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BTAC Info Sheet Thread

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The Black Tot

As others have said, glad to read about the GTS, since it's my fave of the BTAC.


Happy to read we didn't have any 80% evaporation tragedies apart from ER17 this year.


Proofs are way down this year, not that I mind - perfectly happy when they're in the 120s. In fact I'm always happy when they're under 140 since my life is easier when they can be taken legally on planes.


Don't care much about the new Saz18 or the current ER17 (it would be a different story if they released either at barrel proof like GTS or WLW, but...), so this year has really gone my way! Long may numbers like this continue!

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Was just going to post the above, maybe I can actually score a WLW or Stagg with those numbers.

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I was fortunate enough to snag a bottle from each of the last two releases at relatively close to MSRP, selected from my favorite LS's waiting list (I think they must've given me a few stars by my name or something for being a regular).  Seeing the increased numbers, here's hoping I snag another this year!  But, the only ones I would consider paying a premium above MSRP for are the WLW and GTS . . . even then, I have my limits, and they're not very high. 

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