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Whistling Andy's Moonshine Whiskey

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Got a bottle of this Montana product from my sister for my birthday. According to its website, it's a 4-grain mash of barley, winter wheat, corn and rye. Far too obscure to be a fair VBT candidate so I'll review it here (using the same format.)

COLOR: Completely clear. Infinitessimal beads and fast-running legs in a tasting glass.

NOSE: Oats(?!) Somehow all of the grains come together as almost a scent of Cheerios before the young ethanol hits.

TASTE: I taste the wheat over everything else (and originally misidentified it as 100% wheat whiskey) -- it reminds me of an unaged Bernheim. Sweet and cereal-ish on the tongue. I described it to my sister as "clean" -- it does not have the grappa/paint thinner taste of the first Old Potrero, for example.

FINISH: Harsh in the throat, and stronger than the 80 proof would indicate. Thick on the tongue in a good way, but not as "oily" as a corn whiskey.

OTHER COMMENTS: As with many of the new wave of micro-micro-distilleries, they have several products (vodka, gin, rum, etc.) to make money now and are claiming to put some distillate down to age as a straight whiskey. This recipe wouldn't come out as bourbon IMHO (can't really find the corn in the taste.)

The distillery website recommends some cocktails such as using it in a bloody mary. I'll try that, but I'm also going to experiment with a white Manhattan with a dry vermouth and maybe some Stirring's blood orange bitters to be a touch sweeter.

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