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  2. kevinbrink

    Fun with TTB COLA's Online

    Barrell batch 020 https://www.ttbonline.gov/colasonline/viewColaDetails.do?action=publicFormDisplay&ttbid=19100001000737 This one seems to have an issue do some people not know how google works? https://www.ttbonline.gov/colasonline/viewColaDetails.do?action=publicFormDisplay&ttbid=19098001001097 Laws Four Grain Bonded https://www.ttbonline.gov/colasonline/viewColaDetails.do?action=publicFormDisplay&ttbid=19094001001163
  3. CUfan99

    What Rye Did You Purchase/Drinking (2019)

    I have a Willett rye I feel the same way about; very sweet with a very pronounced muscadine note. I've mixed a sample of it with a sample of Rebel Yell 10 yr SiB for a four grain experiment. We'll see.
  4. That would drive me insane!
  5. Today
  6. Ha. My wife and I do our grocery shopping together every week. With the two young kids to boot. I dread it each week so much. But wife and I eat totally different things so we get our own food. Yep, we each have different meals almost every night also. Usually four different meals for four different people. Dinner time is a struggle.
  7. Carnagusfarnbuckler

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking? (Spring 2019)

    What I do when I get a 1.75 is decant it into two old 750's
  8. ebo

    Do you blend

    I know. Someone here gave me the tip to blend with the Bulleit because FR was making it for them. Even upping the proof didn't help the FRYL enough for me to enjoy it...lol.
  9. Postal Grunt

    Empty bottle(s) support group ~ 2019

    It was goodbye to a HMcK BiB this afternoon. Now I have to see if the fame has caused a famine so to speak.
  10. MTNB, I had the newer version of this last night, quality pour but I didn’t enjoy as much as I remembered drinking many bottles of this one of yours. I’ve got 2 bottles of the newer and hoping this one spreads it’s wings after a bit or the other is a little better example.. I was a little disappointed..
  11. Honestly, if I'm willing to buy it, it gets opened. If it's more than I want to spend, pass. My wife throws a fit when I buy Pappy, suggesting I should sell it, but I just pull the tab on the seal to end the argument... I always offer the first pour to the LS I buy from. Just to prove I'm not flipping, but have never been asked to do it...
  12. My man, Cohiba, yes!! Right on, well done! That could be battery acid in that glass and would’ve paired up nicely! The ER a much better choice however. Carry on....
  13. TimeWillTell

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking? (Spring 2019)

    Opened this tonight and enjoyed first pour. I haven't tried all the famous limited releases (pappy, btac, etc) but this is my favorite whiskey I've had and a steal for the $50 price tag.
  14. lcpfratn

    Confess Your Unpopular Bourbon Opinion

    That was my drink for years in my late teens and early twenties. For some reason, it tasted better than Jack & Coke to me.
  15. Everything I have is fair game aside from a few souvenir bottles that will likely remain unopened. They're nothing of value on the secondary market, just sentimental value. As Paul said, there are some that I've yet to open or return to infrequently because of the lack of available replacement, but they all will be finished at some point.
  16. I don't think it's really value that keeps me from opening items as much as the inability to easily replace things that keeps me from opening some. Although I've tried to do a better job of opening up some pretty nice stuff too.
  17. Nice little pour.
  18. No need to pour it out. You could use it to clean windows or paint brushes...
  19. Knilas

    So, whatcha smokin?

    Diggin the ashtray!
  20. Ok I remember it Dant being very different, EW seemed more sweet, vanilla, while Dant seemed more dry and earthy. Might of been something with the bottle I had though. When you get a chance to compare please let us know your thoughts.
  21. FatherOfPugs

    So, whatcha smokin?

    Cohiba Robusto this evening with some Eagle Rare and the pugs.
  22. FatherOfPugs

    What Bourbon Are You Drinking? (Spring 2019)

    Eagle Rare, pugs, and a cigar on the patio this afternoon before the storms started.
  23. No, I dont remember EWBIB being similar, I just want to compare how different they are since they're all the same mashbill and the same proof.
  24. Snow here as been gone for about 2 weeks now, although it has been down to or at freezing the past few nights. I've heard further North did more snow than we did this year and the mountains still have plenty for another week or two of skiing. It seemed to be a lighter winter this year compared to our first one here. I'm sure we will pay for it next winter. We are usually about a month to a month and a half behind on flowers blooming than back home in KY. Tree buds are just now starting to show up.
  25. I guess it's nice to know some items now sell for much more than the original purchase price. I've tasted in the past, all but one bottle that are unopened in the bunker. What keeps me from opening some bottles is the practical impossibility of replacing.
  26. Tasting notes on the Dant compared to EW BIB? It’s been years but I remember having a kind earthy root vegetable taste? Wasn’t my thing at the time but I’d like to revisit it.
  27. Sometimes that's the only option. On to better things!
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