intended to be!
  15. The last pour of Bookers from my decanter. Since I have a fair number of other barrel proof bottles I like much better (and cost less) this was probably the last Bookers I will have. It was a good one, just not good enough. Go Braves!
  16. FatherOfPugs

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking? (Spring 2019)

    A little Henry McKenna 10 year this evening.
  17. kevinbrink

    Redemption 10 pricing?

    That is pretty much the going rate.
  18. kevinbrink

    Older MGP Ryes?

    because of shenanigans many of the supposed MGP WP picks still say imported from Canada on them, this of course could be due to shenanigans of WP or the retailers....
  19. EarthQuake

    Confess Your Unpopular Bourbon Opinion

    Wild Turkey suits me just fine as well.
  20. LCWoody

    Older MGP Ryes?

    It will (should) say on the back.
  21. kevinbrink

    Dang it... I want my money back.

    My only qualm with it is it could use more proof.
  22. Curtis Reed

    Mashbill #2 Tasting

    From what I understand, they use the same yeast strain for all of their products... So with same mash bill, the flavors would have to come from rick house locations, different barrel char and entry proofs?
  23. Just around the corner this coming Saturday 11 AM to 7 PM. http://wildernesstraildistillery.com/events/ Any locals going to this? I will go with another member on the board. Would love to meet some of you all. I will be there around 1 and will wear my WT T-shirt.
  24. Curtis Reed

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking? (Spring 2019)

    The nose on the Rye (not the barrel proof) was fantastic, but the flavors were non-existent and fell waaaay short of my expectations for the price point.
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