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What's your pleasure, Mr. President?

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There is a cartoon, hanging in the Getz, with many of our past President's lookin rather wink.gifwink.gif short wink.gifwink.gif ...Hmmmmmm can't think of a better word to descirbe it...with the exception of Abraham Lincoln...but the rest of em look like they have been smashed grin.gif ... Erica (my daughter) says it's a political cartoon...I still say they all look a little smashed grin.gifgrin.gif The caption (above the cartoon) : What's Your Pleasure, Mr. President?

Nixon His preference Scotch

Garfield I wouldn't say no to a glass of Champagne Rhine wine or lager

Grant Generaly speaking I like whiskey

McKinley Don't mind if I do

Cleveland A little Champaigne would suit the season

Madison Wine if you have it, if not, I'll settle for punch

Polk I don't drink

Pierce Anything

Taft Half a glass of Champagne punch, so long as there's plenty of lemon juice, sugar and club soda in it for digestion

Taylor What's everybody else having?

Lincoln A drop of Champagne please, just to be civil


Washington Maderia, Claret, Port or Chanpagne. I'm not fussy

Teddy Roosevelt Cherry please

Tyler A Mint Julep, please. Crush a few sprigs of mint with a spoon in a clean glass or silver cup. Rub the mint over the inside of the glass, then throw away. Fill the glass with finely cracked ice. Slowly pour in a measure of bourbon. Then add about two tablespoons of water in which a lump of sugar has been disolved. Do not stir for decoration set a few sprigs of fresh mint in the mouth of glass

Truman Bourbon and branch

Filmore I never touch the stuff

Franklin Roosevelt I'll have an old fashioned, and down the Volstead Act. Muddle a lump of sugar, a dash of angostura bitters, and a splash of club soda in a old fashioned glass. Add a ice cube, a slice of orange, a couple of cherries, a twist of a lemon peel, a piece of pineapple, and about two ounces of whiskey. Top it off with a spash of club soda

Jefferson The best wine you may have in your cellar, sir

Arthur Wine Gentleman, but may I see the label

Wilson maybe a scotch and soda, but let's keep it out of the press

Jackson Well at my inaugural we had orange punch. The closest thing to it in this day, I suppose, would be to add the juice of 6 oranges to two pints of carbonated water, sweetened with sugar and put it in a punch bowl with 16 ounces of rum, two ounces of curacao, and a large piece of ice

JFK A daiquiri thank you. Take six parts white label rum, two parts lime juice, one part sugar syrup. Shake with shaved ice or beat in mixer

Adams My usual rum punch, please. Strain three cups of strong green tea over 1 and 1/2 pounds of white sugar until the sugar is dissolved. Add the juice of 6 lemons. The grated rind of three. One quart of Jamica rum and a quart of Brandy.

Lyndon Johnson A little Scotch in moderation

John Quincy Adams Sangaree, please. Simmer in water 8 cloves, a cinnamon stick, ten whole allspice, and some nutmeg for about twenty minutes. Strain and add 8 tablespoons of white sugar to the liquid. Cool: when ready to serve add four cups of a choice claret and pour over a block of ice in a punch bowl decorated with grapes and grape leaves.

Monroe Something with a punch to it. Take the juice of 12 oranges, a gallon of catawba wine, a quart of Jamacia rum and a sufficiency of sugar. Should be mixed a day ahead of time.

Andrew Johnson Tennessee Whiskey by choice

Harding I'll have a whiskey or wine. Up the Volstead Act, down the hatch

Hoover Did I hear a crash someplace?

Eisenhower To the best of my knowlegde I like Coke

Hayes Milk

Van Buren Cherry if you please

William Henry Harrison Hard Cider

Buchanan Champagne. But only if it's the best

Ford "Enjoys relaxing with a gin and tonic and a slice of lime"

Carter A little Bourbon-in his tea

grin.gifgrin.gif Bettye Jo grin.gifgrin.gif

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LOL: Coolidge __________________

Probably my favorite President story is about Calvin Coolidge. He was indeed a man of few words. His nickname was "Silent Cal".

One time he was seated next to a talkative socialite at a Presidential dinner. She confidentially said to him, "My friend bet me $100 that you wouldn't say three words to me all evening." Without missing a beat, Coolidge replied, "You lose."


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I wondered why the space above his head was blank confused.gif ...Now I know, "The Rest of the Story" laugh.gif Thanks grin.gif

grin.gifgrin.gif Bettye Jo grin.gifgrin.gif

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