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Craziest Cocktail... who wants grilled cheese...

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At the end, the guy who tasted it looked like he was going to hurl before smiling and saying, "It's nice." Yeah, right.

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this reminds me of a recipe i saw mentioned on a local blog... maybe it was inspired by the grilled cheese sandwich cocktail?

Cheeseburger Cocktail

Step 1: Infuse Ground Beef and Rum

1 lb Ground Beef

16 oz Flor De Cana 7 yr Rum

*Cook Beef until Brown. Combine Rum and Beef and Cover. Let Sit 1 Hour. Strain Into Container – Press Beef To Get All The Juices Out. Seal the Container and Put In Freezer For 2 Hours. Strain and Seal and put in Freezer 1 Hour. Strain Into Bottle.

Step 2: Make Lettuce and Onion Foam

Blend 1/2 Head Lettuce and Strain (Should Yield 10 oz)

Blend 1 Onion and Strain

Step 3: Combine 1.5 oz Onion Juice to 10 oz Lettuce Juice – Add 8 Ounces Water.

Step 4: Bloom a Sheet of Gelatin in Cold Water for 2 Minutes and Whisk it Into Warm Water with 2 oz Sugar.

Step 5: Combine Lettuce/Onion Juice and Gelatin Sugar Water. Whisk.

Step 6: Pour Into Whipped Cream Canister and Charge 2 Times

Individual Recipe:

3 oz Ground Beef Infused Rum

Shake Over Ice – Strain Into Martini Glass.

Top with Lettuce Onion Foam

Garnish With a Pickle

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