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Spicy whiskey drinks

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I'm sure some of you may be noticing a recurring theme in my posts regarding spice... in this particular iteration I am curious about any pepper spicy cocktails you folks have come up with. One of my favorites is served at Cedar's Social in downtown Dallas. They call it a Suicide Door 9. The ingredients are*

Ritt BiB


Habanero tincture

Absinthe spritz

Easily one of the best cocktails I've ever had in my life. The heavy rye spice of Ritt along with the habanero are a match made in heaven.

On a related note, I had a jalapeno and cucumber margarita yesterday that was to die for.

*currently trying to get the exact ratios for these ingredients, I'll update when I do

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I recreated the jalapeno cucumber margarita yesterday. I used

1.5oz Corzo silver tequila

.75oz Cointreau

.5oz fresh lime juice


muddle two cucumber slices with 1 or 2 jalapeno slices in a glass, pour margarita on top, fill with ice

note: take out the jalapeno seeds if you want a less spicy cocktail. either way, try to avoid going to the bathroom after handling sliced jalapenos

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Here you go, I was thinking a Bloody Mary is perfect for zippy spice and this one has the benefit of being a bourbon based version:


Chipotle Bourbon Bloody Mary - Char No 4 - Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

"It was smokey, bold, and smooth with balanced spiciness."

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