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  2. Impressive. Love that SB.COM 23 yr old.
  3. Nice Jeff. Very nice. See you in Bardstown this week? Biba? Joe
  4. I'd like to say "All of them I currently own!" Although that would require death to be accommodating to my schedule (I may need more time!) I can honestly say that I've probably already drank the highest quality bottles I've ever owned (or at least drank them before). But if I had X months to live - my SB picks of HHSS would be high on my list to enjoy!
  5. WTKS, barrel 0626, warehouse F, bottled 1/14/19. My first purchase of WTKS since the bottle change. $55 at Total Wine and More in Lexington, KY. Nice pour with strong vanilla and burnt sugar notes. Medium finish with little burn. I really like this, but I much prefer the old bottle!
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  7. lcpfratn

    What Bourbon Did You Purchase Today, Spring 2019

    Wow! You need to buy a lottery ticket ASAP. GTS at retail a few days ago, and now an aged stated BH and WP for $25! The luck is strong in this one!
  8. lcpfratn

    Nashville Liquor Store Suggestions

    Check out Elixir Spirits in Springhill. There are also some nice stores in the Franklin area, but prices can be a little higher in some of them.
  9. jwperry

    Dang it... I want my money back.

    He's doing a bang up job as aren't they the biggest distiller in the world? You don't get there with bad products or folks listening to internet nobodies like me. Same for my wife and I; CR was the fancy whisky we'd splurge on for holidays and ask for as gifts. That's why I was so let down with the bourbon mash variant. At least it came with the little bag!
  10. Sometimes my "doubting Thomas" gene rises up when I see something that sounds unbelievable, especially with a new poster like yourself. People can say anything on these types of forums and who can dispute them. It does make things interesting tho. But hey, people do win the powerball just like they luck into finding BTAC multiples at MSRP.
  11. No worries, I was shocked myself (in terms of the price). I know of several other liquor stores that get BTAC products months after their initial release, however they charge hundreds above retail. On another note, found an old age stated BH, want to see how it compares to the NAS current release. It was in the back of the row, moved it up front for the picture, also snagged that mispriced WP
  12. Looking forward to the photo... Seriously, I am.
  13. That is a very rare occurrence.
  14. I've read some past threads but are there any good whiskey/bourbon liquor stores in the Nashville area? Only checked out Frugal McDougal's so far and while the selection was large, nothing to write home about and no "store selections" from what I saw.
  15. graftonbc1

    What Bourbon Did You Purchase Today, Spring 2019

    I was out looking for different batches of Makers Mark Cask Strength, when I came across an old dusty 375, batch 15-05. Got it for 30 bucks. Tastes great. Should be fun to include in an MM flight with guests.
  16. GaryT

    The Tuath Whiskey Glass

    Anyone else try these? I had an opportunity in Ireland to enjoy some pours in a bar that used these (I didn't know what in the hell they were ), and my recollection is that they were fine for nosing glasses, although I didn't care for the base. I thought at one point I went to set it down, and one of the points was facing directly at the table so it hit the table before I thought it would and almost made me spill. It wasn't my home environment, or maybe (for sure) I'm just a clutz.
  17. Josh

    Four roses 2013 limited edition

    Great find! I don't have any of those left myself, sadly. Enjoy!
  18. LCWoody

    Older MGP Ryes?

    Redemption 10y is the oldest that I know is available now.
  19. smokinjoe

    Dang it... I want my money back.

    Little known fact: Sam-I-Am is the Director of Marketing at Crown Royal...
  20. GaryT

    Dang it... I want my money back.

    It isn't bourbon (and they changed the name later to 'blenders mash' after complaints, because being in Canada they can't legally produce bourbon). I hadn't tried it, but I did enjoy the 13 yr version of the stuff. Although I also had a CR where I wanted my money back: Cask No 16. Cognac finished CR that set me back $90 several years back. My wife and I used to drink Crown as our go-to in our youth, and I was just getting into 'premium whiskey' when she spotted that in a store and asked if we should try it. It was the first bottle of whiskey she'd asked about in forever, so I lept at the opportunity - hoping it would not get her waaaaaay into my hobby (because then it would be cost prohibitive), but maybe foster some mutual interest in some areas. Nope - neither of us were impressed, and I wound up blending it into other CR stuff over the years (and I mean years - I think I just finished it off recently but bought it back in 2011 or 2012?)
  21. Harry in WashDC

    How do you all acquire these bottles?

    flahute's answer works. I was going to suggest visiting the websites of states that closely control spirits sales - Virginia, New Hampshire, and Michigan come to mind. They post price lists. I like the other answer better - less typing.
  22. Harry in WashDC

    Confess Your Unpopular Bourbon Opinion

    (My response really belongs over on the "has the bubble popped" thread or whatever it's called, but . . .) Virginia ABC Board's website publishes the results of its LE auctions (open to Virginia residents only, BTW, and only one winner per entry and only one entry per human). 414 bottles of ORVW 10 @ $60 per attracted over 17,900 entrants while 360 of EC 18 @ $130 attracted 6,200+.
  23. jwperry

    Dang it... I want my money back.

    Crown Royal Bourbon Mash. I don't even think it is actually bourbon, but a marketing ploy to get suckers (like me!) to buy it. Didn't like it neat, didn't like it on ice, didn't like it with diet Dr Pepper or Cherry Coke zero. I used the remainder of the bottle to soak some wood and create a lighter log for my fire pit...it didn't even do that well!
  24. MI_Bourbon

    Castle & Key Tour For Our April 2019 Gathering

    I have to assume Fred will be the guide. Shoot me a text at 734-664-nine three six eight to confirm.
  25. Grabbed another EH Taylor Small Batch. Surprised there was still any around and not sure when it may be back.
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