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Ryes on sale at Shopper's Vineyard

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Got this earlier this AM:

Everyone who buys from me knows my eLetters are always great deals. Not everyone may buy what I promote, but I think we’ve known each other long to know I don’t offer something unless I know I’m going to give you a great value. Well, I’ve put together an e-mail that I think strengthens my point. Today I’m going to promote Rittenhouse Bottled in Bond 100 Proof Rye and Vintage Rye 23yr Rye. I have two quick stories on these ryes:

Rittenhouse Bottled in Bond is an award winning rye. It’s comes from Heaven Hill Distillery and was named, “North American Whiskey of the Year†at the 2006 San Francisco Spirits Competition. This rye retailed for about $14/bottle and it always sold out. It was also hard to get. Until recently, I hadn’t gotten a delivery in about 8 months. I’m going to run a special price: $11.99/bottle. That’s the cheapest around.

The second item I’m promoting is Vintage Rye 23yr Rye, which comes from the Kentucky Bourbon Distillery. I classify this as an “inventory reduction†promotion. I’m sitting with a fair bit of cases and I want to move them through the system. I’m going to put it on sale for $89.99/bottle. The average price of this item is $100/bottle. Not a bad deal if you ask me.



I didn't get any Vintage 23. Even at the sale price, it's a little more than I'm looking to spend right now. I did jump on a few of the Rittenhouse. It's been one I've wanted to try for a while but had never found any available. Now I've got a couple to drink and a couple to put in reserve for a rainy day. :cool:

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