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  2. Last week, when I was on the road, I passed on Saffel and Bond & Lillard. Both were $45 a 375ml. I know some will say the Saffel is so good, and they would have bought it. When I do the math, and the out the door price is $100 a 750ml, I can't do it.
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  4. flahute

    Jack Daniels entering the RTD canned cocktail market

    I could see the whiskey and seltzer combo being zero carb but agree that the others have to have them unless they are of the "diet" variety.
  5. fishnbowljoe

    What Bourbon Did You Pass On Spring/Summer 2020?

    True, but Old Taylor does go back aways. Biba! Joe
  6. PhantomLamb

    Bar Coasters

    Thanks Joe. My company is located in Louisville, KY so I head to the motherland quite a bit but no trips planned for a while due to COVID-19. Will check out the online shops. Thanks,
  7. That article must be wrong stating each cocktail has 0 carbs. Honey is almost pure carbs, and cola has a lot of carbs (unless it's artificial). Man, $12.99 a four pack or $3.99 a single is steep, not that I'm a potential customer. You know knuckle heads will buy this. When I was growing up, people talked about JD like it was something magical.
  8. BottledInBond

    What Bourbon Did You Pass On Spring/Summer 2020?

    I believe 2011 is correct for when BT created the Colonel EH Taylor line as we know it today. They purchased the original Old Taylor brand in 2009.
  9. Perhaps if you asked SWMBO to stop in and have a chat with them, they'd change their ways
  10. I have a tough time getting the Loch & K(e)y folks to celebrate my birthday, let alone Chinese New Year. But they all seem to like drinking my stash of amber spirits . . . . . . .
  11. I get that it is a newer brand (not sure I realized it was that recent) but its still really good juice by my pallet. I do like all of them, with the BP and rye being my favorites. The single barrel like any single barrel product van be inconsistent, but still ranging from good to great. I do respect that BT has held the line on CEHT pricing. This is perceived as a premium brand, but it's MSRP does not reflect that.
  12. I guess I transposed the historical person CEHT with the bourbon, and figured they both were historic. Thanks for sharing.
  13. No, I'm talking about the Single Barrel. I haven't personally paid that much but is VERY RARELY seen locally. I've been able to get it a few times in other markets in the $50s. The Small Batch runs about $50 here locally as well, which I also won't pay. I can very occasionally find it around $40. As for EHTBP...forget it. I have never, ever, ever seen a bottle in a store in Missouri at any price. When I do see it across the river in Illinois its usually $125 to $150. The rye is $75 to $90.
  14. Jack Daniels bringing “crap in a can” to try to attract more of the unwashed masses to drink “whiskey”.
  15. These were too cheap to pass up. £39.99 for the Nadurra and £37.99 for the 15.
  16. Richnimrod

    What Bourbon Did You Purchase Today (Spring 2020)

    There ya' go! This is the sort of rationale we're failing to grasp here! Judging Bourbons only by our satisfaction with the contents versus the cost is sooooooo missing the entire point! Wake up folx!!!!!
  17. Rockefeller

    What Bourbon Did You Purchase Today (Spring 2020)

    I guess it's good enough for John Wick
  18. Yeah, no kidding! You’d think for all the empties I’ve been generating there would be some kind of visible dent. (*sigh*)
  19. CEHT is not actually a "legendary" brand. I'm certainly no bourbon historian but I believe Sazerac/Buffalo Trace created the brand out of thin air around 2011 or thereabouts (site experts feel free to chime in here). The Colonel EH Taylor brand capitalized off the historic "Old Taylor" brand name. I certainly enjoy CEHT whiskies as much as the next guy, but if I'm not wrong, the brand itself is pure contemporary BT marketing hype.
  20. Good god man. $80 for the SINGLE barrel?!? Are you sure you didn't mean Barrel Proof? I get the SiB for $56ish... but granted now it's very hard to find and has the dreaded "allocated" tag now (sham). (Note to other people out there, please do us all a favor and never pay ridiculous upcharge prices to these Tater Retail stores. Just pass.)
  21. And here I was thinking all he really meant was "It didn't taste great but it was good enough to get me drunk"
  22. Haha so true. Back in my single days I had ex-girlfriend "relations" like that.
  23. I both love and hate those nights. I love them because so many whiskies taste awesome. I hate them because it gets me excited about whiskies that I then hate for the week following that night.
  24. For my last pour of the night I stepped up a level to an absolute stellar Knob Creek PS single barrel from several years ago. There is a lot of "tater hype" around the various 14-15 year Knob Creek store picks that have been recently available. But I am here to tell you that this "mere" 9 year pick from a well-regarded store known for excellent private selections is every bit as good as those -- and IMO even better than most!
  25. In fairness I will say that I'm a legit fan of the regular DN "Reserve" black label (rye based bourbon). It's quite a nice bourbon for the price that I will definitely buy again.
  26. Maybe, but it's probably just one of those "good palate nights" that I get every now and then when a lot of average stuff tastes good.
  27. JCwhammie

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking Today (Spring 2020)

    I put mine in the freezer a few months ago to use as a mixer. Maybe I should give it another chance, but in the past it's also been very meh
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