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  2. parksmart

    What Bourbon Did You Purchase Today (Summer 2020)

    Unobtanium at MSRP here in CA......
  3. Today
  4. I passed on the new Master Picke bottles that have shown up in Georgia this past week. Got to try a sample of barrel #2, and while it was good it was not $150.00 good. Not even close. Took my Buffalo Trace sp and headed out of the store.
  5. Nice to pick up a couple of Wellers at retail this past week.
  6. One of the many reasons why he fits in so well here. Cheers to you as well!
  7. PhantomLamb

    What Bourbon Did You Pass On Spring/Summer 2020?

    Passed on WT Decades Oloroso Sherry Cask and Ryes at about $200 each. Was looking for the 17 yr. BIB, if that was available, I might have pulled the trigger.
  8. I see what you did there!
  9. Hey, nice! I was wondering when this would show up around here. Let us know your thoughts sometime.
  10. I think if I owned a liquor store I would package these bottles with sacks of potatoes in elaborate gift baskets, just to be funny
  11. WT101 rye ~ Pikesville rye I like them both a lot honestly.
  12. marshall9779

    What Rye are you Drinking/Purchase (2020)

    Some OFR last night.
  13. Mako254

    Sweetens Cove

    Got sent a sample. Tastes like Dickel.
  14. marshall9779

    Mini Barrel Aging Project

    It’s developed a little smokiness to it both in the nose and palate along with a little more sweetness. It’s starting to remind me of how young craft bourbons taste. Not overly so yet so gonna keep going since I’m hoping to try and get some of those stronger initial flavors like that out on this first batch.
  15. I haven’t had the Amaranth. Love the AY50. My comment about the two was the price tier that they’re typically found in on the secondary market.
  16. fishnbowljoe

    What Bourbon Did You Pass On Spring/Summer 2020?

    Here’s an addendum to my post. I just had to know, so I did a little research. Six stores are owned by this particular group or entity. I’ve been to four of ‘em. Having CRS sucks. These stores suck too. With my memory jogged, I remember one of their stores I visited a couple of years ago.They had Weller 12, but you could only buy it as part of a package deal. Weller 12, and two nondescript pos’s for the low, low price of $150.00.
  17. Thanks! That means a lot coming from the true Weller Whore that you are. Lol Well seriously if I could share a pour or two from this bottle I would. I'm just a Weller layman and would like to hear what Weller experts (aka Weller whores) think about it.
  18. fishnbowljoe

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking Today (Summer 2020)

    Congrats on the purchase K. Ya’ done real good. Nice notes too. I admit that I’m a jealous Weller Whore. Carry on, and enjoy. Biba! Joe
  19. Wedelstaedt

    What Bottle Did You Open Today? 2020

    Folks, this is how you do it. Buy it, open it, enjoy it. Kepler obviously doesn't live in Taterville! Jealous. Cheers
  20. This new Weller Single Barrel is a different animal than any other Weller-labeled bourbon I've tasted before. No age statement but obviously an older whiskey, with some drying tannins on the finish. It reminds me more of the Pappy VW series (15 & 20) than the regular Weller line such as W12 or OWA. The dryer tannins with this bourbon is NOT a bad thing. Perfect example of what people mean when they say wheated bourbons handle older aging better than rye-based bourbons. Thumbs up for me on this new WSiB.
  21. Kepler

    Help me pick my first Rye whisky.

    Haha. Well played. I do love the 101 rye too. But that Pikesville...
  22. Paddy

    quality bourbon for gift??

    It seems like he has the experience to discern a complex, high proof, aged pour. Based on that, I second the LB recommendation. If you can’t find that, I’d go for one of the Barrel Boubon expressions.
  23. JCwhammie

    Help me pick my first Rye whisky.

    I respect your opinions, I'm a few drinks in, so...
  24. fishnbowljoe

    Help me pick my first Rye whisky.

    Maybe you could just grab an 81 proof WT Rye instead. That’s what I accidentally did when I bought what I thought was a 101 rye for Galvin0791. Mike, Vosgar and I had a few laughs over that little faux pas. Bib! Joe
  25. Kepler

    Help me pick my first Rye whisky.

    Pikesville > WT101
  26. Kepler

    quality bourbon for gift??

    Bingo. Best idea yet. If you can still find it.
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