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No Rittenhouse Shortage in Chicago

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Yes, its been in state for at least two or three weeks.

I was told that the state as a whole did get fewer cases than than last year,maybe something to the order of 25% less?? I don't remember what I was told exactly, but I remember it was quite a decrease.

Need a hand? Let me know. Being the nice guy that I am, I will also take a look around the sunny St. Pete Beach FL area, I managed to get out of town before the cold and snow hit. :grin:

The white sand is almost like snow.......


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When Ritt BIB jumped from $14 to $19 seemingly overnight, I didn't buy a bottle for two years, but I'm back now and glad to get it for $23.

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Well, yes and no. In terms of subjective value, yes. In terms of where it fits into the category, no. Think of the prices for the other generally available 4 year old ryes on the market. (I'll use Minnesota prices knowing that it varies a lot geographically, but the point remains).

You have Overholt at around $10, Beam at somewhere over $15, where both of those are 80 proof. Wild Turkey is usually $20 or more and is probably the closest to Ritt BiB in terms of what it is. Bulleit falls in there somewhere around $24 for a 90 proofer but it probably has some older stock in it.

The next step up are a couple 90 proof six year olds, one official, one not: Baby Saz and Russell's Reserve. Both tend to be priced around $27 in my marketplace.

I guess I wouldn't to pay more for Rittenhouse than I would for a 6 year old.

By the way, has Ritt made it to Minnesota? I can't recall ever seeing it although it was available across the river in Hudson, WI for a while.

Yeah, I hear you. Admittedly I don't think too much about rye age unless they're extremely young or extremely old. In re: that midmarket space, I simply like Ritt much more than Saz or WTR. The former I'll buy in a pinch, the latter is just not for me.

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